XPoser by Tlynn Griffith ( Griff ) Review : Stop Struggling Today And Start Profiting Now, Like You Deserve!

XPoser by Tlynn Griffith ( Griff ) Review : Stop Struggling Today And Start Profiting Now, Like You Deserve!

Xposer is an awesome new cloud based software that has created and testing by Griff and his team of Developers. This is The Most Powerful Local Facebook Business Search & Posting / Campaign Tool On The Planet. Synd XPoser Pro was designed for you, the professional marketer without a lot time to learn crazy new untested complicated software…

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This Is What You Will Receive Today With XPoser

Transforming Your Efforts Into A Money Making Machine Right Now

  • Complete Access To All System Analytics
    The Easiest, Most Complete FACEBOOK Analytics System Available Today!
    Finally Be Able To See Who Your Viewers Are and Be Able To Create A Custom Campaign To Reach Them !
    Bar Charts, Demographics, Age and Gender, Country Plus Much, Much More!
  • Complete Access To All Of Our Custom Video And Graphic Content
    Imagine No More Searching For The Right Video And Graphics!
    We’ve Built In Our Awesome Graphics Composer Software That Not Only Give You Limitless Photos To Choose From With our Pixabay API,
    But Our Custom Video Composer With A Built In Video Library Of Over $50,000 Worth Of Custom Video Clips !
  • Unlimited Posting And Scheduling
    You Can Create Campaigns With Unlimted Posts That You Can Schedule Out For A Total 6 Months!
    Imagine Just creating once And Just Letting The System Do All The Work For You
  • Unlimted Searching
    Un-Limited Searching Facebook For All Of The New Prospects That You Could Ever Possibly Imagine!

With Xposer, you can:

  • Creates viral posts and lets you schedule them out for 6 months
  • Lets you create your own viral images, Graphics Editer Included
  • It helps you Create Your Very Own Custom Videos, yup, you heard me right, there’s a built in video composer included!
  • Synd XPoser Searches Facebook For Users Videos, Nobody Else Even Offers That!
  • Search YouTube, Grab A Video And Post As A Native Facebook Video.
  • and much more…!

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Xposer Features :

  • Cloud Based Facebook Marketing System With Video And Graphics Creation
  • Create & Post Unlimited Viral Videos and Graphics
  • Schedule Unlimited posts to timeline, groups and pages
  • Generate Targeted Leads in seconds
  • 100% Facebook Compliant
  • Generate Massive Free Traffic To Your Offer or Website
  • Complete Analytics And Video And Business Searching
  • Completely Mobile Responsive
  • Complete Analytics For Your Pages
  • Complete Searching For New Prospects
  • Schedule With Ease For Up To 6 Months In Advance

Here’s What You Get Inside Xposer Today, That WIll Make Your Life So Much Easier

  • Our Revolutionary Software
    This revolutionary software system turns FB marketing on its head. It gives FB what it wants, and you what you need, VIDEO & GRAPHICS
    Traffic, without paying. Targeted visitors checking out everything you share.
    Posts going viral. Engaging content that you create in the easiest way possible.
  • All ­in­ one tool.:
    Synd XPoser drives you more targeted traffic than you can handle.
    On complete autopilot. It’s truly set and forget.
    It taps into your unlimited FB pages & groups, and lets you leverage them to drive people straight to your offers.
    Heck it even analyzes your pages so you can find out what’s working, and what isn’t, How Awesome Is That?
    It even searches Facebook To Tap Into Un-Limited Prospecting Possibilities
  • Automated and Hands­free
    If you like automation and hands­free income, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.
    Create And Schedule VIDEO Posts Up To 6 Months Out
    Zero experience or tech skills required. You’ll need a FB account and any kind of offer to promote. That’s it.
  • The Perfect Storm
    FB has over 1.65 billion active users.
    Posts generate over 4.5 billion daily likes.
    1.1 billion people login EVERY day.
    In terms of traffic, this is a “perfect storm”.
    Start Automating Your Video, Photo, Text Posts Today For Fast results, zero ad spend. 100% automatic posts and proven to work.

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