WPGateWay Secure – Advanced Pro by Jack Hopman Review : 73.2% of WordPress Sites Are Vulnerable To Being Hacked

WPGateWay Secure – Advanced Pro by Jack Hopman Review : 73.2% of WordPress Sites Are Vulnerable To Being Hacked

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“Prove WPGateWay Secure – Advanced Pro by Jack Hopman Review “



It’s Never Been Easier For ANYONE To Automatically Protect And Secure Their WordPress Sites From Evil Hackers.

Here is Everything You Need To Know:

1: Right now, this very second, thousands of WordPress sites worldwide are being attacked by unscrupulous hackers. Many of these sites will be DESTROYED, leaving the website owners and their webmasters devastated. In fact 30,000 websites are hacked and infected daily.

2: Professional hackers can crack a 6-character password in just 10 minutes!

3: Over the past 2 years hacking attacks have almost doubled, with Russia, China and Eastern Europe as the biggest culprits.

4: It’s no longer a question of WILL I BE HACKED. The real question is, WHEN WILL I BE HACKED? And HOW CAN I PROTECT MY SITES — NOW — before all my hard work and data are lost forever?

Here’s What Hackers Can Do To YOUR Sites:

1: All Your Website Content Can Be Permanently Deleted. Years of Hard Work just disappears. You won’t even see it coming!

2: Hackers can inject viruses or other malware into your websites, saddling you with expensive and time-consuming cleanup tasks — not to mention the stress you’ll feel when hordes of angry customers start calling you and texting you, demanding an immediate fix.

3: Google can ban your sites forever!!!

4: Your web host may suspend or close your hacked accounts for breach of terms. If you’re lucky, your hosting service might give you a few days to fix the problem. Then again, they just might shut down your hosting accounts permanently … without warning!

5: Imagine watching helplessly while your hard-won search engine rankings plummet … along with your reputation and credibility. Fixing the damage done by hackers can end up costing hundreds of dollars per incident — not to mention many hours of extra time.

6: Hackers can steal your contacts and shower them with spam. Whether your website has 100’s or 1000’s of subscribers – a hacker will have access to all of them with just a few clicks of a button.

Don’t Put Yourself and Your Clients at Risk!

1: Secure WordPress Sites Like A Pro In 3 Clicks.

2: Absolutely No Coding Skills Or Technical Knowledge Are Needed.

3: Now Is The Time To Protect Yourself, Your Clients And Your Business.

4: WP-GATEWAY SECURE makes it virtually impossible for hackers to break into your websites … and takes all the worry away.

5: WP GATEWAY SECURE does all the hard work of safeguarding your website for you, from start to finish.

6: Lock Down And Protect All Of Your Sites In Minutes.

The Time To Protect Your Sites Is NOW

  • They are breaking into WordPress sites with terrifying ease, relentlessly preying on anyone who has not put hacking prevention measures in place.
  • The time to protect your sites is NOW… BEFORE Irreversible Damage is Done
  • NEW Proprietary Technology Protects You & Your Business Against Any Known Malware In 2 Minutes Flat.

Stop The Risk


  • Effortlessly Perform Tedious Security Tests & Automatically Fix Detected Problems Using Our Own Amazon Hosting Service!
  • Steel Plated – Unbreakable.
  • With just a few clicks of a button you will be able to secure your WordPress websites like a pro … CLOSE AND LOCK THE BACK DOORS INTO YOUR SITES, making THEM COMPLETELY INVINCIBLE to the hackers who will stop at nothing to destroy your sites.
  • WPGateway Secure does all the hard work for you, from start to finish, in just minutes.
  • Once installed, WPGateway Secure does all the hard work of fighting off the hackers who would destroy you, your clients and your business!
  • Securing a WordPress site has NEVER been as automated as this…. until NOW!

“Prove WPGateWay Secure – Advanced Pro by Jack Hopman Review “


All of this is possible with WP GateWay Secure


1: Test the “anyone can register” option is active.

2: Test the user with username “admin” exists.

3: Test the error message on failed login attempts.

4: Test for the prefix of the wordpress table.

5: Test that general debug mode is active.

6: Test your install.php file is accessible via HTTP on the default location.

7: Test your upgrade.php file is accessible via HTTP on the default location.

8: Check if plugins/themes file editor is enabled.

9: Check if uploads folder is browsable by browsers.

10: Check if Windows Live Writer link is present in pages’ header data.

11: Test that WordPress core is up to date.

12: Test the plugins are up to date.

13: Test that themes are up to date.

14: Test the server response headers contain detailed PHP version info.

15: Test that expose_php PHP directive is turned off.

16: Test the salts and keys have proper values.

17: Test the strength of WordPress database password.

18: Test that database debug mode is enabled.

19: Test JavaScript debug mode is enabled.

20: Check if display_errors PHP directive is turned off.

21: Test your wp-config.php file has the right permissions (chmod) set.

22: Test your register_globals PHP directive is turned off.

23: Test the PHP safe mode is disabled.

24: Test the allow_url_include PHP directive is turned off.

25: Test if MySQL server is connectable from outside with the WP user.

26: Test your wp-config.php can be accessed via HTTP.


1 – 26: All WPGATEWAY SECURE Basic Features

27: Protect Login form with captcha

28: Enter Captcha Text

29: Email when Ip blocked

30: Notification Email

31: Block Threshold

32: Email Threshold

33: Ban IP Threshold

34: Blocked Message

35: Banned Message

36: Email on hack attempt

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“Prove WPGateWay Secure – Advanced Pro by Jack Hopman Review “