WP Social Mage Review & Bonus – User friendly software lets you find, optimize and post ENGAGING images to maximize social traffic, zero technical skills needed

WP Social Mage by Chris Jenkins Review – User friendly software lets you find, optimize and post ENGAGING images to maximize social traffic, zero technical skills needed

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WP Social Mage is a specific new piece of software that posts ‘Memes’ or compelling images to Facebook, which in turn allows you to drive FREE traffic from your Facebook pages. Imagine the Power of being able to instantly source compelling images and memes that get heaps of viral shares. Well thats exactly what WP Social Mage does and whats more its all on autopilot…

This simple to install plugin is up and running with 3 simple steps, creating Memes and clickable ads effortlessly in no time at all. WP Social Mage will Post to multiple pages, groups and to your wall like clockwork. Its totally 100% FB T&C’s compliment so you never need to worry about getting FB slapped either. Use it to your hearts content to drive instant traffic to your squeeze pages and affiliate offers.

With WP Social Mage you can find loads of awesome free stock photos, customise and add text to them and create fantastic memes post them to your Groups and Pages, but also Post Clickable images. Yeah that’s right images that take people directly to the sites you want to promote!


So now you can…

  • Forget about trying to discover interesting content that “might” engage…
  • Stop wasting hours or even days posting on social networks
  • Quit paying for expensive stock photos for your social media posts
  • Forget about paying a monthly subscription for Photoshop
  • Negate the need for an outsourcer

With WP Social Mage, they’ve created a extremely simple system that works to boost your engagement and sales every single time…and many want in on it too! By this point, you might be asking yourself . . .

“Is WP Social Mage Just for “Tech Wizards Like You Guys”?

Absolutely not. Even if you’ve never heard of Photoshop, much less used it, you’ll be able to easily find and customize images of your choice with WP Social Mage. The three step editor is point-and-click simple for even the newest of newbies to use. Just enter a keyword in the search box and you’ll be given a massive selection of images to choose from.

Pick, customize and post your monetized images – it really is 3 step simple!


Imagine the power of being able to:

  • Instantly source compelling images and memes that get viral shares
  • Create Memes and clickable ads effortlessly
  • Post to multiple pages, groups and your wall
  • Drive instant traffic to your squeeze pages and affiliate offers




WP Social Mage makes YOU “the cool kid” on the block. It provides you with all the tools you need to build a highly targeted following in less time than ever before . . . and saves you huge money by driving 100% free social traffic. Why pay for FB ads to drive traffic? Not when you have WP Social Mage working for you! List building and affiliate commissions have never been easier.

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get all the information you need to make a decision from a video. So, here’s a summary of how. . .

WP Social Mage Drives Engagement and Boosts Sales Conversions Through the Roof!

It’s been proven time and again that social media users respond to images more than any other type of post. Specifically:

=> Images get an 87% fan interaction rate on FB (no other post type gets more than 4% interaction)
=> Pictures get 53% more likes and 84% MORE CLICKS than text posts

More engagement means more PROFIT! You can use WP Social Mage to not only increase your profits but build your list by getting more signups to your email accounts and webinar accounts. User friendly software lets you find, optimize and post ENGAGING images to maximize social traffic, zero technical skills needed

  • NEVER worry about copyright issues again – leverage thousands of royalty free images you can use at will
  • Simple point and click editor customizes, brands and MONETIZES your images in seconds
  • Save MASSIVE time by instantly posting from WITHIN the dashboard to all of your FB pages and groups
  • Build a PROFITABLE list using free traffic all thanks to social media
  • Make MORE sales and commissions with 100% free traffic
  • And much, much more!



Maybe you like doing things the hard way and dealing with all the headaches of…

  • Finding Interesting Content that “MIGHT” work
  • Spending hours even days posting to network after network
  • Spending all your HARD EARNED money on expensive Stock Photos!
  • Paying that HIGH DOLLAR bill to PHOTOSHOP
  • Giving buckets of money to outsourcers to do it for you

Why not just let WP Social Mage Make VIRAL Traffic 3 Step Simple!

They’ve made finding and posting engaging images to all your social media accounts a time-saving breeze. WP Social Mage will not only save you time, just think about how much more money you can make with something like this at your fingertips!

Their testers loved that WP Social Mage played by Facebook rules, never putting their accounts at risk and also never having to worry about getting slapped by copyright infringement for accidentally posting the wrong image. You can access thousands of royalty-free images right within the dashboard of our software.

And fumbling and futzing around with Photoshop? Not anymore! WP Social Mage included a simple point-and-click editor which not only creates arresting social images, it monetizes them for you at the same time.






WP Social Mage is very very professional product. WP Social Mage is more about explaining than it is about showing and this carefully organized training course was clearly built with all audiences taken into consideration (i.e. it is very newbie friendly). Get WP Social Mage Now!


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