WP Link Shield DIAMOND by Michael Thomas Review : Stop Wasting Traffic & Get The Fastest, Easiest, & Strongest Link Cloaker Today

WP Link Shield DIAMOND by Michael Thomas Review : Stop Wasting Traffic & Get The Fastest, Easiest, & Strongest Link Cloaker Today

WP Link Shield DIAMOND by Michael Thomas is Built To Protect Your Links From Aggressive Scanning, Devaluation & Common Blocking And Also One The Easiest & Smartest Link Cloakers On The Market. In fact 60% of visitors use mobile devices nowadays to browse internet so that’s a huge amount of potential traffic completely wasted. It’s a well known fact that visitors click less on links that look like garbage, that are unfamiliar or blatantly look like affiliate links. This is known as “link trust”. Many cloakers & link shortening services both paid & free create ugly looking links that point to unknown sites. With the amount of identity theft & hacking nowadays visitors are more suspicious than ever. If the link looks weird or the link text doesn’t make any sense you are wasting traffic in the worst possible way & at huge cost.

Simply enabling these plugins was enough for us to break into a site & take full control. Hackers can cause you a whole world of problems & lost rankings to your domain being blocked – this can lead to serious downtime & in some cases $1,000’s to put right. Top Marketers Already KNOW That Not Protecting Links Costs $Millions. Every top marketer knows that using RAW links puts you at a significant disadvantage as links are being scrutinised & penalised based on algorythms. All It takes is 1 bad word on the page or 1 link on page pointing to the wrong place & boom you’re blocked, you link instantly devalued & you are losing money fast. Professional marketers have been using link cloakers for years to stop link scanning, devaluation & rejection. This has massive impact on your link exposure & of course sales. If you don’t protect your links – you lose, it’s that simple. Stop Wasting Traffic & Get The Fastest, Easiest, & Strongest Link Cloaker Today. All These cloaked links work out of the box in all social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagran & Google+ however if the content breaches the social websites terms of service your link may still be blocked by a manual review later – specially if it’s reported so it’s still subject to the content you post. This new version has added a live facebook preview, improved social sharing options, Traffic Statistics & options to add your own traffic pixels.

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Protection Level WP Link Shield:

  • Browser Switching Protection – * Protects your commission when buyers switch browser
  • Link Sharing Protection – * Protect commission even when your link is shared
  • Responsive Site Protection – * Correctly displays responsive sites without breaking content
  • Auto Cloaking Mode – * Correctly assigns the right cloaking mode for links
  • Exit Pop Blocking – * Prevents list harvesting through nuisance exit pop offers
  • Affiliate ID Protection – * Protect against affiliate ID swapping/commission theft
  • Natural Looking Links – * Creates natural, keyword rich links on your own domain
  • Social Media Friendly – * Post affiliate links to all social media networks
  • Social Media Meta Live Editor – * Control appearance of shared links on social sites
  • Edit Or Redirect Existing Links – * Instantly edit the destination of any previously created link

Great Benefit Inside WP Link Shield:

  • The Only Mobile Friendly Link Cloaker – Specially built to run in strong cloaking mode that doesn’t break responsive sites
  • Protects Against Browser Switching – Our cloaked link URLs never change which means the browser switching problem is eliminated
  • Protects Against Affiliate Commission Theft – WP Link Shield links never expose the affiliate ID protecting you from lost commissions
  • Protects Against Link Devaluation & Blocking – Our Strong Cloaking mode prevents links pages being scanned & devalued
  • Auto Selects the RIGHT Cloaking Mode – The right cloaking mode is auto to prevent affiliate network blocking issues
  • Only Cloaker That Works in ALL Social Media – Our links work on all social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google+.
  • Only Cloaker with LIVE Facebook Post Preview – Gives you total control of what your link will look like in Facebook before you post it
  • Creates 100% Natural Looking Links on your own domain – You have total control of link text & URL anytime
  • You Can Change Where You Point the Link – If you make a mistake or if there’s a problem, you can change the link anytime
  • WP Plugin Written By WordPress Security Specialists – The plugin is written to highest security standards by known Industry Professionals
  • Now With Traffic Stats & Tracking Script Option – See your best performing links at a glance & easily add tracking scripts for retargeting
  • SEO Friendly Links with Natural Keywords – Creates links with a variety of SEO Friendly cloaking modes & you choice of keywords

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You will get Free Lifetime Upgrade Offer Ends Midnight July 2nd:

  • Create Unlimited Links
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Smart Auto Cloaking
  • Realtime Facebook Preview
  • Browser Switching Protection
  • Facebook Retargeting Support

If You choose WP Link shield 100 Site License, you will get:

  • Create Unlimited Links
  • Auto Selects Cloaking Mode
  • Auto Blocks Pop-Ups
  • Social Media Friendly
  • Mobile Site Friendly
  • + Live Facebook Preview +
  • + Visitor Statistics +
  • + Tracking Script Ready +
  • For Use On 100 Sites You Own
  • 100 Sites

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