WooHoo by Nico Prins Review : gamified optin platform developed for e-commerce store owners.

WooHoo by Nico Prins Review : gamified optin platform developed for e-commerce store owners.

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WooHoo is a gamified optin platform developed for e-commerce store owners. Users can choose between 3 different casino style games that appear as lightboxes on your site to increase optin rates and generate extra sales. You can use WooHoo as an online software platform or install it as a plugin on WordPress. Users can choose the prize to giveaway to users; this is normally a coupon code, free delivery or you could even offer content upgrades.

What do you mean by ‘unlimited access’?
The developers behind WooHoo have been working on the software for the last 12 months and they have plenty of plans for the future. You can use WooHoo from the moment you purchase the offer for as long as you want to use it without any catches. If you’re looking for a good gamified lightbox this offer is a real ‘no brainer’.

What developments are planned for the future?
In the next fortnight the developers behind WooHoo will be releasing their third game for the software, Wheel of Coupons. Then there’s another game launched in the next six months, the ability to insert WooHoo into landing pages, multilingual functionality…Basically what we’re saying is this is a great investment. We’re not planning to open the doors with a lifetime offer ever again. It’s a ‘once in a lifetime deal.’

What makes this offer different to other gamified lightboxes?
In a word choice. When you purchase WooHoo you get access to 3 different casino style games (most other software options only offer one game). This gives you the chance to switch things up so returning customers don’t get the same experience each time they visit your website.

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WooHoo Features:

  • Integrations
    WooHoo is integrated with Mailchimp and Klaviyo. If you are not using either of these platforms you can download your leads from the members area.
  • Intuitive Statistics
    Gain unique insights on your pop-ups’ performance with real-time, easy-to-read statistics and downloadable reports.
  • Smart Triggers
    Enjoy full control over your pop-up behavior. Choose which users to trigger and under which conditions. The choices are endless, but they are yours to make.
  • Fully Customizable Templates
    Add custom images, choose colors, fonts, and animations to create the highest converting pop-up for your business.
  • Runs On Your Platform
    WooHoo has been developed to work on your software platform. Run it on WordPress, your Shopify store or anything else with a simple line of code. The options are endless…
  • Mobile Responsive
    Our gamified pop-ups are fully responsive and designed to look great from whatever device you are using.


    Once you enter your email address they press the big button and the lights start to spin. After 10 seconds of revolving the selector lands on one of the cards. You have complete freedom to choose what you give away from free shipping, to money off vouchers, coupon codes, content upgrades and more. It all comes with smooth animated actions.
    Slotomania uses the addictive proven system of slots loved by grannies around the world. Press the button and watch as the wheels spin. When the columns align your customers are rewarded with discount coupons, coupon codes, free delivery or whatever other reward you choose to offer.
    Wheel of Coupons is currently in beta testing and will be released later this March. The game is based on the casino favourite, the roulette wheel. After your customer has entered their email address they can spin the wheel for a chance to win a prize. Just like the other games you can offer whatever you like to your customers as an incentive to signup to your email list.

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edit all aspects of your optin forms through the easy to use back-end interface.

  • Set triggers for lightbox (timer, exit intent, percentage of scrolling etc.)
  • Edit the animations for optin form.
  • Change background image.
  • Edit headline and body text.
  • Choose from various fonts.
  • Set your giveaways (coupon codes, discounts, free delivery etc.)
  • Change the layout and color scheme.


here’s a quick glance at our development roadmap…

  • New Games
    In the next 6 months we’ll be releasing our fourth game for WooHoo. It’s like a lucky dip where your customers choose a box and receive a prize.
  • Compatible With Every Language
    At the moment WooHoo supports English, Spanish, German, French and Russian. You can use Languify App for other languages, but we know there’s a better solution. In the next few months we’re pushing an update to make WooHoo work with any language. This will give you the power to use WooHoo to target customers in any language.
  • Build Branded Landing Pages
    Want to make these interactive games a part of your site? In a few months time you’ll be able to insert WooHoo direct into your landing page.
  • More Integrations
    WooHoo already support integration with Mailchimp and Klaviyo and in the next 6 months we’ll be pushing integrations with the following email providers: Zapier, Hubspot, ActiveCampign, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, AWeber, SendGrid, Drip, Campaign Monitior and more. If there is enough demand for other email providers we will consider other integrations, but these will be done on a case by case basis .
  • A/B Testing
    At the moment WooHoo customers are seeing conversion rates of up to 40%. We want to give you the chance to improve your conversion rate though with an A/B testing feature so you can generate the maximum number of leads and sales.

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