Website Profit Machine by searchlabmedia Review : this set of offline marketing tools to land your next offline client.

Website Profit Machine by searchlabmedia Review : this set of offline marketing tools to land your next offline client.

Website Profit Machine is a Pre-Made Marketing Tool That Shows You How to Explain to Local Businesses Why Their Website Stinks and What They Need to Do About it!

Website Profit Machine special offline marketing product presents you with the opportunity to use the EXACT same system, tools and model I use to generate $299 checks from offline clients that were once considered a “no sale”. In fact, it’s so effective I’ve started to use it as my lead in.

Offline Consulting is NOT as easy as everyone makes it out to be. If you’re actually in the trenches you know what I mean. Every business has specific challenges and issues and selling them on high end $2,500 projects over and over again is just not reality.

“Website Profit Machine by searchlabmedia Review”



Main Presentation:


Let’s start out with our main presentation. This presentation is the key to showing local business owners why they should use your help, a marketing consultant, to help them take their website liability and turn it into a profit generating asset.

Most local business owners don’t really have a clue as to why their website does not bring them any money.

The presentation covers four critical areas:

  • Lead Capture System – Why websites MUST HAVE one.
  • Google Spotlight – How to Get Google to recognize their website
  • Website Design – Critical components every site needs and content that is needed.
  • Mobile Friendly – Why a website needs to be mobile friendly

Presentation Video:


Although we suggest that you use your the main presentation to meet with local business owners and review the presentation materials, we have also included a video that you can use to send to local business owners so they can review it on their own.

We do suggest you create a video with your own voice, because a personal touch is more powerful, but this can be used as great website content.

Website Profitability Blueprint:


This is where the gold is. You can use this report to give marketing advice to your clients, after you have given them their presentation. You need to personalize this report for your clients. You then give or sell this report to your clients, and they can either have YOU implement the changes, or they can simply hand over the report to their webmaster, and everyone is happy.

Website Profitablity Checklist and Software:



You get Developer Rights to this software. You can place it on ANY website Page you own, either HTML or WordPress.

Lead Gen Software:


This is an excellent tool for building a list. This software is completely rebrandable, but has some excellent resources linked to it. Add this give away software to your consulting website, or a squeeze page and you will have interested business owners downloading your software to access a free report, Website Credibility Checker Software and the Video Presentation.

Anybody that wants the software can get it for free. But they need to register the software in order to use it. When they register the software they will need to input their email on a form that you set up. It’s a really easy process, but I probably explain it much better in the video below.

“Website Profit Machine by searchlabmedia Review”


Watch this Demo Video:

Marketing Materials:





We have included some excellent marketing materials that you can use to get local business owners to your website, software, or report. You get PSD files for everything, you just change them, print them and send them.

Here are a few ideas…..

1. Give away Windows Software for FREE
You can give away the Windows Software for Free, and that software includes the Website Checker, the Free Report and also the Video Presentation. When they register the software, they will need to send you their email address.

2. Give away access to Website Profit Checker Software
You can give away free access to the Website Checker software. Drive traffic with the included postcards, flyers, send them an email, or create some Facebook Ads for local businesses. They will want to know how their website ranks.

3. Live Presentations to your Prospects
Easily set up a 20 minute meeting with your prospects, and present to them the PowerPoint presentation. You can easily explain all the areas that their website needs improvement. Then sell them on their own personalized Website Profitability Blueprint Report.

4. Send Video Presentation to Your Prospects
Upload the video presentation to your website or squeezepage, and send flyers, postcards to encourage your prospects to view your presentation and have them call you for more information.

5. Use Kunaki and send out Video Presentation to Local Businesses
You can use a service like to put your presentation on a really nice looking marketing disc. These are really easy to get produced, and you can get your Website Profit Machine disc ready to give away.

There are so many ways to use this material, but the key is to get them excited about turning their liability into a profit generating asset….

Three Important Things to Remember About Offline Marketing

  • About 70% of Local Business Websites are Don’t Have a Lead Capture Page
    Building a list for an offline business is HUGE! The sad part is that MOST offline business owners do not have a list building feature on their site, and that is where you can become the LOCAL HERO!
  • Most Web Designers ARE NOT marketers…
    It’s sad, but true, most website designers are not marketing experts, that is where YOU come in. You have a chance to show local business owners how to turn an money sucking liability and turn it into an asset.
  • More people in the world own mobile phones than toothbrushes!
    People are searching on mobile devices, so why are local business owners not completely mobile? The included video presentation includes a mobile aspect that educates local business owners as to why they NEED to be mobile friendly.

Most local business owners think of their website as an online brochure and don’t really understand how their website can make them money. Now is your chance to help them out and be the website marketing hero while collecting a nice check for a couple hours of work!

Customer Testimonial….

“David, did you write the script yourself for that “How to Turn Your Website From an Expense Into a Money Machine”?! I watched it the other day (haven’t had a chance to go over the other materials yet) and I really liked how persuasive it is. The length of the video is perfect and I like how you started off about how usually, business owners have their website built basically to be a ‘brochure online’ and get it created by someone they know personally or maybe just to ‘get it done and over with’; then you go into how it can be so much more. I think that was awesome how you explained it so well. And what you said about website builders or ‘friends’ of the biz owner aren’t MARKETERS, they don’t know anything or much about that aspect–that was great! I like that Online Marketing Diamond visual you created and explained too. I like how you educate the viewer [biz owner] so well and all along the way it is very persuasive plus offer the free report to them. I can’t wait to use this David thank you!”


“Website Profit Machine by searchlabmedia Review”