VoteStream by Martin Crumlish Review : How To Run Live Reaction Campaigns Inside Facebook LIVE Video Feeds

VoteStream by Martin Crumlish Review : How To Run Live Reaction Campaigns Inside Facebook LIVE Video Feeds

VoteStream is my brand new FB Live video voting app. This is brand new technology, nothing like it exists and before today if you wanted to do something similar, you would need to be a) a developer or b) work out how it’s done and build your own app. This changes today. Read on to find out all about VoteStream and this amazing new FB marketing opportunity. A few months ago, Facebook released one of the most advanced, game changing technologies on their platform in years – live video. Now, directly from any device, any user could stream a video in real-time and interact with their audience. They don’t know that you can actually use FB LIVE as a webinar tool, or as a way to broadcast a remote screen and loads more.

VoteStream lets you run live reaction campaigns inside your Facebook live videos and you don’t actually need to be on a live video yourself. This means people react to your content and it updates live in the video, encouraging even more interaction and engagement. With our app and training, you can set up a Facebook live feed to explode your Facebook pages likes and social engagement at previously unheard of levels. We have cracked the code. You too can now run amazing live reaction campaigns, contests or polls right inside Facebook. Check out the unrivalled features inside VoteStream. With VoteStream you can create UNLIMITED campaigns that will explode engagement, get you more fans and let you create huge fan pages in record time.

“This looks fantastic. Will be able to get instant feedback on all types of topics, including all types of niches, sporting events, product rollouts – you name it! The use of VoteStream will be limited only by your imagination!” – Dan Smedstad

“Looks amazing!!! Creative juices are going wild now with IDEAS!!!!! WOW….!!! ASKING LOCAL BUSINESSES “Do you want a FREE REPORT on Ranking in Google” or “Free 1hr consultation how to get leads for your business”? Imagine the viral activity, and being able to then message all those individually with a webinar link or the free report within facebook from your Fb business page….MAN THIS IS AMAZING.” – Michael Dantzie · CEO & Founder at DANZY Design & Marketing Agency

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VoteStream Features:

  • Cloud App – Simply log in to VoteStream and create your campaign. Everything is easy to use and fully explained.
  • Unlimited Campaigns – Create as many VoteStream campaigns as you want!
  • Visual Campaign Builder – Edit all colours, background images, video backgrounds and more in our powerful campaign builder.
  • Multilingual Front-End – Create non-english language campaigns, full UTF-8 encoding
  • 2-6 Items – Choose how many choices you want to give your visitors
  • Background Library – 100’s of HD images to use as backgrounds
  • Result Display Options – Choose to display numbers, % values or set some placeholder numbers to kickstart your campaign
  • Post-live Viral – After your video is over and is a post on your page, it continues to attract likes etc.
  • Video Backgrounds – Use any video as a background look for even more engagement
  • Detailed Training – We explain everything from running your first campaign to extra viral tweaks for max results.
  • Youzign – Integration with the leading cloud based design app
  • Templates – 5 built in templates to use for VoteStream campaigns
  • Personal use rights – Create unlimited campaigns for your own marketing.
  • Real-Time – Updates in real time right inside the FB live video



VoteStream More Features:

  • 100% Cloud based dashboard: simply log in and create your VoteStream campaign from anywhere. You can even set it up to go Live remotely, operating fully from a remote URL!
  • Custom campaigns: use our beautiful, proven to convert templates with the huge HD image library and all the styling options to create an almost infinite flow of new, fresh campaign styles
  • Video backgrounds: we built VoteStream for maximum engagement, and nothing gets peoples attention more quickly than a subtle animated background video….and we built this into VoteStream. You can even stream audio background music!
  • Flexible voting methods: you can set up your campaigns to show actual reaction counts, or a %. We even built in a ‘kickstart’ function where you can give some random ‘early reaction’ values to the choices on screen so it doesn’t look like a boring “nothing happening” campaign.
  • VoteStream is LOADED with design resources, full Youzign integration and everything you need to create endless campaigns

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VoteStream Niche:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Sports, Passionate Fans
  • E-Commerce
  • Hot Topic
  • Passionate Niche
  • Many More




VoteStream Benefits:

  • VoteStream account with unlimited campaigns
  • 5 Customizable VoteStream campaign templates
  • Multiple choice voting
  • Live reaction campaigns
  • Detailed training
  • 100’s of HD background images
  • Background video functions
  • Bargain one-time price
  • …and loads more!




VoteStream Simple Steps:

  • STEP 1 – Create your VoteStream campaign
  • STEP 2 – Go LIVE in your Facebook Page
  • STEP 3 – Cnnect your live VoteStream to your post
  • STEP 4 – Watch unrivalled viral activity and engagement




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>>> Click Here To See VoteStream by Martin Crumlish <<<