Vidtasia Pro by cham altatis Review : probably the most comprehensive camtasia training for marketers

Vidtasia Pro by cham altatis Review : probably the most comprehensive camtasia training for marketers

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Vidtasia Pro is probably the most comprehensive camtasia training for marketers. But unlike other camtasia courses out there, this training does not only show the features of camtasia. It is an application based training where students can learn how to create different kind of marketing videos such as screencapture videos, live action videos, motion graphics, greenscreen videos, and more. With this vidtasia training, you can make super effective marketing videos with over the shoulder training from an expert video editor, easy to use in any niche and comes with done-for-you templates to simplify your efforts.this is your chance to master camtasia and create videos fast and easy using the done-for-you templates. And like what i already told, you can also get a complimentary copy of easysketch pro 3 and create professional whiteboard animation videos too. This is a really great stuff and i know you’re already excited. Vidtasia covers all you need to know about video making. To ensure you excel at all of these and more, vidtasia is packing in these powerful effective modules to help you slay your marketing game. This training simple, easy, and packed with essentials​. No degrees, no crash courses, vidtasia is all you’ll ever going to need to master professional video editing. Now pro video creation is the easiest part of your day. We have made this so basic that you just can’t afford to keep your hands off vidtasia.

Vidtasia is a comprehensive training on how to use camtasia (a highly recommended video creation software for marketers) in creating videos for your business. We did the training very simple to follow so whatever your skill level is, you can surely follow along. We have 500+ members and most of them were also beginners but they were able to learn.and good news is you get 10 high converting done-for-you camtasia templates. These templates are highly and fully customizable so you can easily use them regardless of your skill level. And the templates are not like most of the templates you see out there, which are just limited to animated slideshows for short video teasers. We created templates for live action video, screen capture video, and animated videos. You then have templates for selling your own product, providing services, reviewing affiliate products, and ​other types of video promotions. We even added some text guides in other templates so you will know what content you will add in those specific parts of the video. This is like a script + video template in one. And because we saw the popularity of square videos in social media, we included this square video templates as well. You’ve got developer’s license to all the templates so you can use them for your own or clients’ business as many times as you want.

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Vidtasia Feature:

  • Video Editing Training
  • Live Action & Animated Videos Training
  • Motion Graphics, Screen Capture Videos & Green Screen Videos Training
  • 10 Dfy Templates
  • Zero Technical Skills Needed
  • 7 modules detailing the underlying factors that make for great video marketing
  • Get dfy templates to make simplify your video creations and give a slick professional touch to your video
  • Instruction and never heard before tricks of the trade from a top notch video editor with more than 10 years experience in the field

Vidtasia Benefits:

  • Produce incredible videos to sell your products and services!
  • Create effective marketing videos including screen capture videos, live action videos, motion graphics, animated videos, green screen videos, and more
  • Churn out videos faster with captivating dfy templates
  • Sell videos to other businesses willing to pay hundreds to thousands for just a single video!
  • Build your list, build your authority. Captivate and engage your audience with your videos!
  • Grow your traffic. With the power of youtube and a great video!

The Package Modules Of Vidtasia Training Course By Cham Altatis:

  • Module #1 : Choosing The Right Software
    You may be on your way to learning the smartest tricks in the trade, but even for those to come into effect, you need a smooth platform that allows you flawless working and experimental space. Camtasia makes it easy to create professional screencasts (capturing all actions on screen) for demonstration videos, instructional videos, and other screen-recording projects. The interface is fairly easy to understand right away with your media, transitions, animations, and effects working in sync with your canvas. This is by far the easiest platform to build your videos on.
  • Module #2 : Screen Recording
    If you’re doing anything with videos, know that screen recording plays a vital role in audience engagement. To literally take your audience by the hand and simplify any process for them makes your offer easily comprehensible and all the more lucrative for your target audience. You are literally breaking down the entire process and explaining to your audience step by step, which makes you a popular option for them!
  • Module #3 : Screen Capture Video Editing
    You have the video power, Now you can add some real power to your video creations, starting with screen capture video editing! If you record more than what needs to be watched, it’s taxing for your audience. For an easy crisp video, we have a module on how to remove errors or unwanted parts of the video. Learn how to ace video engagement by adding elements like text and graphics
  • Module #4 : Live Action Video Editing
    Viewers remember and apply more of what they learned watching a video than by reading the same information. Because video delivers the knowledge prospects need to convert, customers are more informed and better inclined to find out more about what your company has to offer. But to get your customers to act the way you want, you need to deliver your message in the most effective manner possible and that’s why you need this module on how to shoot and edit quality live action videos from inside camtasia
  • Module #5 : Visual Effects And Motion Graphics
    Motion graphics and visual effects are an important part of all video production. Whether it is incorporating motion graphics along with video, or producing a bespoke info-graphic or animation, graphics and visual effects are a great way of promoting your business. This module is all about simplifying them how to add some visual effects to your videos and creation some animated videos inside camtasia for higher engagement values.
  • Module #6 : Green Screen Video Editing
    With green screen, it’s simple to superimpose anything or anyone into any shot. Whether you can transport yourself to the moon, appear in your favourite film, or make a presentation along with all the relevant facts and figures, greenscreen adds great aesthetic value and boosts the attention of your viewers. And even though it sounds difficult to produce, this module ensures that you get a firm grip on green screen talking head video and mock up editing in camtasia
  • Module #7 : Audio Editing
    An often-overlooked aspect of a successful video production is the audio. Even if the quality of the video images is great- poor audio will make your video absolutely redundant And good noiseless audio, with good leveling and sound effects will break the vocal monotony of your video and up its quality to help ensure that you get the best results for their video project, we have crafted this module that takes you through the technical essentials of audio in video editing.

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Nothing Else Even Comes Close:

  • Your average video training drones on endlessly on how to create boring videos that suck
  • High quality video creation is expensive to produce or outsource
  • Other web-based services watermark your video. They piggyback on your videos to market themselves and they charge you monthly fees!
  • High-end video effects software costs a ridiculous amount and you will need to spend months learning it!
  • No other training software coaches you on the latest camtasia 9. Which packs in the best of windows and mac versions
  • Other ‘coaches’ are just marketers looking to make a quick buck at the expense of your business. Vidtasia is hosted by an experienced video editor

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