VidPush – Elite Review : Give Your Customers This Software So Their Videos Get More Visibility by Neil Napier

VidPush – Elite Review : Give Your Customers This Software So Their Videos Get More Visibility by Neil Napier

VidPush – Elite by Neil Napier is reliable and experienced in the Internet Marketing, it goes without saying that there is no doubt of have this product. This product is very useful. Many Internet Marketers from different countries are using and acknowledging the benefits of these products. Here, My recommends and persuade people to have VidPush – Elite. If you buy this product using my link, you will also get the most convenience way to use this product. Please see the details on this product here: Just take the opportunity, it will not come twice! Do not waste your time to be successful, you can do it now, just by clicking on my link for more complete review. This review was meant to show you how this product works and to show you some of the pros and cons that enable you to decide if you want to work with it or not. For further information, you may check the review online. VidPush – Elite is the best one proven by many people who have purchased it, just by pointing and clicking you will get more than what you are expecting of! Just experience and you will feel great!

Facebook™ is actively devaluing all YouTube links posted on newsfeed, which means we are all losing a LOT of brand growth and mney making opportunities by sharing videos with YouTube links.

VidPush changes that.

Using FB API, Vidpush grabs videos from YouTube and uploads them to your fan pages. All it takes is one-time setup, and you and your customers can upload videos from YouTube straight to Facebook.

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VidPush – Elite Review : Give Your Customers This Software So Their Videos Get More Visibility by Neil Napier



VidPush – Elite by Neil Napier

An EASY Peasy 3 Step Formula That’s Designed to Unleash The
Traffic On Your Videos and Give Them The Reach They Deserve

  • 01. Create:
    an ID & Password for your Facebook App
  • .02. Select:
    the Facebook Page You want to post on
  • .03. Connect:
    VidPush to your Page to automate video uploading

VidPush Makes Everything Easy:

  • Finds Videos Automatically:
    Just give it a few keywords and VidPush will keep your Facebook page updated with the freshest video content by itself.
  • Posts to Facebook automatically:
    Posts to your Facebook pages at your scheduled intervals without intervention. Enjoy your life while VidPush works for you.
  • Adds Relevant Tags & Keywords:
    Increases viral-reach of your post by turning keywords into relevant Hashtags to make discovery easier on Facebook.
  • Filter & Select Videos:
    Want more control? Spend 15 minutes, filter and queue videos for the entire week. VidPush makes it easy.
  • Post at Your Schedule:
    Want to update your page every 15 minutes, 1 hour or even once a day, or more? Just set it up once and forget it!

VidPush – Elite by Neil Napier – 3 Simple steps & A Lifetime Of Free Traffic!

  • This Is Your LIFETIME Ticket To FREE & Fast Targeted Traffic…
  • NO MORE twiddling your thumbs waiting forever for unreliable viral traffic strategies to kick in… that’s just lame!
  • NO MORE wasting weeks waiting on YouTube videos that never rank and you end up gambling with your income and the bread and butter of your family.
  • We have left NO STONE UNTURNED to turn VidPush into the perfect Facebook video automation beast.
  • This is The Most Powerful Video-Based Customer Acquisition and Engagement Software TO EVER HIT THE MARKET. Packed with intuitive ‘View’-Based Automation’ to get you matchless results!
  • This Unique Marvel Has Been Designed Keeping In Mind the kind of crazy, mother-of-god, earth-stopping, gut choking traffic that YOU ABSO-FRANKIN-LUTELY NEED… to be at the very super-duper top of your game!
  • We kid you not! This bad-boy is going to turn rock Facebook videos hard, and convert wannabes and has-beens into video marketing superstars.

What will it be worth to you if you can…

  • Feed your audience an endless supply of videos that they respond to, and engage with.
  • Learn how specific audiences enage with your videos
  • Leverage a platform that has 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users!!
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VidPush – Elite Review : Give Your Customers This Software So Their Videos Get More Visibility by Neil Napier






Hurry, We’re Closing Down VidPush Special Offer At Sunday Midnight…

Why the delay? Waiting for a sign from the skies above to get this?
Well then here it is…Not only am I giving you the most sensational automation tool to turn your videos into cash churning machines, but I am also going to throw in a bounty to tell you how much I appreciate your participation. I’m going to present you with:


This bonus is available just for TODAY! If you show faith in our product, We’re going to reciprocate. I totally want you to crush it, and that’s why we’re making double sure that I’ve packed in everything you’ll need to make a killing!

Worry not! You have been armed with live dynamite in your arsenal to blast all your video woes!

And I’m not testing this on you! These formulas are tried and tested and made us a whopping 5 figure in sales and a mighty heavy windfall in conversions! Life is good!

You are MISSING OUT on 60% of your audience simply because it’s too much work to maintain a TRULY WORKABLE Facebook viral video strategy.

Who is going to scour the web, download all those videos, upload them manually, and then optimize them? C’mon it’s a drag just to read this… But do you get my point? YOUR BUSINESS IS BLEEDING!

Here are some MORE Things To Remember :

  • Endless YouTube ads:
    on your videos can hurt your brand by driving away potential clients away from your product. No guarantee they won’t see a competitor.
    Viewers may experience slow playback during high traffic times
  • With YouTube you can’t upload your company’s logo on your video.
  • With YouTube you can’t add a text message under your video if you have a promotion or coupon to your product.
  • YouTube can:
    shut down your account at any time,
    any reason or remove your video if they think your videos are commercialized.

And you wonder why your business bleeds?!
With Facebook’s auto play feature, the viewer is not given an option to watch the video, it simply plays and grabs your viewer by the eyeballs! You know everybody’s on Facebook, and they compulsively visit it all the time (because all their friends and relatives are on it), while they go to YouTube less often. So your videos get played a LOT MORE!

And that’s not all…

  • The number of views are shown on all public videos. This helps people discover popular videos, and helps your business learn how your videos are performing.
  • On Facebook you can publicize your business name, address and contact details, and describe your products and services. Creates recognition and trust for you!
  • ‘Tag’ your friends and fan following to grab their attention. This gets you in front of the right audience quickly!
    Use Facebook smartly to ‘talk’ to existing and potential customers by posting and receiving messages along with videos.
  • This is stellar: Facebook can steer traffic to your website. The greatest benefit of Facebook is the extra traffic that it steers to your site. You can take them anywhere promote offers, or even sell your own products.
  • Customers who come to your website from Facebook are likely to be more receptive than the average visitor, because they already know something about your business and were motivated to click the website link.

The only problem you have is that Facebook doesn’t like to share YouTube videos, and if you can do the work manually (or use VidPus), you have it made!

VidPush is that bridging gap between YouTube and Facebook, which AUTOMATE YOUR COMPLETE FACEBOOK VIDEO STRATEGY and get you get 200% more engagement!!!

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VidPush – Elite Review : Give Your Customers This Software So Their Videos Get More Visibility by Neil Napier