Videocast Pro Templates by Jeff Bikas Review : Featuring High-Quality Fully Customizable Done For You Animated ScreenFlow Templates PLUS In-Depth ScreenFlow 5 Training.

Videocast Pro Templates by Jeff Bikas Review : Featuring High-Quality Fully Customizable Done For You Animated ScreenFlow Templates PLUS In-Depth ScreenFlow 5 Training.

Videocast Pro Templates offers a handful of high quality animated done for you templates for ScreenFlow users. These templates are formulated and structured to stand out and increase conversions.

The templates are fully customizable allowing every aspect to be completely modified and tailored to your brand. Easily create unique videos by combining different elements and sections from the various templates. The possibilities are endless!

Videocast Pro Templates also offers an in-depth ScreenFlow video training series that covers everything from the basics to the most advanced.

“Unbelievable. In less than 2 minutes you will be off to a great start… no fluff, no bs, just stuff you can use right away to make your presentations GREAT!”

Igor Veden Vukojevic

“Jeff, what a great product! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to create videos for their business. Not only are the templates super easy to use and customize but the training included takes this to the next level!”

Alexander Fligg
Videocast Pro Templates Customer

“Jeff has put together an amazing product! It has allowed me to finally create the videos I have needed this entire time”

Justin Prophet
Videocast Pro Templates Customer

“Videocast Pro Templates has a phenomenal training course which is also REALLY easy to follow. I’m surprised this product isn’t worth 3x it’s price, especially with the included bonuses!”

Gurpreet Gill
Videocast Pro Templates Customer

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Videocast Pro Templates by Jeff Bikas Review



What’s Included…

#10 High Quality Done For You Video Templates

You get 10 of my best animated marketing video templates to use within ScreenFlow. Create custom unique animated videos that will make you stand out, get noticed and increase your conversions!

#ScreenFlow 5 In-Depth Video Training Series

In the ScreenFlow 5 video training series, you will learn everything from basics to the most advanced features giving you the knowledge and confidence to create that perfect marketing video.

#Video Tutorials For The Templates

Included are video tutorials that go over how to use and modify the done for you templates. I show you everything from customizations to creating unique videos by sharing elements and assets from various templates.

#Handful of High Resolution Digital Graphics

Included are a handful of high resolution digital graphics found within the templates that you can use and add to any one of your videos. Easily change the color and size and make it fit perfectly into your project.

#Direct Support From Jeff

Receive direct support from the product creator himself, Jeff Bikas. Get prompt support for any questions or help you may need.

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The Templates…

Starting with these Templates will allow you to quickly create awesome marketing videos that are tailored to your brand.


There is No Need to Outsource to Editors or Animators.


I Will Show You How You Can Easily Create Your Own
Unique Videos.


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Videocast Pro Templates by Jeff Bikas Review



The ScreenFlow 5 Training…

New to ScreenFlow? or perhaps you know the basics but would like to learn the advanced features?


In the ScreenFlow 5 Training Series, you will discover over 2 hours of in-depth video training that will give you the knowledge and confidence in becoming a fluent ScreenFlow user.

What We Cover:

  • Opening Screenflow and Starting a New Project
  • User Interface Overview
  • Importing and Adding Clips to the timeline
  • Screen Recording Basics
  • Editing Basics
  • Timeline Operations
  • Video Actions and Properties
  • Audio Actions and Properties
  • Screen Recording Properties
  • Callout Properties
  • Touch Callouts Properties
  • Annotations Properties
  • Text Properties
  • Exporting & Publishing


Pickup your copy of Videocast Pro Templates before the timer on this page expires, and I will throw in the following bonuses:

#Bonus #1 – Smart E-Cover Package Box

When selling digital products online or creating videos to advertise digital products, most likely you will need some packaging graphics to represent the product virtually.

With the Smart E-cover Package Box, you get a high-resolution Photoshop file that allows you to drop in your design via Smart Object and quickly create an E-Cover Package Box.

Don’t have a design? The Smart E-cover Package Box also features a built-in fully customizable template which you can use to design and create your covers.

#Bonus #2 – Facebook Mastermind Group

As a member of, you’ll also get a special invite to my private Facebook group for Video Marketers.

Join other like minded video marketers where you can network, JV and ask for help.

with Videocast Pro Templates you will be able to:

#Save Time
With the templates and ScreenFlow training, you will be able to create awesome marketing videos in less time and with more ease. Focus your time on growing your business.

#Get Proven Results
Start growing your business by using videos that have been tested and proven to make conversions. Take the guess work out of video creation and jump-start with the ScreenFlow training and templates.

#Save Your Money
Forget haveing to hire expensive guru’s or animators. With Videocast Pro Templates you will not only be able to create stunning professional videos but you will have the knowledge and expertise to create any sort of marketing video you need.

#Sell Your Products & Services Online
Use the done for you templates to create sale crushing videos that will sell more of your software, online courses, ebooks, services and more. Focus on making money!

#Create Videos for you Clients
Use these templates to create high-quality professional videos for your clients that will increase their profits and in return position yourself as the go-to video guy. You will also be able to create your own collection of templates to sell. The possibilities are endless!

#ScreenFlow Expert
The in-depth ScreenFlow 5 training will enable you to become a ScreenFlow expert. Allowing you to create high-quality professional videos for your business over and over again.

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Videocast Pro Templates by Jeff Bikas Review