Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 by Justin Sardi Review : The Original And Still The Best

Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 by Justin Sardi Review : The Original And Still The Best

Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 is with version 3.0 getting a steady flow of cheap, profitable traffic has never been easier. Get your first video ad campaign up, running, and producing visible results in less than a day, with no fear of losing money, no wasted time, and never biting off more than you can chew. It has many benefits such as : Under 1 Hour To Master, Get It Right 1st Time, No Videos? No Problem, See Immediate Results. If you’ve ever wanted to “crack the code” that unlocks a wealth of online traffic and do it so fast you’ll witness pro-level results almost immediately then this’ll be the most exciting thing you read today. Best bit is You’ll actually GET PAID to become a paid traffic master and start banking profits. This letter shows you where to find the kind of traffic that will turn any venture you’re running into a money-spinning powerhouse.

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Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Discover Inside The Most Complete Video Ads Crash Course Yet:

  • How to get $100 cashmoneydollar of advertising credit just for signing up to run YouTube ads (yes, they want you this much!)
  • How to master YouTube Video Ads in the shortest possible time( and we’re talking hours, not months or years).
  • Why most YouTube marketers are 100% wrong in the way they use YouTube ads (including, the one kind of ad that will BREAK your campaign if you use it!)
  • How to avoid the embarrassing “Rookie Mistakes” that even experienced marketers make when setting up a YouTube Channel for long term .
  • How to avoid being a “paid traffic sucker” by using the one kind of ad that WON’T BREAK your campaign, or put your marketing budget at risk.
  • Why some people get their accounts banned (getting banned sounds scary, but the only frightening thing is how easy it is to make sure it doesn’t happen to you—find out how in Module #9.)
  • Access the highly prized, closely guarded templates, formulas and strategies shared only by a closed community of YouTube Ad success stories.
  • How to “Stack Your Deck” for massive success in just 30 minutes (with only 1 ad and no vide)
  • The “unwritten” YouTube rules you may already be breaking.



TODAY is the single-best time in history to be using YouTube Ads. There’s so many other good reasons for you to discover, including:

  • Why everything you thought you knew about YouTube Ads changed in 2016 (and why the 3.0 update is our most explosive training yet!)
  • How to get FREE Ads!
  • How to earn significant profits from so-called “tricky” platforms and services like CPA, e-com, Shopify, local and physical markets and more
  • PLUS! The “HOLY GRAIL” of video ads! A.K.A, the easy way to get 0.01c-0.03c clicks consistently (And it’s not just cheap clicks, but crazy-cheap leads too)
  • The “Really, it’s THAT easy?!” guide to understanding all your essential analytics at a glance. ( Includes everything you’ll ever need to know about re-targeting, conversion tracking, CTA metrics, and more)
  • Why “30” is the magic number, and the super-sneaky way to make sure your ads AWALYS get your message across.
  • The little-known targeting secrets that cut through doubt and confusion like a hot knife through butter. (A.K.A – how to win on YouTube almost instantly!)
  • The biggest “hidden in plain sight” secret about YouTube marketing (Hint:It’s built in, it’s FREE, and it’s SO EASY to understand an 8-year old could use it).
  • The advanced click-through and conversion secrets used by the best marketers, day in, day out, to generate fast-profits and easy leads on demand.
  • PLUS – “Facebook Buster!” One little-known way that YouTube ads are 10x better than Facebook Ads.
  • And so, so, so much more!



Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll watch over my shoulder as I show you how to set up a campaign in under an hour.
  • You’ll see how it’s possible to get meaningful results, and even sales, within a day.
  • You’ll see how to do all of this in multiple niches, and for multiple platforms. (Remember, you don’t have to keep the traffic in YouTube).

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Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 In 9 Simple Steps:

  • Module #1- The Big Picture – Why Video Ads? Discover why videos ads continue to be the best possible option for quick profits, big profits, and fast leads, in any type of online business.
  • Module #2- Long Term Success Strategies – Set up your channel for long term success. A complete walk through making sure you get it right first time,and avoid any nasty surprises later down the road.
  • Module #3-Easy, Effective YouTube Ads – What, When, Why, and How? I’ll completely remove the stress and uncertainty of running your first ads by showing you how and when to use each type of ad for your business.
  • Module #4-AdWords Video Tour – Welcome to your new best friend. Watch over my shoulder as I breakdown one of your most important assets – The AdWords dashboard.
  • Module #5-Pinpoint Targeting – Everything you need to know about targeting.Once you know which targeting group goes with which type of ad, and what each targeting group does, you’ll be a targeting master for life.
  • Module #6-Setting Up Winning Campaigns – This is where you DON’T waste a cent. Everything you need to know before you set up your first campaign,fully updated for 2016. It covers re-targeting, conversion tracking, calls to action, and the basic optimization you must have in place if you want to run a winning campaign.
  • Module #7-The Winning Campaign – This is where you start getting views, leads and making money. Watch and follow over my shoulder as I show you how to set up a winning campaign and get your traffic flowing.
  • Module #8-Reporting & Scaling Profits – Getting traffic is only half the story. Once you’ve got it, you need to make correct decisions about what to do with it. Do you scale now to maximize your profits, or wait a while? Do you tweak, or kill under-performing ads? What you do here will make you or break you, but module #8’s got your back 100%
  • Module #9-Perfect Landing Pages – Do Not Skip! Google bans people (sometimes for life) if they have non-compliant landing pages, but being compliant is actually very easy. Just follow this simple (but critical) advice.



Get Bonuses:

  • Video Ad Quick Start
  • YouTube Channel Art creator
  • Video Ad Scripting Guide
  • Private Case Study
  • Adwords For Video
  • Closed Ads Mastermind Group

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