ViddyOgres by Videlation Review : Create Highly Engaging & Profit-Pulling Videos In Minutes… With 400+ Done-For-You Monster Character Animations!

ViddyOgres by Videlation Review : Create Highly Engaging & Profit-Pulling Videos In Minutes… With 400+ Done-For-You Monster Character Animations!

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ViddyOgres is a brand-new collection from Shelley Penney and Lucas Adamski. ViddyOgres is a hot mega collection with dynamic & engaging monster character animations! It comes with 600+ fascinating monster character animations (400+ front end and 200+ upsell) divided into many modules.

The characters come in animated and static versions in most common formats: MOV (transparent background), GIF (transparent background), SWF, PNG, SVG. Compatible with top video creators like Explaindio, Camtasia, After Effects.

These attention-grabbing characters can do miracles with your video conversions and using them is as simple as “copy and paste”! Top brands use mascot characters to establish strong, credible brand.

ViddyOgres features 400+ premium quality, conversion-boosting monster character animations to make your video more ENGAGING & ENCHANTING, so it will make you MORE MONEY!

This is a perfect character animations collection for: internet marketer, affiliate marketers, product vendors, authors, offline consultants.

“Lucas has been producing graphics products for a long time now and I’m always super impressed with what he puts out there. Not only are the graphics top quality, but the value he gives is just insane.
Graphics of such high quality, and quantity, at truly affordable prices don’t normally go hand in hand, but with Lucas it’s absolutely the norm and I hope he keeps doing what he does because everyone benefits, especially his customers.” – Chrissy Withers,

“Lucas’s products are always of the highest quality.
If you want pro-quality design assets and templates for your projects that you can trust and turn to over and over again, then I’d definitely recommend products by Lucas Adamski.” – Mark Mason,

“I’ve seen and used Lucas Adamski’s graphics products and I must say his quality is great!
It is useful for anyone who wants to spice up their sites, sales pages and videos but don’t know how, or aren’t quite ready to hire a designer. With his graphics products you can do it yourself quick and still look like a pro!” – June Ashley,

“As someone who constantly has to produce videos for marketing online, finding more new and fresh assets is always a challenge.
I find one of the first places I go when I need high quality content for my videos is to Lucas and his team, my customers love it too!” – Sam Robinson,

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ViddyOgres Benefits:

  • 400+ High-Quality monster character animations to boost your video engagement & conversions!
  • Start creating profit-pulling videos that stand out from anyone else
  • All the graphics are ready-to-go, copy-and-paste & done-for-you!
  • Forget about hiring expensive video experts and waiting on delivery


Here’s What You’ll Get Inside ViddyOgres:

  • Module 1: Brony Animated Monster
  • Module 2: Brony Static Monster
  • Module 3: Bulao Animated Monster
  • Module 4: Bulao Static Monster
  • Module 5: Capponage Animated Monster
  • Module 6: Capponage Static Monster
  • Module 7: Cracko Animated Monster
  • Module 8: Cracko Static Monster
  • Module 9: Curlo Animated Monster
  • Module 10: Curlo Static Monster
  • Module 11: Devilo Animated Monster
  • Module 12: Devilo Static Monster
  • Module 13: Ditto Animated Monster
  • Module 14: Ditto Static Monster
  • Module 15: Geckino Animated Monster
  • Module 16: Geckino Static Monster
  • Module 17: Ghoosy Animated Monster
  • Module 18: Ghoosy Static Monster
  • Module 19: Greento Animated Monster
  • Module 20: Greento Static Monster
  • Module 21: Mouthy Animated Monster
  • Module 22: Mouthy Static Monster
  • Module 23: Octopy Animated Monster
  • Module 24: Octopy Static Monster
  • Module 25: Orango Animated Monster
  • Module 26: Orango Static Monster
  • Module 27: Piggy Animated Monster
  • Module 28: Piggy Static Monster
  • Module 29: Pinko Animated Monster
  • Module 30: Pinko Static Monster
  • Module 31: Rabbito Animated Monster
  • Module 32: Rabbito Static Monster
  • Module 33: Skullo Animated Monster
  • Module 34: Skullo Static Monster
  • Module 35: Snello Animated Monster
  • Module 36: Snello Static Monster
  • Module 37: Squareo Animated Monster
  • Module 38: Squareo Static Monster
  • Module 39: Tomoto Animated Monster
  • Module 40: Tomoto Static Monster
  • Module 41: 50+ Cartoon Backgrounds

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Why Should I Use Animated Characters:

  • Boost Your Sales & Conversions
    Notice a potential boost in conversions & sales with these eye-catching animated characters
  • Save A Ton Of Money On Video experts
    Forget about spending lots of money on video experts. Using done-for-you video assets is smarter!
  • Create Videos Much Faster & Easier
    No more delays, waiting or endless revisions. Take a full control over your business!
  • It’s As Simple As Copy & Paste!
    Adding Animated Characters In Your Video Creator Is So Simple!


ViddyOgres Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1 – 12 Months Of Free Tech Support
    Did you get stuck at any point? Don’t know how to use your assets? No problem! Our dedicated team is here to help you with any technical problems.
  • BONUS #2 – Step-By-Step Video Training How To Edit Your Aminated Characters
    I’ll show you behind my shoulder, step-by-step how to use your character animations in Powerpoint & Explaindio. It’s going to be a lot of fun!
  • BONUS #3 – Graphics Mystic Facebook Group
    Imagine a place where you’ll be able to get new, fresh graphics for 100% free. This facebook group is for everyone to share cool free resources, graphics, templates and other useful things.
  • BONUS #4 – 4 Video Templates (VALUE: $80.00) Comes With Developer’s Rights
  • BONUS #5 – 10 Unique Cartoon Backgrounds (VALUE: $200.00) Comes With Developer’s Rights


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