Unstoppable TrafficX by Paul Dexter Paglinawan Review: Top Online Video Marketers Around the World SPILL “Ultimate Traffic, Conversion, & List Building Secrets” Routinely Used to Bank Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars PER DAY…

Unstoppable TrafficX by Paul Dexter Paglinawan Review: Top Online Video Marketers Around the World SPILL “Ultimate Traffic, Conversion, & List Building Secrets” Routinely Used to Bank Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars PER DAY…

The Most Powerful And Effective Ways To Get Unstoppable Waves Of Laser Targeted Traffic To Skyrocket Your Sales And Profits Is What You Get Inside Unstoppable TrafficX

Unstoppable TrafficX is something VERY unique guys ! Having the top marketers in our field sharing their traffic strategies…and how they run their business. It would be stupid not to want this to be honest. I highly recommend you to check this fantastic product by Vick and Dexter. This is PURE value for a measly investment !
~Billy Darr~
Product Creator / Affiliate Marketer

I’ve come across a lot of case study products before, but I honestly must say that I can’t believe the ‘traffic secrets’ that these Top Marketers shared inside UnstopabbleTrafficX. It literally covered all the different areas that you need to work on to really build a solid IM business – I’ve actually watched all case study videos more than once because I want to make sure that I didn’t miss anything, for real! These information are just so vital in your business regardless if you’re a Newbie or an experienced Internet Marketer.
~Lina Ali~
Inetrnet / Affiliate Marketer

I had the privilege to get access to Unstoppable TrafficX and…well…this is AMAZING. I’ve always though that the internet marketing business is very tough to get into, but after watching the case studies, internet marketing seems very easy. These guys made things very clear for me. Thank you Vick and Dex….
~Shubham Gangwar~
Video / Youtube Marketer

Personally I’ve worked with several of the people spilling there secrets in this course. They have impacted my business so greatly I was able to generate millions of dollars in sales over the last afew years.
If your looking to learn from the best of the best about unreal traffic with video marketing you need to pick this up ASAP.
~Robert Philips~
Product Creator / Affiliate Marketer

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Here’s What You Get Inside Unstoppable TrafficX !

Episode #1 Engagement Cash Magic – Todd Gross

Unveiling The Secret Conversion Strategies Of Todd Gross Cashing In On 130,000 Affiliate Sales And Selling 10s Of 1,000s Of Copies With His Own Product Launches…

  • Kind of statements to put specifically at the beginning of your videos
  • The truth about “partnering up” & its effects
  • How to do your online business better using your strengths
  • How Todd made $70k in a day with just affiliate sales
  • The best skill you need to learn right now to start earning
  • And many more…

Episode #2 Interactive Conversion Claw – Ray Lane

Exposing The Secret Laser Targeted Traffic System that brought him well over 20,000 affiliate sales, built huge lists and made him thousands of dollars.

  • Little tweak that increases the clicks your videos get
  • Do you even need expensive video gears to succeed
  • How to supercharge conversions with “micro-commitments”
  • How Ray plots his promo schedule for maximum effect
  • What you should think about when burning money on software
  • The million dollar “computer doctor” info-biz case
  • How Ray tracks his goals easily
  • Why it’s not the video or graphic skills but the “M” that matters
  • And many more…

Episode #3 Secret Traffic Syphon – Cyril “Jeet” Gupta

Disclosing The “Million View Per Day” Secret Of Cyril Gupta Making Him Thousands Of Dollars Every Month Real Passive Income Using A Very Secret Traffic Source.

  • Where to get 28x more YouTube views compared “ranking” videos
  • Is it important to learn skills in internet marketing
  • How to start from a one-man-band to building a team
  • Where to get super targeted traffic
  • Where to learn the things you need to move forward (for free)
  • How to approach bigger YouTube channel projects
  • And many more…

Episode #4 Relationship Traffic Storm – Sam Robinson

Disclosing The Zero To Six Figure Income Of Sam Robinson In Less Than 12 Months Using Absolutely Free Traffic Sources.

  • What is Sam’s most important traffic source
  • What to do when starting out without skills & knowledge
  • What components you need to make sure you put in your business
  • The truth about networking & mentorship
  • The pitfalls you need to watch out for
  • And many more…

Episode #5 Emergency Cash Sniper – Kristie Chiles

Unveiling The Most Kept Secret Of YouTube Queen Kristie Chiles That Gets Her Thousands Of Eye Balls In As Fast As 15 Minutes And Making Her THOUSANDS of Sales.

  • How to start in video marketing even as a baby boomer
  • Secret trick to get approved by vendors even if you’re a new affiliate
  • How to rank videos in less than an hour in 2 steps
  • How to make money with “ugly videos”
  • How to standout in your videos with simple tricks
  • And many more…

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Episode #6 Buyers Mind Infiltration – Adam Payne

Unveiling the Magic Traffic Secrets of Adam Payne which generates him real passive income for years to come using absolutely Free Traffic Sources.

  • How to easily script your review video script in just a few minutes
  • How to get inside the mind of your market so you sell better to them
  • How to earn money to get you started with IM
  • How to rank videos (live proof screenshare)
  • The best money Adam ever spent
  • Provoking thoughts about product creation
  • And many more…

Episode #7 Underground Video Power – Bill Cousins

Underground Youtube Traffic Secrets that will BLOW YOUR MIND ! Boost your business with strategies you would otherwise NEVER learn…

  • How Bill started making money online within the Real Estate market
  • A different approach to ranking videos on YouTube
  • How to earn (repeatable) $97 now doing something on the internet
  • The case about “getting ideas from other products”
  • Warning to safeguard your YouTube channel
  • What NOT to ever do with your videos (ranking related)
  • And many more…

Episode #8 Traffic Truth Serum – Kam Jennings

Unveiling the Serious Behind The Scene Step By Step Profit Model that generates 10s of thousands of dollars using absolutely free traffic from Youtube !

  • Truths about traffic nobody talks about
  • How to stage your 7 day YouTube Channel takeover
  • “King of the Hill” drill down topic approach
  • The big “G” that gets your results
  • Easy “entertainment” trick to get more engagement
  • The kind of traffic you want that gives you at least two-folds results
  • The important “party” analogy for paid vs free traffic
  • And many more…

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