Ugly Shirts Fortune by gcbmark20 Review : Step-By-Step Case Study: How I Made $19,089 Selling ‘Ugly T-Shirts’ On The Internet.

Ugly Shirts Fortune by gcbmark20 Review : Step-By-Step Case Study: How I Made $19,089 Selling ‘Ugly T-Shirts’ On The Internet.

Ugly Shirts Fortune is case study created by a smart internet marketer. Her name is Verena. In this case study, she will brings you step by step how she made first $17,268 with selling Ugly T-Shirts on the internet. Why she called Ugly? Because she hasn’t spent too much effort on the graphic. The most of the T-shirts she has sold are designed simply. Actually, texts design only. Only this thing you can see how it is opposite to the most others. That is till not enough. There are still many different things waiting for you inside…

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Niche Market Selection:

  • No idea of a profitable niche market? No worry, I’ll show you the perfect niches that sells a lot of t-shirts.
  • I’ll show you the winning niche selection formula rich t-shirt marketers use.
  • There are certain golden niche selection rules to comply, most newbies fails this stage thus they’re getting nowhere.

T-shirt Design Ideas:

  • I’ll show you 5 powerful design inspiration sources (Pinterest is just one of them) so that you’ll never run out of design ideas.
  • Not only that, I’ll reveal to you what to look when deciding which design will work and which won’t…before you spend any money on advertising.

Outsource Your Design:

  • Mind you, beautiful graphics are not the decisive factor which makes shirts sell. It’s the message on the shirt; that’s the text we put on it.
  • But I know the majority of the population are not designers. No idea how to use Photoshop? Hate to make your own design? No problem. You don’t need to be a designer to do it.
  • I’ll show you how to outsource CHEAPLY. I’ll show you where to hire a t-shirt designer at less than $10 per design. Rich t-shirt marketers outsource most of their designs here.

Pricing & Sales Goal:

  • I’ll show you what’s the best price and sales goal strategy for your shirts to maximize profits each campaign you run on Teespring.

Copy Writing:

  • I’ll reveal my time tested ad copy I put on my Teespring page.
  • I’ll show you what ad copy literally out sell others by 300%. Literally copy my script, change a few words to fit your campaign and profit.
  • Hint: You’re selling t-shirts. Don’t over pitch. Instead, focus on building trust on your copy, the rest is just superfluous!

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Finding Perfect Audience:

  • Most newbie completely fail at their targeting and don’t let this happen to you. I’ll reveal to you the only surefire method to find your perfect audience on FB.
  • I’ll show you the best tool I use (it’s free) so that you can locate laser target audience for your FB ad and generate revenue at will.
  • This is perhaps the most important thing you must do to be successful.

Facebook Ads Creation:

  • I’ll show you my ad creation process to follow to cut your learning curve to almost 90%.
  • You’ll replicate the exact steps I use to create high performance ads.

Facebook Ads Optimization:

  • I’ll show you the 2-step process that I use to identify winners and losers within 24 hours of running any ad campaign.
  • I’ll show you how I determine which ad sets are converting and which to kill…all in 24 hours.

Facebook Ads Scaling:

  • You’ll pick up my brain how and when to scale your campaigns… I’ll show you the essential metrics in your ad report that you should analyze before making your decision.
  • I’ll show you the RIGHT WAY to scale your ads. All Positive ROI from here…

These are real secrets… and I want to keep this stuff away from the public.

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