Turbo Bot Builder Software by Turbo PLR (John & Jonathan) Review : Now You Can Bank 100% Profits With No Coding Experience

Turbo Bot Builder Software by Turbo PLR (John & Jonathan) Review : Now You Can Bank 100% Profits With No Coding Experience

Turbo Bot Builder Software is a PHP script you install on a server, so it can be accessed via the web and as such, yes it works for any OS, Windows, Mac, etc. You need a place to upload the sales letter and add your order button in it. You can use any service for getting payments, like Paypal, Clickbank, 2checkout, etc. You may even JVZoo to sell it and run your affiliate program too. The step by step PDF illustrated guide and the video tutorials you get will allow you to install the software easily and use it as a master. It’s a “point & click” software; it cannot be simpler.

Turbo Bot Builder Software Can Be Your Next Potential Best Seller. Turbo Bot Builder is the ONLY SOFTWARE & FIRST OF ITS KIND that allows you to CREATE a bot for Facebook Messenger AND IS ALSO OFFERED WITH RESALE RIGHTS. Search all over the Internet: You will NOT find a software like this offered with RESALE RIGHTS for the price you will below. As you can see it’s time to start using this amazing technology and use UNDER YOUR OWN TERMS… and MAKE MONEY too. Turbo Bot Builder is THE tool you must use for creating your bots and the best tool to sell to customers that want to do the same! It’s a solid product YOU CAN SELL and keep all the money in your pocket.

“I’ve created over 100 software applications during my Internet Marketing career and built a massive 6 figures subscribers and customers list in just a matter of a few years.

What I learned is that people are sick and tired of information products; they are looking for real solutions that will have an immediate impact on their overall business and income.

Providing software solutions to them is what you should be doing and that’s where the real money is!”

~ John Delavera

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Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get Inside :

Module 1: Turbo Bot Builder Software

You get this new revolutionary software that allows you to create a bot for Facebook Messenger that will reply on your behalf to your online visitors using the PRE-DEFINED answers from the PAIRS of Questions/Answers loaded to its “brain”. The bot works perfectly on all the devices since all people today use Facebook Messenger! You do not need to depend on any other service! There are services online that offer you that functionality with MANY BUTs and the MOST IMPORTANTS “BYUTs: are 2: First you advertise THEIR services and Second you can not resell their service – there is a THIRD BIG “BUT”, ie. the price of this software which will be a nice surprise. PLUS…Turbo Bot Builder is designed to cut out all the complicated steps allowing you to use only what YOU NEED, hence cutting out everything you do not need!
Here’s how it works in 5 simple steps:

  • Upload the files of Turbo Bot Builder in your hosting account.
  • Login to the protected administration area.
  • Set it up ONCE and connect it to your Facebook page.
  • Add pairs of QUESTIONS & ANSWERS.
  • Add links to the bot’s Menu – so you can direct visitors to your promos, signup forms, etc.

Module 2: Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page

You want to sell and make money right away? No problem. We accelerate your success by providing you a professionally ready-made sales letter expertly written to convert your visitors into buyers. Following a proven and time-tested copywriting formula, this sales copy uses the hybrid video sales letter approach that is guaranteed to bring you results.

  • No time is being wasted.
  • No frustration to write it on your own.
  • Add your name and order button.
  • Start collecting sales right away.
  • Full ownership and control.

We also went ahead to prepare a delivery ‘thank-you’ page upon they make a purchase. It’s all ready-to-go.

Module 3: Hypnotic Sales Video Promo

  • Can you really sell effectively without a video nowadays? It’s almost unimaginable.
  • But listen…We got you covered! We are making your sales page LIVELY by adding a professionally done sales video message on it.
  • This video has been carefully crafted using the ‘hypnotic’ copywriting formula that will ENGAGE your visitors and skyrocket the overall sales conversions.
  • This video is to be used in conjunction with the sales copy above to achieve maximum results.

And many more module..

Let’s do a quick recap of what’s the real value of this complete ‘done-for-you’ system:
Turbo Bot Builder Software Business

  • Module 1: Turbo Bot Builder Software – Value $2,000
  • Module 2: Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page – Value $500
  • Module 3: Hypnotic Sales Video Promo – Value $300
  • Module 4: ‘WOW’ Graphic Designs – Value $750
  • Module 5: Customer Support System & Legal Pages – Value $150
  • Module 6: Stunning ‘Lead Grabbing’ Page – Value $350
  • Module 7: Credibility Boosting Email Series – Value $250
  • Module 8: Adaptive Mobile Friendly Website – Value $300
  • Module 9: Professional Set Up & Training Video – Value $350
  • Module 10: Fast Installation Guide – Value $225
  • Module 11: Product License Certificates – Value $100
  • Bonus 1: Access to the List Building Page Secrets’ tutorial – Value $200
  • Bonus 2: Reseller Training – Value $300

Total Real Value: $5,775







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