Trafficzing by Luan Henrique Review : Application contains an image editor used to create clickable posts

Trafficzing by Luan Henrique Review : Application contains an image editor used to create clickable posts

Trafficzing is a cloud-based platform which only has one purpose: getting as many clicks as possible. The application contains an image editor used to create clickable posts. You can share these posts on social media and get thousands of interactions within a short time. The platform also offers multiple tools to enhance the conversion rates. including auto-posting features, animated images, or the image finder. It is a complete package to drive vast amounts of clicks to any sites you want.

Traffic and engagement are critical problems for online marketers. If you cannot drive enough traffic to your links. or you cannot make the visitors click on your sites. your business will never produce enough satisfying results. Some people rely on paid traffic and content marketing which are effective but require high investment. Thankfully. social media has been proliferating and provides an affordable method to increase your traffic and conversion rates. As you have already known, these networks have billion of regular users, making them an infinite traffic pool. You just need a method to convert this traffic into actual buyers. That’s why you should consider this brand-new. modern application named Trafficzing. It is developed to help the users to earn massive amounts of clicks from visitors. Let take a look at it now!

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Trafficzing  Feature Details

  • Turn images into clickable posts
    This cloud-based app lets you turn any images into posts to attract more viewers on social networks. Instead of resorting to the old ways of driving traffic, getting more clicks from posts is one of the wisest decisions.
  • Image search tool
    Dominating on social networks is a goal all marketers want to reach. One of the ways to do that is to post attractive images to trigger excitement of audiences. But searching for images may waste your time. Not anymore!
    Trafficzing offers an image search tool which lets you search for images in all niches. Just push the button and collect all the images you want.
  • Image editor
    After searching for images, you may need to do some editing work to make sure the image is perfect. Trafficzing brings to you a “cloud-based Photoshop” which has all functions you need.
  • Complete automation
    If it is inconvenient for you to post right after editing, Trafficzing provides scheduler so you can set up a time to post later.
  • GIF images and video images
    In order to get more clicks, you can add GIF as well as video images to trigger more clicks. This feature is ready to use in the dashboard.
  • Work with social media
    Trafficzing is compatible with all popular social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

How Does It Work?

The next thing I am going to introduce in this Trafficzing Review is how easy Trafficzing is. It only takes three simple steps to finish:

  • Step 1: Log into the website
  • Step 2: Turn images by searching, editing, scheduling if you need to, and post on social networks
  • Step 3: Enjoy the profit

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Who Should Use It?

Trafficzing is made for all types of marketers, even newbies. It introduces a user-friendly platform that anyone can work on to dominate their niche.
I recommend this tool for those professions:

  • Local businesses
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product creators
  • E-Commerce

No matter what profession you are in or what niche you are, Trafficzing provides a useful tool to drive traffic without wasting so much time and money.

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