Traffic Fresh PRO By Johny Parker Review and Formula : Free Traffic Using “Influential Marketing” Hack To Double, Triple Your Sales & leads!

Traffic Fresh PRO By Johny Parker Review : Free Traffic Using “Influential Marketing” Hack To Double, Triple Your Sales & leads!

Traffic Fresh Pro is a desktop application that helps you strategically get tons of free traffic by leveraging top influencers in your niches using their ‘Sky Scraper’ strategy. It helps you create content with ‘built-in’ traffic that is strategically made to be shared by top influencers. Traffic Fresh Pro is The Most Traffic Inducing “Influential Marketing” App That’s Going To Get Your Tons Of Viral Traffic, Leads & Sales Within Minutes! What if you could see exactly what type of content will get read, get shared, and even go viral and who wants to share it before you even begin? Well, now you can with Traffic Fresh. It’s a brand new app that shows you the exact content your competitors are using to get traffic, and the top influencers who are sharing it.

It also helps you find social (Google+, Twitter, FB, Linked-in) and forum discussions happening in your niches for you to participate and get more traffic, more leads, and content ideas from. It also helps you with link building by finding guest post opportunities, comment opportunities and by letting you find submissions opportunities at rounds up and review sites.

Plus, Traffic Fresh Pro is 100% whitehat, forever. Nobody can shut you down and this traffic-getting approach will never die and it available for Mac and PC.

I have a question for you: What’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent creating a single piece of content? And did that content get you the viral flood of traffic, subscribers and sales you hoped it would? Chances are, it didn’t. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Way too many of us spend way too much time creating content that most people ignore. In fact, many people are now PAYING to promote their content on Facebook or Google (ouch… spending days creating content and now paying to get it seen?!) It’s rough out there. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re tired of SLAVING over content that doesn’t get seen or shared, and if you’re tired of “paying to play…” then it’s time you knew the truth. There’s an incredibly powerful traffic technique that experts like Neil Patel, Mark Schaffer and GaryVaynerchuk are raving about. And, there’s also a brand new app that makes this traffic-getting technique a gazillion times easier than ever.

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Traffic Fresh PRO By Johny Parker Review : Free Traffic Using “Influential Marketing” Hack To Double, Triple Your Sales & leads!


Traffic Fresh PRO Features :

  • Traffic Fresh Instantly uncover content your niche wants to read, watch and share and find influencers across social media, in-cluding Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and more, who want to share that content with their followers!
  • Traffic Fresh Discover content that’s already popular. Enter a keyword and uncover thousands of popular content ideas. No more guesswork. No more time wasting. No more writers block!
  • Discover the people who want to share it. Find the top influencers in your niche and the content they’re sharing on Google+, Twitter, FB, Linkedln and forum discussions. Create similar content, then hook yourself up with the people most likely to share it.
  • Uncover golden guest post opportunities. Find high traffic blogs that are accepting guest posts for you to exploit. Even from Twitter. See which blog posts are getting the most traffic and shares, and follow their lead! Select “do-follow” to only show blogs that give you a backlink from your guest post.
  • Traffic Fresh Tap Into trends. Keep your finger on the pulse in your niche with fresh content and product ideas. Then add your voice to buzzing blog comments and forum threads, or create your own blog post or YouTube video to tap into these trending search terms.
  • Find Hidden Pockets of Traffic. Quickly and easily find “Hidden Pockets of Traffic” across the web and leverage those. Find discussion forums where you can join in the conversation and start getting traffic by recommend-ing them the right content.
  • Discover “do-follow” blog comments. Increase your Google rankings with more backlinks, and get direct traffic from commenting on big traffic blog posts
  • Reveal red-hot review opportunities. Fresh reviews from influential bloggers can send tons of traffic. If your competitor’s are getting reviews, you can too!
  • Traffic Fresh Uncover hidden traffic groups. Find the best free groups and communities to share your content for easy traffic!
  • Find round-up blog posts. Search for link round ups (where bloggers round-up the best resources in your niche) and get your website added to the list!
  • Uncover FAQ’s in any niche. Perfect for understanding your niche, and getting great content and product ideas!
  • Built in long tail keyword finder. Get endless, fresh ideas for con-tent, emails, products and more !
  • Traffic Fresh Organize all your fast, traffic opportunities in the workflow dashboard, with simple to-do lists that keep you on track
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Traffic Fresh PRO By Johny Parker Review : Free Traffic Using “Influential Marketing” Hack To Double, Triple Your Sales & leads!