The Effortless Email Prospecting System by Luther Landro Review : Who Else Wants To Book $5,000/Month Consulting Clients Using ‘Non-Sales’ Emails That Eliminate Rejection And Lets You Only Deal With Prospects Who Say Yes!

The Effortless Email Prospecting System by Luther Landro Review : Who Else Wants To Book $5,000/Month Consulting Clients Using ‘Non-Sales’ Emails That Eliminate Rejection And Lets You Only Deal With Prospects Who Say Yes!

The Effortless Email Prospecting System is the quickest and easiest way to cold call without reservation the high fees covering the transfer or reject bulk mail customer service. Just send out one of these templates, you need a minority of companies pay clients in the first hour of the week. It is working to improve the reputation of customers include the best reputation management outsourcing all your contacts. You can outsource them for a portion of the fees charged for providing the same service. This way, you do not have to worry about passing the results to your clients, a difficult task which is completely done -for- you. You can use PayPal to automatically collect a monthly fee from these e-mail templates and clients book.

Are you feeling tired of responding your clients through cold calling or sending mass mailers or dealing with any rejection? Who else wants $5,000/month advise customers using email “does not sell” that eliminates rejection and allows you to only deal with the outlook. Here Luther Landro’s The Effortless Email Prospecting System shows how to create a 50% response from business owners and e-mail you get them to make the first change using simple steps. It offers more impressive templates that you can use it handle the clients and get paid to do all the work and servicing new clients quickly.

I have compiled all of my best emails into a series of templates in done-for-you system that I call:The Effortless Email Prospecting System. The Effortless Email Prospecting System is the fastest, and easiest way to book high fee consulting clients without cold calling, sending mass-mailers, or dealing with any rejection. Sending just one of these templates out to a handful of businesses will have you with your first paying client in under a week’s time.

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Features of The Effortless Email Prospecting System:

  • You will see how to generate leads for your business so you can put almost all of the email template works for you. This is a service that makes the most money so far provide local businesses.
  • Now, today, these templates also helps to Start Making Money in the morning with help of Quick Start Guide Book and Video guide.
  • You can use these templates to sell to top clients legal advice, which B2B services can sell these email templates. The experts will hire you can use these templates to sell their services.
  • This system offers some tricks that you need to do something new and different in order to get noticed and get business owner’s attention.
  • Just use the formula 7-minute video to close the deal and get you while you faster spent on search and focus anticipated new email.
  • It will show you how to craft your email so that they reach the “Priority Inbox” every time and it does not deal with the spam box or one of the other tabs on Google’s e-mail. Just get your message read and responded well every time.

Here is some of the templates

  • Effortless Email Template 1: Reputation Management – Use this ‘scare tactic’ email to sell reputation repair services to the business owners who need. Reputation management is a HOT topic for local businesses, many are desperate for help.
    Including the contacts for reputation management outsourcers who will work to improve your clients’ reputation.
  • Effortless Email Template 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Use Luther ‘unclaimed listing’ email to earn fast money from the ‘low hanging fruit’ clients. He’ll show you how to find the best leads – the ones who are easy to service and deliver results to quickly (easy to do yourself, or cheap to outsource).These clients usually pay anywhere from $497 – $1,997 every month for local SEO, and are receptive to other more expensive service that you have to offer.
  • Effortless Email Template 3: Video Marketing Service – These emails are designed to sell video creation and marketing services to business owners. Luther’s discovered a lead source of business owners who are already spending money on content marketing, and are super receptive to adding video marketing to their campaigns.
  • Effortless Email Template 4: Mobile sites and apps – There are still millions of business websites that are broken on mobile devices. These sites are easy to find with a carefully crafted Google search.
  • Effortless Email Template 5: PPC Ad Management – Send this campaign to business owners that are already spending money on ads to start earning a portion of their ad spend.
  • Effortless Email Template 6: Social media management – Send this email template to the right prospects
  • Effortless Email Template 7: Lead Generation Service

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Inside you will learn:

  • How to use these templates to sell ANY service
  • How to use a 7-minute video to do all the selling for you
  • How to craft your emails so they reach the ‘priority inbox’ every time
  • Learn every Google hack, and every local business database that Luther use to find clients who are in need of the services he can offer. Most of these lead sources are completely FREE so you can land your first client by the end of the week with NO out of pocket expense.
  • Complete outsourcing guide for any consulting service
  • Video walk-through of every step along the way


  • Step 1: Find the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ prospects
    I use a handful of carefully crafted google hacks uncover businesses that have a problem can be easily fixed. YOU can offer these same services by outsourcing them for a fraction of the fees you charge. This way, you never have to worry about delivering results to your client, the hard work is completely done-for-you. Each Google hack returns thousands of small business leads… Leads that are in desperate NEED of a service you can offer them.
  • Step 2: Send each business a personal email pointing out their problemEvery email I send is personalized for the business owner and sent right from my Gmail account using a set of templates. These emails are NOT sales emails… …They are personal emails that use a ‘plain speak’ approach to explain the problem to the business owner, and outlines a simple solution for them. I use a combination of fear and curiosity in my subject lines… Subject lines that are so personal that no business owner in their right mind would NOT open my email.
  • Step 3: ONLY deal with the prospects who ask to hire youAll you have to do is reply back with your price and a PayPal link for them to pay you. NO hard selling… NO dealing with prospects who can’t afford my fees.
  • Step 4: Collect payment, and outsource the serviceJust take a small portion of the fees you collect to pay an outsourcer to do all the work servicing your new clients (I’ll give you the names of the outsourcers I personally use). This way you can spend your time booking new clients, and growing your consulting business.

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