Simple Conversion Commander Plugin by David Perdew Review : Instantly Increase Your Sales In Under A Minute With This Powerful New Countdown Timer

Simple Conversion Commander Plugin by David Perdew Review : Instantly Increase Your Sales In Under A Minute With This Powerful New Countdown Timer

what is Simple Conversion Commander? It’s a WordPress plug-in that puts a timer on your website offer. I know, it doesn’t sound that exciting or groundbreaking, but this is what I like about it. Previously, if you wanted to add features like this to your landing pages, you would have to fork up a couple of thousand dollars per year to get something like Leadpages when all you wanted a simple timer.

When I say that it’s it doesn’t mean that it’s not feature-rich. You can just grab a piece of JavaScript to bring scarcity to your offer. With SCCP you can configure the timer by cooking each visitor and then be able to display the timer and some different ways depending on what best suits your sales strategy.

I like it because it’s just a plug-in, It’s easy-to-use, That I’ve had a chance to check out the demo, I will be bringing you a full review when it finally goes live, and I will be throwing in some great extra bonuses as well if you buy from Shiny Object Reviews.

So remember, scarcity is a time-tested marketing technique that wasn’t invented on the Internet, it goes back to television commercials from the 50s. It’s telling people to do something now, act fast before you don’t have the chance to.

I’ve seen a lot of marketing tactics coming go, but I don’t think scarcity has an expiration date.

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Why Does It Work?

  • Scarcity Invokes the Fear Of Missing Out
  • Scarcity Adds the Feeling Of Exclusivity
  • Scarcity Boosts Perceived Value
  • Scarcity Elicits a Feeling of Importance
  • Scarcity Forces a Decision or Action



Build Unlimited Marketing Campaigns And Watch Your Sales Soar With Simple Conversion Commander

  • Create a “Daily Deals” Section of Your Website:
    Harness the power of “Daily Deals” just like MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR companies GROUPON and LIVING SOCIAL! Simply make a few tweaks in SCC and you can have a whole year of crazy profitable promotions!
  • Increase Conversions for Pre-Orders and Pre-Sales:
    Create a pre-order page with a special discounted price. Then, use SCC to apply “the fear of shortage or loss” by creating a countdown that that switches to the regular price!
  • Create Timed Offers Based on Click Behavior & IP Address:
    Imagine being able to send people to time based offers based on clicking on a link and based on their IP address. The timer would only start after they hit the page, thus boosting the urgency!
  • Create “Flash Sale” Campaigns:
    Direct visitors to a special “flash sale” page where they can receive a major discount on a product or service, but only if they buy within a set time, than switch to a new page.
  • Announce an Upcoming Product:
    Easily leverage SCC’s power to quickly setup product launch pages that let your customers and affiliates know when you are going live!
  • Schedule Recurring Promotions:
    Build out automated recurring promotion campaigns with a simple click of the repeat radio button in our software! This is simple way to reach your new audience!
  • Multiple Countdown Displays and Styles:
    Use the timer any place on your page OR create a static timer that stays in place ( hint hint – see the timer at the bottom of this page with a coupon code – Simple Conversion Commander at work!). Add text, icons or images around your timer.
  • Unlimited Marketing Campaigns:
    We don’t hold campaign limits over your head! When you purchase Simple Conversion Commander, you can create as many campaigns as you’d like in your installation
  • Significantly Increase Conversions :
    The mere presence of the SCC countdown timer WILL apply enough pressure on customers to get them to act. Simply make it live on any and watch your sales skyrocket!

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Plus You Get Incredible Bonuses When You Buy Today!

  • You get The Simple Conversion Commander Plug In
    … complete with all the features David and his team uses to run massive automated timed marketing and sales campaigns. This includes all the time-saving, money-saving, and money-generating features we mentioned on this page.
  • Lifetime Updates for Simple Conversion Commander
    You get it included as a bonus for taking action right now! You will receive any changes made to the plugin for the life of this tool! This will be a recurring service beginning July 1st.
  • SCC Illustrated Guidebook with Scarcity Management Tips
    How many times do you purchase a plug in and there are absolutely no instructions? I just bought one yesterday! This is not an instruction manual. It’s a guidebook revealing best practices and tips for using SCC in your marketing campaigns.
  • 3 Part Video Series – Setting Up SCC to Create More Scarcity
    Come back to these videos time and time again to unlock more ways to create scarcity for your marketing campaigns. We’ve shown you how we use Simple Conversion Commander to build our own automated and profitable scarcity campaigns.
  • Get 5 Hours & 47 Minutes of In Depth Copywriting Training
    Strong copywriting skills covert traffic to sales. Social Media Posts, Email Marketing, Blog and Content Marketing, Landing Pages and Sales HomerunCopywriting_700x529_withTextPage copy requires persuasive writing and we’re going to give you all the training you need to run killer promotions with even better copy.
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  • Private Customer Only Facebook Mastermind Group
    This is an absolutely huge bonus! You get access facebook_2015_logo_detail
    to a private, customer only Facebook group where we will be there to answer your questions related to using Simple Conversion Commander.
    Whether you are just getting started or if you are a seasoned marketing professional, you will find great support in this amazing community! Build your business together!



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