ShopABot by Cindy Donovan Review : revolutionary way to profit as an Amazon affiliate.

ShopABot by Cindy Donovan Review : revolutionary way to profit as an Amazon affiliate.

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ShopABot is a revolutionary way to profit as an Amazon affiliate. It’s the only Amazon store that is truly automated AND comes with inbuilt traffic technology that is guaranteed and proven to generate sales

  • STEP 1: Add Amazon details, select your theme and your store is ready to take sales.
  • STEP 2: Import EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT for sale on Amazon (it’s like your OWN Amazon!)
  • STEP 3: Use our Proprietary Viral Products Search Engine
  • STEP 4: Instantly create viral landing pages for the proven viral products
  • STEP 5: Your store is ready, always updating and consistantly building snowballing traffic

Your viral landing pages are 100% optimized to go viral, compelling your visitors to share to access perfectly tailored giveaways or win prizes you’re offering.

  • There’s absolutely no need to import or update products
  • Your ShopABot store updates automatically, in real time, directly from Amazon.
  • Cloudbased/hosted stores or click to connect your own domain
  • Easy to customise, choose your focus niche and let the viral traffic take over
  • Proven big sellers as they are about to go viral
  • 90 Day Amazon affiliate cookie, for a LOT more sales

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ShopABot by Cindy Donovan Benefits:

  • Instantly deploy your new profitable, hands-free Amazon affiliate store
  • Easily discover the most profitable and viral products to promote
  • Press one button to build a site that will generate viral traffic and sales on autopilot

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside

  • Get Started Immediately, Your Store Will Be Ready In Minutes!
    With just a few clicks you will have your new profit pulling Amazon store live and ready to take orders. It’s as easy as selecting one of our beautiful templates, naming your store and clicking “go” Your store will look great it will function beautifully, giving your visitors great experience. Naturally it’s also fully responsive, mobile and tablet friendly This is great news since you don’t have to waste your time on complicated technical stuff, you can dive straight into unleashing the true money making power of the software and system
  • I Will Host Your Store Free Of Charge!
    Your ShopAbot store is fully cloud hosted by us. Not only does that mean that it will be ready immediately…it also means that you will be saving a ton of money on monthly hosting fees – heck you don’t even need your own domain name! When you make the smart investment and claim your copy of ShopABot today…there are no hidden costs or requirements in order to make the system work – we take care of everything so you get to keep your money where it belongs…in your pockets!
  • Your Store Will Instantly Contain All Amazon Products
    There is no need to waste time importing anything and guessing what your visitors will buy. Your store will always give your customer unlimited choice and the ability to find exactly what they need. Just one ShopABot site can service all customers in all niches at the same time. Maximizing your income potential and freeing up your valuable time.
  • Real Time Updates Directly From Amazon!
    Other stores will import products from Amazon and then leave it at that. This means that your store would quickly be filled with broken links, expired offers and wrong prices – all stuff that is sure to send your customers packing. ShopABot has a direct, live link to Amazon. If anything updates on Amazon, your store will instantly update without you having to lift a finger! This will save you tons of time and headaches. It also ensures that your customers will always have the best offers, discounts and a great experience…So they will come back again and again and keep increasing your commission checks

That Was Just The Amazon Store Part Of ShopABot…Here Are The Really Clever Bits That Will Virtually Guarantee Your Success!

  • Viral Product Search Instantly Finds The Most Profitable Products!
    Our proprietary Viral Product Search engine will show you the best selling Amazon products in any niche. More importantly it will show you the products that are most liked, shared and talked about on social media. This is extremely powerful as it will allow you to pick and promote products that are guaranteed to be profitable winners. Your competition could only dream of having this inside information, but you will always have it at your finger tips
  • Instant Free Viral Traffic With Giveaways
    ShopABot makes it super easy to create viral giveaway campaigns promoting these winning products. All it takes is a few clicks to populate the ready made templates and your campaigns are live. The giveaway prizes offer your visitors a chance to win a prize, but only if they share your page. They are extremely likely do since you are using what “Viral Product Search” told you that they are sharing and talking about anyway. Simply share your giveaway page on social media…then sit back, relax and watch the traffic floodgates open while you count your growing money stash!

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How To Make Your First Amazon Commission In Just 2 Hours Following The Simple 3-Step System.

As you can see ShopABot is more than just another Amazon affiliate store. It’s well oiled sales machine. You just have to press start and it will start cranking out cash. And the best part is that there is no mountain of hard work required to get started and no waiting around waiting for Google to bless you with a few morsels of traffic. It’s as easy as…

  • STEP 1 : BUILD
    Create Your Own Amazon Store With Just A Few Clicks
    Quickly Find The Best Selling Amazon Products Most Likely To Go Viral
  • STEP 3 : POST
    Instantly Build A Giveaway Page & Post It To Social Media

ShopABot Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Amazon Affiliate Mastery
    This step-by-step video course is your ultimate roadmap to Amazon super affiliate status. It starts right at the beginning with how to create your Amazon affiliate account and leaves no stone unturned as you grow your busy to 6 figure level. With this video guide you’ll never be stuck again and you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about technical details.
  • Bonus 2: Free Giveaway Profits
    Discover how to easily find amazing free gifts online. Coupons, gift cards, product samples etc. all stuff you can use to make your giveaways more exciting and effective at generating viral traffic. When you use this fantastic resource of free gifts you eliminate all the risk and turn your giveaways in to 100% profit machines.
  • Bonus 3: Free Facebook Formula
    This ultimate “how to” course contains detailed walkthroughs on how to use free methods to generate unlimited free Facebook traffic to your giveaways and store. With free traffic your campaigns are guaranteed to be successful and profitable from day 1!

Let’s Recap Exactly What You’re Getting Inside:

  • The Instant 1-Click Profit Pulling Amazon Store
  • Hosting For Your Store & Viral Campaigns (FREE)
  • Intelligent “Viral Product Search” Engine
  • Simple, Fully Monetized Giveaway Builder
  • Worry-free, Proven 3-Step System For Making Money
  • Our Amazon Affiliate Mastery Training (Bonus 1)
  • Report: Free Giveaway Profits (Bonus 2)
  • Kickstart Traffic Method: Free Facebook Formula (Bonus 3)
  • Support & Ready-To-Use Training Materials

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