SEnuke TNG Pro by Joe Russell Review : tool that can help you dominate Google within minutes.

SEnuke TNG Pro by Joe Russell Review : tool that can help you dominate Google within minutes.

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SEnuke TNG Pro is a tool that can help you dominate Google within minutes. By using it, you can get your content the highest rank through multiple different methods such as Captcha solving, keywords searching, proxies, and so on. Plus, this software always manages to beat Google’s algorithm no matter what. So, what is new about this update? Well, as you can see, SEnuke TNG was mostly used by SEO professionals and companies. It demanded to be installed on up to three computers, so to individuals, this was really inconvenient. Therefore, to meet the expectation of those who work alone, SEnuke TNG has been renovated to work smoothly on one single computer! And you don’t have to worry about your lack of marketing skill or technical skill. SEnuke TNG doesn’t require any of that. Regardless of your experience, you will be able to master it in no time.

Being on top of Google is what every marketer desires because it can skyrocket their traffic and sales. However, this isn’t an easy process, especially when Google’s algorithm is rapidly changing. Therefore, to master Google, you will need some extra help. Why don’t you try one old but effective software, SEnuke TNG? I know that hearing this name will make you feel insecure because lately, SEnuke TNG has been receiving critics for being old-fashioned; not to mention it is expensive and only suitable for corporations. But don’t walk away yet! Those were the stories of the past.

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SEnuke TNG Pro Feature:

  • NEW: CrowdSearcher Module – SEnukeTNG’s unique CrowdSearcher module will boost your websites Search CTR ‘through the roof’ and drastically reduce bounce rate…all on autopilot. SEO experts agree that TODAYS top ranking factors include Traffic & Engagement metrics such as “Search Click Through Rate” & “Bounce Rate” combined with a strategic and diverse backlink link profile. You have seen how easy SEnukeTNG makes it to create high profile quality backlinks using todays proven linking strategies. Well now TNG takes it to another level and gives you the power to influence User Experience metrics like Search Click Through Rate AND Bounce Rate.
    Introducing CrowdSearcher!
    Simply enter your URL and the keywords you wish to rank for. SEnuke TNG will then use its NEW proprietary CrowdSearcher process to query Google for your specified terms, click on your search listings, then visit your website AND even its pages. The sheer power of this feature alone provides a clear-cut advantage, giving you much more ranking influence over your keywords than any other available SEO tool.
  • NEW: Indexing & Spider Tool – The free pinger project has been enhanced and can now be run as a guaranteed spider project, your links are monitored until we have seen that Google has visited them. In addition this can be linked to several 3rd party tools which help to ensure all the pages you create with SEnuke TNG are fully indexed. Every single link you create will be seen by the search engines when you use this tool.
  • NEW: Built in OCR – If you have ever filled in a form on the internet you will know all about CAPTCHA, there are those little hard to read images that websites make you try and decipher. In the past you had to pay to solve all of these but now SEnuke TNG has OCR built, we can even solve most Recaptcha! You no longer need to purchase 3rd party OCR services, if we can’t solve it they can’t either!
  • 2Captcha Integration – There are of course some CAPTCHA types which OCR can’t solve, and for these we have now integrated additional external solving services. Of particular interest is 2Captcha offers manual solving of captcha that can’t be solved by OCR for about 1/3 the cost of other services, in addition they can solve the new Google NoCaptcha and Funcaptcha too. That’s right SEnuke TNG can post your links to sites using the very latest in Google anti-bot defences!
  • New: Built in Proxies Now With Rotation – SEnuke TNG now uniquely includes thousands of unlimited use proxies for you to Nuke with. These are not regular free proxies but premium proxies direct from leading suppliers. In addition, SEnuke TNG now will use multiple verified proxies during the SAME campaign…automatically. These are in addition to the over 100,000 proxies included for use with the Crowsearch feature. This many proxies alone would cost you $X00’s a month!

SEnuke TNG Pro uses TODAYS Most Important Ranking Factors to Easily BLAST Your Websites to the TOP of Google…Automatically!


  • Crowd Searcher
    Simulate thousands of people searching for your keyword on Google and clicking on your site. This shows Google that people actively want to find your site.
  • Built in Proxies
    No need to pay for external proxies. SEnuke comes with over 100,000 proxies built in, to simulate real people from all over the world.
  • Blog Network Module
    Seamlessly integrate your existing private blog network and manage it from within SEnuke.
  • Built In OCR
    Our built in Optical Character Recognition technology solves about 50% of captchas automatically.
  • Loop Mode
    Create a campaign once and it will run forever on it’s own building links to your site until you choose to stop it.
  • Super Fast Turbo Wizard
    Set up complex SEO campaigns within 30 seconds even if you ‘re a complete newbie! No SEO knowledge necessary!
  • Powerful Scheduler
    Set it up once and take a trip to Hawaii and it’s gonna do everything on it’s own! If it ever crashes, it will auto-resume.
  • Step-by-Step Wizard
    Want more control than the 30 second turbo wizard provides? Our 15 minute step-by-step wizard gets everything just right.
  • Easy to Use Interface
    Unlike other competitors, we strive to make the software extremely easy to understand and use.
  • Doing Local SEO
    The new Google Places module helps you build citations for your business to get you first page rankings on Google Local!
  • Powerful Macro Recorder
    Automate getting a link from any website on the Internet without having to write a single line of code!
  • Promotion Strategy Mapper
    Create diagrams to show SEnuke exactly how you’d like your link building to work. Or pick from one of the provided strategies!

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SEnuke TNG Pro Included…

  • Unlimited OCR Captcha Solving
  • 1000+ Premium Proxies
  • 100,000+ Crowdsearch Proxies
  • Email Addresses for Account Creation
  • Indexing – We Ensure 100% Of Links Are Crawled By Google

SEnuke TNG Pro Bonus:

  • Bonus One: You Get PROVEN Plug N Play SEnuke Campaign Templates (Available Only During Launch)
  • Bonus 2: You Get the WP Silo plugin to Optimize the Structure Your WordPress Sites.

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