SchemaNinja PRO – Personal by Sam Robinson – Cult Media LTD Review : World BEST Rating & High Converting WordPress Plugin

SchemaNinja PRO – Personal by Sam Robinson – Cult Media LTD Review : World BEST Rating & High Converting WordPress Plugin

SchemaNinja PRO is the world’s best conversion, rank & review software to create unique pages to put your sites on overdrive gaining you effortless sales & profits. SchemaNinja PRO is your secret SEO ranking software that pulled 71,089 targeted, hungry, buying victors free by ranking on Page ONE of Google. The SchemaNinja PRO plugin is made with the purpose to make you more money. Jitendra Vaswani, star blogger and digital coach, developedthe plugin to add more flexibility and customization to post ratings which instantly helps in getting higher conversions and boost search engine rankings. Without writing a line of code you can add customized ratings to your blog and see it compete with top ranking websites.

Schema ratings give search engines a better understanding of what your content means. This better understanding will encourage search engines to show your site to more people. The result of that is better exposure, more traffic, more clicks, higher conversion, and more sales.

The benefit of using a schema rating is that trust increases, it’s an emotional trigger, which leads the buyer to trust the product that has the high rating. Couple this with Schema Ninjas clean appeal and a built in buy button, and it’s the perfect plugin to get you more sales.

SchemaNinja pro even comes with a recommendation feature, which allow you to compare products based on pros and cons, and you can add any call to action, like try now, or buy now, in the pro version. This gives buyers the option to select the product with the higher rating, and we all know that products with the higher ratings, generally sell better.

SchemaNinja pro gives search engines only the important & precise information to display in search result snippets. Schema is The NEXT BIG RANKING FACTOR.

When your pages are marked, search engines will show detailed information in search results. These rich snippets are intended to help searchers with specific queries and will SKYROCKET your Click Through Rates and that will bring you cash on autopilot!

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This Is What SchemaNinja Has To Offer!

  • Earn Top Dollar
    Making money online has just become a lot easier with these SchemaNinja plugin features to get marked, ranked and loved by all your new customers. This unique plugin has been used by master blogger Jitendra Vaswani on for the last year now and he has seen his income rise as never before. Go check out the proof on this page.
  • SEO Schema Marked
    Schema is a structure used by search engines that help identify what your website is all about. The search engine will use information in the schema structure, like star ratings, to display on the search result. You can verify all of this at However, implementing schema could be a tedious task. Usually, it takes months for Google to rate a website with good traffic but you can get yours done with SchemaNinja in just minutes.
  • Google Ranked
    With an advanced search feature and a star rating to show that the site is Schema A-OK, your presence grows compatible with search engine parameters. As a result, the searched keywords will prefer your reviewed website over the ones without it. Schema markups have been known to hold a relevant impact on direct ranking on search engine.
  • Triple CTR’s & Increase Authority
    This advanced rich snippet application can produce star ratings for you and also for the products/ services endorsed by you. As for visible results with Click-through-rates (CTRs), a quality website with quick searchability, modern schema tools and star marked review, is bound to grab attention. This seal of trust created by SchemaNinja, will have a direct impact on Click Through Rates (CTRs). It’s as if the rating itself endorses your product.
  • Affiliate Offer Integration
    With SchemaNinja, you can integrate your affiliate links to your best Amazon, Clickbank, or JVZoo or any other affiliate offer with just a copy/paste action. And with an integrated and customizable “Buy Now” button, your customer is sure to take you up on the offer. Assited by SchemaNinja Recommendation Feature you can now give your customer a wide selection of choice.
  • Unlimited Reviews
    By using SchemaNinja, you can now create an unlimited number of reviews on your website. And you know that more reviews will create more credibility and as a result your posts will get higher ranked! There will be no cap for your use of SchemaNinja reviews to promote your own offers, affiliate offer or webshop products.
  • Ease Of Use & Clean Appeal
    You can install this plugin in minutes. No technical experience is required. And with the Clean Appeal and modern style look and feel, your review will be noticed like never before. Check out the demo below to see it for yourself.
  • Great Support
    We have done everything to setup this plugin so that you will have no problems using it for your business. But in the rare case that you will need our help, we will available 24/7 to support you with any queries you might have.

SchemaNinja PRO Benefits:

  • Rank Your Blog Post On 1st Page Of Search Engines
  • Make Your Star Rating Visible On Search Engines To Get Attention
  • Make Loads Of Money By Including Your Affiliate Link
  • Add Recommendations To Give Your Customers A Variety Of Choice
  • Triple Your Click Through Rates (CTRs) In Minutes
  • Get Your Website Schema Marked In Just A View Clicks

SchemaNinja PRO Perfect for Any Niche and Specifically Applicable For:

  • Bloggers, Looking to stand out and cash in on affiliate offers
  • Affiliate & CPA Marketers, Who need better conversions
  • eCom Vendors, Who want to maximize profits from every visitor
  • Product Vendors, Who want to increase sales and increase buzz on launches
  • Social Marketers, Build a following in any niche
  • Freelancers, Who want to maximize earnings and get amazing results for your clients
  • Money Making Niche, To show pros and cons of any product or service through ratings

Get THIS NINJA now for a one-time LOW INVESTMENT to get Skyrocket your conversions:

  • Get even more trafficwith schema ratings using SchemaNinja
  • Low Conversions are caused by POOR CTA BUTTONS, With SchemaNinja you have the power to create high converting buttons.
  • HIGH BOUNCE RATES are signals to search engines that your page has poor engagement, but with SchemaNinja you engage with your visitors on multiple pages reducing bounce rates & getting you more Sales.
  • This Plugin gives you Higher Organic Rankings with zero cost targeted traffic, so this is what SchemaNinja has to offer! Don’t Loose this opportunity.

SchemaNinja PRO – Personal Here what You Get:



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SchemaNinja PRO – Personal Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Ninja SEO Calculator with Resell Rights (Value $67)
This software is used to estimate earnings, costs, traffic, and rank competition! You can resell this software as your first recommendation and earn money from the get go.

BONUS #2: Affiliate Marketing Course with Resell Rights (Value $67)
A complete affiliate Marketing course including Cheat Sheets, Mind Maps and Complete Whitelabel Marketing Package.

BONUS #3: Strategic List Building Course with Resell Rights (Value $67)
List building just got easier if you follow this course. Besides, we’re using using videos as a means of teaching so that you will have a clear visual of what you’re learning. If you’ve ever have a tiny problem which got you stuck while working to build a list, this will be the cracker to your problem.

BONUS #4: Email Marketing Course with Resell Rights (Value $67)
Online marketing newbies or start-ups will definitely want to have this! This is a clear and simple guide on everything you need to know to kick start your online business through email marketing. In case you’re losing subscribers and have a low open rate, this training course will refresh your knowledge on email marketing and help to solve your problem.

BONUS #5: Health & Fitness Pack – PLR (Value $67)
Start your own Health & Fitness Niche product with this complete package of ebooks, audio and ready-made sales pages and videos. Check out the sales page at

BONUS #6: Call-To-Action Presenter Videos (Value $67)
Receive 47 Call-To-Action Presenter Videos for you website and drive viewers behavior, lead them to your offer and close the sale! This is the perfect add on to the recommendation feature of SchemaNinja

BONUS #7: WP Popup PRO (Value $47)
Create responsive pop-ups that not only look fantastic but are readable and accessible on any device. While retina images look great on large screens, you can choose to hide them on mobile devices so users see the best version of your campaign tailored to their device.

BONUS #8: Product Launch Checklist (Value $27)
We have developed this Product Launch Trello Board for anyone that wants to prepare for a product launch, whether this is an informational or software launch.

BONUS #9: Video Sales Letter Checklist (Value $27)
We have developed this Video Sales Letter Checklist as a Trello Board for anyone that wants to produce their own Video Sales Letter to increase conversion and boost sales.

BONUS #10: SEO STONE (Value $27)
This plugin allows you to evaluate your WordPress powered blog pages with style.



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