SalesEnvy – Solo Plan (1 User) By Mark Thompson Review and Formula : The Worlds Most Effective Lead Generation & Prospect Nurturing Machine.

SalesEnvy – Solo Plan (1 User) By Mark Thompson Review : The Worlds Most Effective Lead Generation & Prospect Nurturing Machine.

Sales Envy is an exciting new product that is a CRM and a phone-dialer all wrapped in a bundle of wonderful easy to use interface. Sales Envy is such a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. It will handle all of your dialling operations in such an effective way that new users are always baffled by the sharp upwards BOOM of productivity and sales, users also noted a rise in productivity and customer retention, which was a step forward from the old phone dialling solutions. Sales Envy make full use of your most valuable resource in business, Time. Because of how it can automate the dialling process with intelligent AI, it makes it so easy for you to set up meetings with just a few simple clicks. It will also be your best friend when it comes to CRM and will make your customers feel comfortable doing business with you. Sales Envy allows you to set up meetings and follow up so quickly and so easily I was amazed by how much time and effort i saved by not having to do those gruelling tasks everyday. This amazing app makes your day to day business life so much easier, and that is why everyone loves it!
Sales Envy will change how the industry thinks about phone dialing and CRM. These two aspects are of great importance in the business world today, the quicker you realise this, the faster you will want to have this product.

Currently, people around the world are spending thousands and thousands of dollars on phone dialing solutions and CRM services. These numbers would make startup businesses weep. however Sales Envy offers a very affordable solution to a very robust and powerful software, so get it now and receive a launch discount!

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SalesEnvy – Solo Plan (1 User) By Mark Thompson Review : The Worlds Most Effective Lead Generation & Prospect Nurturing Machine.


SalesEnvy – Solo Plan (1 User) Feature :

>>> Skype-Powered Dialing
Save an average of $xxx/year by leveraging the lowest monthly VoIP calling service for your team’s outbound dialing solution. Make an unlimited number of calls for as low as $2.99/mo.

  • Call prospects from anywhere in the world
  • Skype to Skype calls
  • Calls to mobile and landlines
  • Group calls


>>> All-in-One Dashboard
No need to have two screens or windows open. All dialing, email, calendar, task, scripting, call recording, voicemail and cadence processes are under one roof in SalesEnvy.


>>> Pre-Recorded Messages
Queue up a pre-recorded message that auto-plays upon an answered call or leave as a voicemail.


>>> Canned Call Scripts
Ensure a level of standards and consistency with your sales team by utilizing dynamic call scripts.

While on the call, a sales rep can quickly select and follow a step-by-step script to read, guaranteeing a flawless delivery to help generate a lead or make a sale.


>>> Recorded Calls
Record any call to be reviewed by yourself or a manager at a later time. Great for quality assurance and training your sales reps.


>>> 1-Click Meeting Invites
Now a sales rep can create a meeting or follow-up with a prospect or customer with one click.


>>> Personalized Emails

Did you realize that when you schedule and confirm the next meeting on the phone, that confirmation rates are close to 100%?

While on the call or after, you can send a personalized email right from the system and select from predefined templates to send.

Never have to login to an email marketing system. Send a customized email to your prospect directly from inside SalesEnvy.


>>> Follow-up Sequences

Easily filter through your contacts, ensuring that there are regular follow-ups with your prospect. Sort contacts in a campaign by date last called, prospect location, callback due date, overdue calls, and more.


>>> Sales Pipeline Management

Easily manage every contact into a clear and defined customized sales funnel. Visually see where each contact is in your funnel and what step/action is required to efficiently lead them through your funnel.


>>> At-a-Glance Sales Activity Reporting
Monitor your sales team and activity by tracking important metrics like, how many calls are being placed, how
many voicemails are left, how many emails have been sent, connect ratio, which script templates are
converting best and more.

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SalesEnvy – Solo Plan (1 User) By Mark Thompson Review : The Worlds Most Effective Lead Generation & Prospect Nurturing Machine.