Sales Copy Academy by James Ryan Review: Top Advertiser Reveals How Easy It Actually Is To CONTROL Buyers’ Minds” And Make Them Buy ANYTHING You Sell Them

Sales Copy Academy by James Ryan Review: Top Advertiser Reveals How Easy It Actually Is To CONTROL Buyers’ Minds” And Make Them Buy ANYTHING You Sell Them

Dear Marketer,

Let’s get real serious and adults about something pretty depressing.

Selling is HARD. Did you know that for any type of product only 1% of viewers will actually buy? Maybe even 2% if you’re really lucky.

What the hell happens with the rest 99% of people who see your product but never buy it?

Why are they being such party killers?

Well, I’m sorry to say this but it’s actually YOUR fault. Do you want to know why only 1% of viewers buy products? Because 99.2% of advertisers DON’T know HOW to sell to the other 99% of potential buyers!

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Inside the Sales Copy Academy you will learn:

  • The 16 Human Needs
    These are the 16 primary humans needs that we’re all born with and are behind 99% of our buying decisions. You will not only learn what they are, but also how to USE them to almost guarantee a sale.
  • The 3-Step Formula To Selling
    Did you know that most sales follow a very specific formula with only 3 steps? Inside the Academy you will learn how to apply it for any type of product.
  • The 16 Sale Triggers
    There are 16 specific elements that you can use in your advertising that TRIGGER people to do specific actions. Inside the Academy there’s a video explaining the primary 6 sale triggers and a PDF that contains all 16 of them and how to use them.
  • 11 Secrets of Great Advertising
    You will discover 11 of the most effective methods of selling that the top advertisers use over and over again to sell billions of products every year.
  • Coca-Cola’s Rapid Expansion Secret
    In one of the training video inside the Academy you will learn the one incredibly simple trick the founder of Coca-Cola used to expand his small company into every part of the globe.
  • Which Colors Sell The Most
    When it comes to selling, no color is created equal. In our ‘Best Selling Colors‘ video you will discover precisely which colors to use to sell the most products possible.
  • The 30-Step Formula To A Great Sales Page
    If you’re going to sell something online you NEED to create a sales page. This 3-part video series will teach you everything you want to know on how to do this easily and correctly. I can guarantee you that if you follow these 30 steps you will have a sales page that sells more copies of your copies than most sales pages out there today.
  • Apple’s Techniques for Sensational Sales Pages
    Learn how to create sales pages that people will drool over by one of the best companies in the world. In this series of 6 videos you will learn what makes Apple’s sales pages and ads so attractive and how to use their techniques for your products.




  • Complete Sales Persuasion Training in 8 Modules & 40 Videos
    Discover the secrets of the world’s top marketers and become able to sell anything to anyone.
  • The FULL 30-Step Formula To A Killer Sales Page
    Follow me as I go through the step-by-step process of putting together a sales page that outperforms all others by 95%
  • The 5, Never Before Available Exclusive Bonuses
    Receive the 5 sales and marketing ebooks mentioned below that are exclusive to members of the Sales Copy Academy. These alone worth $385. Get them now for FREE.

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Did you ever wish that you could know if something will work before you try it? This way you would save time AND money.

Now you can. Inside this 41-page ebook you will find the result of 35, real life tests in marketing.

You will discover things like:

• How changing one picture increased sales by 102.5%
• Which button color to use for an additional 21% in conversions
• The one change on a sales page that boosted revenue by 606%
• How Microsoft got 325% more people to click on their ads by replacing one element
• Why removing the price from your sales page will DOUBLE sales

and 30 more gold-mine secrets that you can use right away!


When I started selling online I had no idea what I was doing. I would learn about it from books, blogs, videos, podcasts, courses anything!

As the years progressed and I got better at it, I started developing a specific formula.

With time, I perfected my formula and I’m now using a step-by-step checklist every time I create a sales page.

This way I save so much time and money from trial and error. Everything is on that checklist so I can just follow along and be sure that whatever it is that I’m selling WILL actually sell!

This checklist is kinda like my baby so I never gave it to anyone before but today it’s a special day. I’m ONLY entrusting it to the members of the Sales Copy Academy because I know that if you join the Academy, you’re serious about being successful.


Did you know that 4 out 5 people will NOT read the rest of an ad or sales page if the very first headline doesn’t catch their attention?

Literally all your chances of making a sale depend on the 4-10 words that you choose for that headline!

It’s crazy how important it is to get this right. I know because I struggled with headlines for a long time. It wasn’t until I wrote and used around 2000+ of them that I was starting to notice the ones that REALLY gets people’s attention.

In this ebook you will find the 43 of my BEST headlines. These are not some random ones I thought 5 seconds before writing them. These are the ones that took literally years of testing and perfecting.

They are the best-of-the-best when it comes to GRABBING attention and MAKING money.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks in the empty spaces with your product’s information and you have yourself a winning headline instantly!

Frankly, I wish I had something like this when I got started…


One of the most important parts of selling is the WORDS you’re using. Actually, nevermind that. It’s THE most important part of selling.

Why? Because words are what will convince people to BUY.

If you’re using the wrong ones then you’ll simply make no money.

So if a word can mean so much, how can you know which words to use to make the most money?

The science of consumer psychology has proven that some words are more convincing and action-causing than others.

In this ebook, you will find 100 of the most PERSUASIVE words of the English language.

Putting it simply: these words SELL better than the words that are not in this ebook. By using these 100 words, I can guarantee you that you will instantly skyrocket the number of sales you’ll make.


The Sales Copy Academy will teach you everything you need to know to become an expert marketer so you can sell your products.

But what if you have no products to sell?

In this 90-page ebook I will show you how to come up with a digital product idea and how to actually create it, step by step.

The beauty of digital product is that they can be sold over and over again without you ever needing to lift a finger.

That means an unlimited stream of income deposited into your bank account for no extra effort.

This bonus comes with an extra checklist AND a mindmap to help you!






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