ReddiTraffic by Ali G Review : World’s 1st reddit-Powered Game-Changing Software Pumps Out Sizzling ‘Crowd Sourced’ Content & Viral Traffic ALL on Autopilot…

ReddiTraffic by Ali G Review : World’s 1st reddit-Powered Game-Changing Software Pumps Out Sizzling ‘Crowd Sourced’ Content & Viral Traffic ALL on Autopilot…

reddiTraffic is the world’s first standalone app that lets you quickly identify the most viral and popular content on Reddit and then share this content on your blog, FB and Twitter feed. The entire process is hands off, so your content factory is doing all the hard work for you behind the scenes. More online traffic goes to on a Daily basis, than LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, Craig’s List… Basically it’s one of the Most Popular sites in the World where the Highest Quality ‘Trending/Viral’ Content can be found.

That’s why Reddit is known as ‘the Front Page of the Web’ and it’s FREE for anyone to use. The ReddiTraffic Development team has an Approved Commercial Reddit API license to provide you ALL this POWER at your finger-tips. Very easy to link your FB, Twitter & WP Blogs to the software and then just specify the niche and let the software do the rest! It’ll find & post the best/hottest content from that niche from Reddit’s Highly Active platform, Dramatically Boosting up Your Engagement, Traffic and Profits! AND ReddiTraffic has an Artificial Intelligence engine to reword posts for your WordPress Blogs especially, since that’s what Google Loves, Fresh Content. Google rewards your Blogs by ranking it higher in SEO results.

It’s completely Set & Forget and you can go off and run your business to it’s fullest while ReddiTraffic does all the work! No more Wasting your Time & Money… while Boosting the Profits for ANY Marketing you do. An Engaged, Active Audience will check out your Marketing, and you don’t want it any other way..! Which of course Massively BOOSTS YOUR Profits for whatever type of marketing you’re doing, regardless of the niche you’re in… especially for your Facebook FanPages, Twitter Profiles and of course your WordPress Blogs.

Set & Forget software BOOSTS ALL Your Social Media & Blog Traffic from MASSIVE UNTAPPED ‘Crowd Sourced’ Content Source! Far often than not, most FB FanPages, Twitter Profiles and WP blogs suffer from ‘activity neglect’ which only hurts the prospects of ‘any’ type of monetization since your Audiences Are NOT engaged. Less visitors will Like, Share, Comment, Follow, ReTweet, Subscribe… Basically all of the above, which is not good for any thought of profits. Even if you do Paid Traffic by spending big $$$ on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or any type of PPC you could think of… if your traffic encounters a non-active social media account or blog, you might as well burn that $$$, since that’s almost a complete waste of any type of Ad Spend/PPC.

There’s the old-fashioned way of taking valuable time out of YOUR life to engage your audiences with High Quality Content that you have to find & vet OR hire someone to do it. Of course either way you go, you’re losing money which is not where you want to be. HOWEVER, An actively ENGAGED Audience is Highly more likely to Like your Fan Page, Follow you On Twitter, Visit & Subscribe to your Blogs, Opt-In, Purchase your Amazon, Shopify, TeeSpring or Affiliate/CPA Offers, buy any product or service you are offering and the list goes on & on. (That’s ALL the Good Stuff you Want!)

So what if you can Actively Engage online audiences and Grow your Online Authority at ANY level & ANY niche at the ‘Push of a Button’?? and boosts up ALL that Organic High Quality FREE Traffic you want, totally Set & Forget?? Happy to say there’s a powerful piece of software called ‘reddiTraffic’ that has just hit the market by storm that TAPS INTO a MASSIVE ‘Crowd-Sourced’ Content & Traffic Source known as Reddit, and the results that users have been getting are phenomenal.

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What Redditraffic Can Do For You

Traffic Matters both in real life and especially Online. When you’re a business in a bustling crossroads such as Times Square in Nyc or any other major City for that matter. The sheer amount of Human traffic sends hefty profits to all the local businesses.

That same principle applies to your Online presence for ANYTHING you do Online. Online Traffic, especially Organic (the Best Kind ’cause it’s Free) is SO VERY Important to have if you wish to stay relative AND Benefit the Most by actually profiting from ANY of your Online Marketing efforts you do.

Whether your end-game for the Traffic is simply more Likes on Facebook, Followers on Twitter, Subscribers to your WP Blog OR the more profitable avenues such as Affiliate Marketing, CPA, TeeSpring, Amazon/Shopify stores, your own products & services… When you have high quality niche specific traffic coming to your Online Assets, profits are sure to follow as shown in all testing over the years.

THE BIG PROBLEM IS Most Online Marketing efforts fall short by only relying on Paid Traffic, PPC, or Facebook/Twitter Ad Campaigns. That’s just money going out, before you’ve even brought in anything. FREE ORGANIC Traffic is the Answer to that for your Social Media & Blogs. There’s an Online Platform out there that gets nearly 10 BILLION Page Views every month and that major player is called Reddit.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that’d be the only way you haven’t heard about this powerhouse. Reddit gets more online Traffic then LinkedIN, Craig’s List, Instagram, CNN, Pinterest… That’s how big Reddit is. Best of ALL it’s HIGHLY influential since all their HOT & Viral content there is CROWD SOURCED.

ReddiTraffic has just hit the market and is Leveraging this Powerful Platform for YOUR Benefit. Heck! Even any & all of your clients accounts if you handle those too! ReddiTraffic Automatically posts HOT Content to ANY FB FanPages, Twitter AND WP Blogs… you just type in the key-words, and this Freakishly effective software gets to work..!

It even has an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Engine built in so that your WP Blogs have ‘FRESH’ Content that Google LOVES to See! Google rewards you for your FRESH Content by Ranking your WP Sites higher & higher. Pretty much done for you SEO too!

This software is a No-Brainer for ANYONE doing ANYTHING Online as steady Organic Online Traffic to your Business is as important as Breathing Air is in real life. Get this now for a Low One Time Lifetime price that’ll pay for itself 10X over at the least!

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ReddiTraffic Features:

  • reddiTraffic Leverage the World’s Largest Crowd Voted Content Source
  • Set and Forget Automation of Content
  • AI Intelligence Extracts Summary For WP Post
  • The Most Brainless Way to Build Your Social Authority
  • reddiTraffic Increased Site Traffic. Once you start posting higher quality content, your visitors stick around longer, come back more often, and grow to like you more. AND Google also loves seeing this and rewards you with higher rankings too.
  • Instead of spending dozens of hours a week finding good content online and posting it on your blog, reddiTraffic do the heavy digging for you. Just sort the trending posts by freshness, virality, keywords, and more, and post away!
  • Have you ever tried finding an article on dogs that has received over 10,000 shares? Or how about a post on a viral site that is getting insane shares? With reddiTraffic service, you pull exactly the content you need.


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