QuizFunnels Elite by Karthik Ramani & Oliver Goodwin Review The Uber Sophisticated Web Based System With Unique And Leading Edge List Generation Building

QuizFunnels Elite by Karthik Ramani & Oliver Goodwin Review The Uber Sophisticated Web Based System With Unique And Leading Edge List Generation Building

Quiz Funnels is a tool that assists you to run mobile responsive quizzes on your facebook fanpages, your website as a pop up and also as a widget. This is a next-generation quiz app that assists in segmentation. Quizzes can be run on FB, Web and mobile from one link, using smart URL technology. Quiz Funnels is that single tool that assists you with segmenting your list based on their preferences. You can also give them relevant giveaways and discounts with this tool which makes it more interesting for them. And you can harness the power of Facebook with this tool. Quiz Funnels helps you to build viral social engagement marketing campaigns and drive more sales to any product service or niche.

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Why Should You Use It ?

  • Lead Generation – You can have your optin form inside of the quizzes you have. The tool is designed to capture the contact credentials of your audience.
  • Segmentation – You can not only capture their contact credentials but also segment the list based on their replies. This is very important because you no longer have to share the same offer across all your audiences.
  • Social Engagement – Quizzes are great way to be visible on Social Media. Quizzes are more likely to be shared when compared to other content. Quizzes are a great way to boost customer engagement. QuizFunnels is a very simple to use tool with the following benefits.
  • Responsive Quizzes – The Quizzes that you create is responsive across all screens
  • Social Share Settings – The Quizzes can be hosted on Facebook and shared across Twitter & GooglePlus.
  • Brand your Quizzes – The tool comes with provisions to add your logo that improves your brand awareness.
  • Major Autoresponders – Yes, we have added major autoresponders to ensure the leads that you capture can be imported directly. If you do not have one, do not worry. The mail ids are captured in the tool itself that you can export later
  • Statistics – The tool comes with an advanced Analytics dashboard. Advanced List Segmentation You can segment the list based on the replies. This will make sure that you are totally aware of what your audience needs.
  • And a lot more

Why Should You Get It Today ?

The major benefits of using Quiz Funnels

The tool will help in engaging your customer in a radical way. There are four major benefits from this tool:

  • Lead Capture: Easily capture leads at the beginning or end of their quiz or assessment using our customizable lead capture form.
  • Integration: Easily integrate their quiz or assessment with their favorite email software, allowing them to build automated email campaigns that drip the perfect content to every lead captured.
  • Segmentation: The users can segment their quiz or assessment takers by their results and send them emails tailored to how they answered your quiz or assessment.
  • Product promotion: Promote the perfect product or services right after their leads receive quiz takers results, making sure they never miss a sales opportunity.

All the more reason to choose QuizFunnels

  • Responsive – Whether it’s on mobile, desktop, or anything in between, QuizFunnels will look great on any screen thanks to its responsive interface.
  • Video Results – Want more than a written quiz outcome? You can also have a video result! Just upload your video to the results page and your users will see it as soon as they opt in to see their results.
  • Our Analytics Dashboard – Easily track how well your quizzes and campaigns are doing with our own Analytics Dashboard.
  • Campaign Management – Too busy? Let our leading marketing experts manage and run your quiz campaigns.
  • New Features – Keep up to date with all the new features we’re adding to enhance your experience with

Quiz Funnels is a one stop tool for list-building and engaging customers using Quizzes.

  • Viral share features
  • Video Quizzes
  • Quizzes based on demo graphics
  • Statistics
  • Laser segment your list
  • In Built Quiz template
  • Simple Click & Edit features
  • Supports all major Autoresponders
  • Facebook integrated
  • Meaningful Analytics
  • Lead Capture
  • Facebook Lead Capture
  • Image Quizzes

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Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get!

  • Lead Capture
  • Facebook Lead Capture
  • Facebook Retargeting Pixel for each quiz
  • Social Engagement (Social Sharing)
  • Segmentation
  • Export quiz data
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Product Promotion
  • Image Quizzes
  • Responsive
  • Easy Integration With All Major Autoresponders
  • Facebook Retargeting intergration
  • Embed quiz everywhere
  • Mobile Responsive Quizzes
  • Video Results
  • Video offer, Image offer, Text offer with CTA
  • Customize Quiz and answer Pages
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytic diagram dashboard (Times Taken, Completion Rate, Avg. time spent, Engagement funnel, Outcomes, Activity over time,Leads, CTA Clicks, Conversion Rate, Social Results.)

Quiz Funnels Bonuses :

  • BONUS #1: Extensive Video Training ($197 value)
    To make sure that you extract every bit of juice from this amazing opportunity, we’re giving you an over the shoulder walkthrough and guide you step by step on how you can utilize QuizFunnels to the MAX!!
  • BONUS #2: Extra Marketing Material ($297 value)
    We’re not the type of people to just give you the most powerful ranking software on the face of the planet and leave you hanging. To reward your swiftness we’re going to give you:
    – How to write a custom quiz
    – Best Practices for Creating Quizzes to Sell Products
    – 3 Small Changes for a 100% Increase in Conversions
    – How to Set Up an Effective Email Auto responder Series (Beginners)
    – The Complete Guide to Facebook Lead Generation Using Quizzes

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