PushTraffik by Launch Epic LLC Review : This Amazing New App Drives Laser-Targeted Clicks To ANY URL You Like.

PushTraffik by Launch Epic LLC Review : This Amazing New App Drives Laser-Targeted Clicks To ANY URL You Like.

PushTraffik is a Push Notifications platform that allows you to drive traffic to repeat website visitors. It lets you push traffic to any offer you like, even if it’s not on your own site. Need more traffic? When you try to get traffic, the #1 biggest problem you’ll encounter is “where to get it?” Then as soon as you find a good traffic source, the #2 biggest problem is “how do I increase my conversions?”. If you drive the wrong kind of traffic, you’ll get stuck because you can’t really optimize bad traffic. But you can optimize good traffic. What if you had a software that could drive already-optimized traffic?

Want to drive quality traffic on-demand without paying per-click, per-impressions, per-lead or anything like that? Are you frustrated with how hard it is to generate leads & sales online? What if you never needed to build an email list ever again to make a profit through marketing?

Instead of wasting months on SEO, Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on PPC. You can let this new pseudo-retargeting technology to take care of high-converting visitors. This is called PushTraffik and it works instantly. So ‘how exactly does it work? Just 3 steps to get going & you’ll be all set:

  1. Step 1: Get The PushTraffik Snippet.
  2. Step 2: Start Sending Instant Traffic.
  3. Step 3: Get Visitors Instantly.

It works like retargeting, but better. To be precise, it’s not exactly like retargeting because you don’t have to pay per click. But basically, it goes out there and brings back quality people to your site & it’s absolutely amazing at how high this traffic converts. It’s a software that works with LeadPages, Shopify, WordPress, and dozens of others page builders. No matter which page builder you use. This software will be used to drive you more visitors. Period. But not just visitors. You will get actual opt-ins and buyers. How? Because it uses a sophisticated pseudo-retargeting technology. Except you don’t pay per click. It works like clockwork. It’s reliable. And there is nothing to download or install.

This software, “PushTraffik,” works on JvZoo, CB, CJ, SaS or any other affiliate network. It’s truly remarkable how high converting this traffic will be for you. If you don’t have traffic, your online business is pretty much dead in the water. So if you’re making $ or trying to make $ and you need traffic, you’ll miss out if you skip on this software. Trying new traffic methods can be scary. Luckily, this only takes 15 minutes to set up! Don’t be scared – you’ll be glad you found this. This will change everything you thought you knew about lead-gen. PushTraffik will cure your addiction to low traffic once & for all. You can’t stop repeat visitors from wanting to come back to your site over and over again. Not with PushTraffik. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it after you’ve gotten to play with it. And remember, it comes with a 30 day refund guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

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PushTraffik by Launch Epic LLC Review : This Amazing New App Drives Laser-Targeted Clicks To ANY URL You Like.


PushTraffik Features:

  • PushTraffik Install On Up To 50 Sites. Send Up To 1,000 Daily Push Notifications. Get Up To 100,000 Unique Visitors.
  • GDPR Compliant, 3 Bonuses Worth $97 Each, WordPress Plugin, Real-Time 24/7 Push Button Traffic.
  • PushTraffik Drive High Quality Traffic To Any Link, Generate Leads & Sales On Any Site.
  • PushTraffik Works In All Niches & Industries, Languages & Countries. Works On All Devices & Browsers. Works With All Affiliate Platforms.
  • No list? No problem. No ppc, social media or videos, no experience required, No mass emails, no SEO, no content making, no autobot postings.
  • Perfect for agencies, freelancers, website builders, aff marketers, mobile app developers, consultants.
  • PushTraffik is a unique method that works like pseudo-retargeting, but w/o you paying any $ per-click.
  • It lets you always get leads & sales when you want, where you want.

What PushTraffik Can Do For You

  • Instant access to pushtraffic software. After you complete your payment, you’ll immediately receive access to PushTraffik inside your Members Area. Check your email for confirmation. Immediately, you’ll be able to log in & set up your promos.You can get started in 5 minutes or less.
  • The push-button traffic training. You’ll be able to watch over my shoulder as I show you how I produce leads & sales on-demand with PushTraffik. .Just follow my step by step instructions & get traffic.
  • 24-Hour Customer Care. If you have any questions, please ask. We love helping our customers achieve success.
  • $552.18 Case Study With Video Walk-Through. Want to see us take a brand-new website from $0 to $552.18 with PushTraffik? This exclusive video case study will show you how it’s done.
  • Pushtraffik WordPress Plugin. When You Grab The Advanced Edition, You’ll Also Get. If you plan on using PushTraffik to generate leads & sales via WordPress money sites, you’ll need a quick & easy way to integrate PushTraffik with your WP. This is it! You’ll be able to install PushTraffik on all up to 50 WP sites, too.

Dowload Here:
PushTraffik by Launch Epic LLC Review : This Amazing New App Drives Laser-Targeted Clicks To ANY URL You Like.


PushTraffik Bonus:

  1. BONUS #1: Geo-Zone (Geo Fence) For Location-Based Traffic
  2. BONUS #2: Automatic Notifications Via RSS Feed
  3. BONUS #3: Done-For-You Money Sites

PushTraffik FAQ:

  • How does PushTraffik work? PushTraffik is like retargeting, except you don’t have to pay per click. It’s a push notifications platform that’s compatible with all major OS and browsers. The software comes with ready-made blueprints which are already done for you. PushTraffik instantly delivers push notifications from you to your website visitors; this can be done in real time or based on a pre-scheduled set of messages.
  • Who is PushTraffik for? If you own a company and/or operate a website, and you need traffic, you need PushTraffik.
  • How do I use the $552.18 video case study? If you’re totally new to online marketing, the $552.18 video case study will show you a quick & easy way that you can replicate to start generating leads & sales with PushTraffik.
  • How can I get support? Our members-only video training explains everything. In case you require additional assitance, we also have a 24-hour support portal available here.
  • Are there any upsells? We have two One Time Offers available inside. They’re not for everyone. We tiered them out into separate offers because if we bundled them into this main offer, then our price would have been too high for most people to afford. The first One Time Offer is an Unlimited upgrade ($67). The second One Time Offer is a Reseller upgrade ($197). They are completely optional. You do not need to upgrade to take full advantage of PushTraffik & there is no extra functionality that is available inside these upgrade offers. We are giving all our users full & unrestricted functionality inside this main offer.

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PushTraffik by Launch Epic LLC Review : This Amazing New App Drives Laser-Targeted Clicks To ANY URL You Like.