PushLeads UNLIMITED by Marius Price Review : Why Shuold I Get It?

PushLeads UNLIMITED by Marius Price Review : Why Shuold I Get It?

PushLeads UNLIMITED is a New Web App allows you to Send personalised notifications/Messages to your users on mobile and desktop in seconds. It Builds Your Subscriber Base AND Profits With Astonishing 100% Delivery Rate by Boosting Subscriber Communication Up to 250% On AUTOPILOT Using Browser Push Notification Messages. Engage With Your Subscribers Anytime, Anywhere … Even When They’re NOT On Your Site! PushLeads UNLIMITED gets your message across to 100% of your subscribers every single time. Because it relies on the user’s browser … not the website they’re visiting. It’s fully supported on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and mobile devices. So you reach every member of your audience with every message you send. You’ll NEVER Have To Gamble On Retargeting & Expensive Ads, Or Hope Your Emails Get Delivered & Opened. This is the future of online marketing – but until now only top authority sites have been able to do this. Now you can tap into the exact same technology to explode your results.

  • Unlike our competitors, Push Leads including limitless customization with your access today. You can make it EASY for people to subscribe to your lists, by changing the optin text, both title AND description.
  • Customize the visual appearance with FIVE included templates.
  • Modify WHERE your optin box will appear on your site for best results.
  • Change the offer and call to action text to turn more subscribers into paying customers.
  • Build YOUR brand and logos into your campaigns to enhance authority.
  • Or use the UNIQUE landing page option for a COMPLETELY custom look and feel.

List building may be dying, but the real problem for most is email marketing. Which sounds crazy because MOST experts say that’s where all the cash is. But here’s the thing. Nothing stops anyone from using a fake email to subscribe to a list, right? Next, emails are getting harder and harder to deliver. Most adults get 100s of them every day, so it’s next to impossible to get your messages opened and read. But as a marketer, you’ve GOT to reach your audience. Only way to make a buck. With PushLeads UNLIMITED you get subscribers … but don’t need to rely on email. As soon as someone opts in, you can message them whenever they’re online. It’s permission­based marketing and works so well that top companies from The NY Times to Apple Insider & CNN are all using this tech. Build an active subscriber base of people that actually look forward to hearing from you. Make ridiculously easy sales & profits with each message you send. Traditional list building is dying But THIS Brings New Life To Your Business

These days everyone’s social ­ online at least. FB groups, Instagram pages, you name it and there’s an audience. Smart marketers know the key is to build a targeted social following. Of people that know, like and trust them. The reason this works so well is that people become followers and subscribers when you ASK them. That’s right you get to be nice, and the results are off the hook. FB itself has increased user engagement over 67% with the same technology. And now you can too. Build your following. Connect and engage with people that WANT to hear from you. Send them messages WHENEVER they’re online, all from inside the dash. Billions of active social media users. Get even a small piece for your own network, and online freedom becomes a reality. Imagine building a subscriber list in any niche, without all the hassles of squeeze pages, lead magnets and autoresponders. That’s the future of marketing online, and it’s happening right now. Top global brands are already exploiting this technology to dominate their markets. Cutting edge app puts the profit in list building while taking the headaches out. Build a list and connect with 100% deliverability of every message you send.

  • PushLeads UNLIMITED is the Next generation web app that takes push notifications to the next level
  • Effortless list building AND customer retention built into one app that works on virtual autopilot
  • PushLeads UNLIMITED Send UNLIMITED notifications to an UNLIMITED number of users for MAXIMUM profits
  • Full control of all your campaigns from inside the user friendly dashboard
  • PushLeads UNLIMITED Works on ANY major platform: Chrome, Safari, Firefox AND mobile – so you cash in on virtually every bit of internet traffic
  • Complete step by step training and best practices to maximize your results using this exciting technology
    Without email, autoresponders or hassles. Just pure profits. It works for FB, CNN, eBay and even the NBA. Now it can work for you too! If like me you prefer to automate things, check out the PushLeads UNLIMITED pro edition so you can schedule your promos in advance.
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PushLeads UNLIMITED by Marius Price Review : Why Shuold I Get It?



PushLeads UNLIMITED Features:

  • PushLeads UNLIMITED Build your subscriber base in TWO ways: use one-of-a-kind lead page to customize headlines, text and even include video along with your optin button or Use subtle pop-up permission boxes that engage and compel users to take action – with full customization of the 5 included templates to control where and how your optin box appears
  • PushLeads UNLIMITED works on PC and Mac – just login with your credentials and set up new campaigns or send notifications from anywhere, anytime
  • UNLIMITED Push Notification – send push notifications for people using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, mobile – reach virtually ANY web user on any platform
  • PushLeads UNLIMITED EXPORT your subscriber list with ZERO restrictions: upload to your autoresponder or add to your custom audiences so you can exploit as many profit channels as possible
  • You’ll NEVER be charged for usage – send as MANY notifications as you like – engage & profit like never before with unlimited messaging … send content, friendly reminders and pure marketing messages without restriction
  • CUSTOMIZE the offer text AND call to action button – send personalized messages to market segments to SKYROCKET conversions & profits
  • PERSONALIZE with your own branding by adding logos and icons – effortlessly build your brand and authority to maximize long term sales
  • PushLeads UNLIMITED INSTANTLY redirect subscribers to ANY offer, page or post you choose the second they click … for a massive increase in sales, profits and engagement
  • TRACK STATS with in-built tracking to optimize your results

PushLeads UNLIMITED Demo Video:

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PushLeads UNLIMITED by Marius Price Review : Why Shuold I Get It?



PushLeads UNLIMITED Can Do For You:

Content marketing & blogging can drive a lot of profits. IF, and ONLY if, people see your stuff. Marketers create content to get other people to their sites, offers and pages. Where they can sign up to an email list, maybe click on some ads, or if you’re lucky, buy something right away. So more views of your content, more customers & profits. Hands down the coolest way to reach your followers. Same tech used by top international companies. No emails, no hassles. Instant online messages that your subscribers get no matter what site they’re on. Imagine being able to tell every one of your followers about your latest blog post, article or video. And sending them to a specific page or offer in a single click. It’s called PushLeads UNLIMITED and it’s the friendliest, most powerful way of collecting and connecting with followers. Creating content is smart. Getting that content seen by as many people as possible? Genius.

What separates so called “super affiliates” from the rest just struggling to make a few bucks? Size of audience. The bigger, the better. It’s why most top level affiliates have review sites, FB groups, blogs … as well as massive lists of course. How do you compete for life changing commissions? Actually, it just got real easy. Activate PushLeads UNLIMITED on your blog or review site. Any site will do, even a simple one­pager. Then watch your engaged audience grow on complete autopilot. You can now instantly message your entire audience about any new review or offer you have going. And EVERY follower gets EVERY message. Commission explosion. Thank me later.

  • Click thru rates up to 500 times HIGHER than email marketing
  • Customer re-engagement rates up to 67% higher than ANY other method
  • PushLeads UNLIMITED Up to 36% optin rate – REAL subscribers, not phony email addresses
  • High traffic websites are adding over 2 THOUSAND new subscribers daily
  • Companies effectively using “push technology” are finding that a SINGLE subscriber is worth more than TEN traditional subscribers

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PushLeads UNLIMITED by Marius Price Review : Why Shuold I Get It?