[PLR] Child Safety Lockdown by Darren Ross Review : That You Can Sell As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profits

[PLR] Child Safety Lockdown by Darren Ross Review : That You Can Sell As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profits

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[PLR] Child Safety Lockdown is geared towards the topic of keeping kids safe. The front end includes 14 modules in the sales funnel, the e-book itself, a cheat sheet, resources report, a chart of what to do and what not to, mind map, sales page, sales video, professional graphics package, and the license package. Other tools that have been included are the documentation files for each asset that needs it, PSD files for the graphics and everything necessary to sell the product, which you can whip together with your info or as is, and start making a profit from your very own self-help product.

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What’s So Great About This PLR Product?

  • Fully designed sales funnel ready to resell.
  • Easy to setup and profit for years to come on autopilot.
  • Ability to resell and keep 100% of every sale made.
  • Massive evergreen highly in-demand niche.
  • All of the hard work done for you already.

With This Training Course, You Can Share:

  • A Full Handbook For Keeping Kids Safe and Teaching Them Safety
    From the very beginning starting with the statistics, all the way through addressing the various dangers, childproofing living areas, strategies to communicate with kids, and everything else in between. It’s all included and it’s all completely geared for ANY parent to benefit from it.
  • Easy Approaches To Childproofing and Communicating Safety
    Most people overlook a lot of the strategies that DO work and are outlined in this entire child safety course. That means they’re going to not only understand these methods now, but also how they’re going to be effective in improving efforts towards child safety all around.
  • Tons of Useful “Tools” For Making Child Safety A Total Breeze
    There’s a lot of resources and tools that are shared within the pages of this training course. That’s because the focus is on the end user (the customer) to make sure that they get the most knowledge and benefit from the product. You can be certain everything is tried, tested, and true to form.

Here’s What You Receive With Your Purchase Of The [PLR] Child Safety Lockdown

  • Module 1: High Quality Child Safety Guide VALUE: $450.00
  • Module 2 – Hybrid Cheat Sheet VALUE: $40.00
  • Module 3 – Do’s And Do Not’s Chart VALUE: $15.00
  • Module 4 – Resources Report VALUE: $20.00
  • Module 5 – Comprehensive Mind Map VALUE: $20.00
  • Module 6 – Done For You Sales Page VALUE: $300.00
  • Module 7 – High Converting Sales Copy VALUE: $150.00
  • Module 8 – Captivating Sales Video VALUE: $250.00
  • Module 9 – Hybrid Thank You Page VALUE: $40.00
  • Module 10 – Support System & Legal Pages VALUE: $200.00
  • Module 11 – Professional Graphics Package VALUE: $250.00
  • Module 12 – Full Email Series VALUE: $150.00
  • Module 13 – License Package VALUE: PRICELESS
  • Module 14 – Step By Step Setup Guide VALUE: $97.00

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How Can You Make Money With This PLR Package?

  • Sell the training course to individuals or businesses at any price point you want
  • Use the content to build out a membership site and charge a monthly fee to gain access.
  • Provide as training for seminars or webinars.
  • Use as a high-quality bonus to your own products.
  • Break it apart and create smaller reports out of it.
  • Modify and publish the training course offline via DVD, home study courses, presentation material, etc.)
  • Create a drip-fed coaching program or series
  • Re-distribute the contents of the course in any way.
  • Split the content up and create videos or articles.
  • Build a highly targeted list by offering Anger Control Manifesto (or one of it’s portions) as a magnet.
  • Utilize the training course for your own benefit / use.
  • Add your name on the product as author / creator!
  • Modify the contents, change the graphics, re-title the product and all of it’s modules, and include your very own affiliate links and cross sells inside.
  • Re-purpose the content into other formats for distribution, such as e-books, articles, viral lead magnets and more.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Here’s Why Should You Get This PLR Product

  • Top Quality E-book
    This report and it’s contents were researched, analyzed, and written based upon expert input and strategies. You receive a grammatically perfect product.
  • Evergreen Niche
    The population isn’t getting any smaller and neither are the number of people looking for self-help products and courses. That’s why this is evergreen.
  • Instant Authority
    You don’t have to even take the time to research and create tons of content at all. Just slap your name on this product and start reselling for 100% profit.
  • In Demand Topic
    Tons of people (and companies) are always searching for ways to keep kids safe. This topic will always be relevant.
  • Tons Of Sales Materials
    Not only do you receive a training guide, but you receive all sorts of materials to help increase the value and promote the product to the masses without any real effort.
  • Massive Profit Potential
    With your very own product at your finger tips, and all of the materials you need to promote it – you’re sure to make a killing and be able to keep every penny earned.
  • Completely Done For You
    All of the hard work has been completely done for you. The research, the creation, the sales letter, the graphics package, and everything else. All ready to go.
  • Full Control
    You receive the document file for the training course and all assets so that you can easily edit the contents, add your name, and do anything else you please.
  • Instant Author Status
    You don’t have to write a line of content for this. All you have to do is slap your name on the product and the funnel and the entire product is yours to profit from.
  • Private Label Rights
    Our very loosely developed private label rights license terms allow you the freedom to profit from this package in so many ways that it will make your head spin.
  • Top Tier Quality
    Forget about the low quality re-hashed PLR drivel you’ve been promoted. This is top echelon high quality PLR with the customer in mind and your name on it.
  • Super Easy Setup
    No need to hire anybody to set up the product for you. These step-by-step setup instructions will guide you through the entire process of setting up the funnel.

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