Newbie Sales Machine by John Smith Review : …Your 100% DONE FOR YOU Plug ‘n’ Play Membership Site GUARANTEED To Bring In $19.95 Sales, $37 Upsell PLUS Make Commissions On Autopilot… Whilst We Do ALL The Technical Backend Sales and Marketing For You!

Newbie Sales Machine by John Smith Review : …Your 100% DONE FOR YOU Plug ‘n’ Play Membership Site GUARANTEED To Bring In $19.95 Sales, $37 Upsell PLUS Make Commissions On Autopilot… Whilst We Do ALL The Technical Backend Sales and Marketing For You!

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Newbie Sales Machine Benefit:

> 100% Done For You Membership
You get your own professionally created membership product to sell. You’ll be selling Standard Membership Access for just $19.95 which gives your members access to over 380+ training videos. Once downloaded, you can slap on your payment button, connect it to you reseller link and sell forever. Every sale is yours to keep.

Why training videos? Because they sell themselves. If you’re reading this now then it’s likely that you’ve purchased training products before. You are living proof that these types of products do indeed sell. But this time you become the seller and keep 100% of the profits for life.

> High Converting Upsell System
You get your own high converting upsell system. As soon as your customer has decided to make a purchase, our system will redirect them to an upsell for advance training videos for $37. A well thought out and designed upsell requires an irresistable front-end offer that positions the upsell as a ‘must have too‘.

The best part is it’s all done for you! No need to design an upsell from scratch. No need to think about what words to write. No need to create the content. No need to test different price points. Just continue to sell copies of your membership product and you’ll see an instant boost in sales.

> Powerful Lead Magnet System
The money is truly in the list. A powerful lead magnet system attracts visitors, creates interest in your free offer, gets them to subscribe and converts them into buyers. With your sales machine you’ll be sending traffic to a highly optimized mobile-responsive squeeze page, give away free training and follow up with your leads for several months.

No need to design a squeeze page from scratch, no need to create give-away content and no need to write enticing emails that convince subscribers to buy. With Newbie Sales Machine it’s all done for you.

> 50x Follow-Up Lead Converter System
Email marketing is all about connecting to your readers, offering tremendous value for free and converting your subscribers into raving fans who love receiving emails and continue to buy from you again and again. This is how long term income is built – through quality products and a loyal fanbase.

With Newbie Sales Machine we’ve done 99% of the work for you. Let the system build your list for you, connect with your readers and convert them into buyers so you can spend more time promoting your offer and less time stuck with the creative stuff! We’ve added 50 follow-up emails to your package that will do the job! Just add traffic!

> Reseller Profit Link Generater
With Newbie Sales Machine you receive you own unique reseller links to provide membership access for your customers. This link acts as your access link for Standard and Pro Membership Access and tags your customers with your ClickBank, JVZoo and Zaxaa ID as they enter the membership. Any products or services your customers purchases now or in the near future ensures you get credited for the sale without doing anything else!

We’ve made it super easy to create your reseller link. Just fill in your profile with your IDs and generate your reseller links with one click. It’s that easy!

> One-Click Paypal Button Link Generator
Time is money and when you want to get setup fast you need time-saving tools like our a one-click PayPal button generator.

Simply add your PayPal email into your profile and generate your payment links with one click. We’ll host your payment button for you and redirect your customers through to your reseller link which will then send them through to the members area. More speed, less time setup, more time making sales!

Optionally if you want to create your own buttons and use a different network it’s no problem either. Just link to your reseller link and you’ll get full integration with our backend system.

> Hot! Back-End Commission Generator
A typical affiliate program only lets you earn commission on one product plus a few upsells. Great if you’re starting out but not so great if you’re serious about building a long term 6-figure per year online business.

We really pushed the boat out on this one to ensure you get credited for every product, not just in our sales funnel, but on every network we ever sell on including C|ickBank, JVZoo and Zaxaa.

We’ve strategically placed behaviour-based login upsells, upgrade buttons, text links and randomized testimonials throughout the membership to encourage your members to upgrade. Due to the amount of content in the members area, your members are guaranteed to log back in on a regular basis and be presented with upgrades every time.

This is the core feature of the Newbie Sales Machine and gives you the ability to earn BIG passive commissions without lifting a finger!

> Hot! Future Launch Commissions
Okay so now you’re selling a quality membership product of your own, offering upsells, tagging customers with your reseller link, integrating with our backend offers on every network and getting commissioned automatically… how else can we improve the system?

Thanks to the tagging system we’ve developed, you’ll be able to earn even more commissions on new products we develop in the future. This includes evergreen webinar events, turn-key systems, monthly training programs and more. Every customer you send through the system has the opportunity to spend thousands of dollars with us through your referral links.

Whilst you’re busy selling membership access to Newbie Lessons, we’ll be busy in the background developing high ticket offers and promoting them to your customers to boost your earnings. Talk about a partnership!

> Expert Postitioning System
A truly great product will sell itself even if the reseller doesn’t know the details of the product. And this is EXACTLY what we’ve built. A product that sells itself no matter is selling it.

Whether you’ve just started your online business and looking for a worthwhile investment, or have been in the game for years and just want to add another product to your portfolio, Newbie Sales Machine will position Q as an authoritative expert.

With Newbie Sales Machine you’ll be delivering so much content upfront, we’re absolutely convinced that that a simple banner on your blog or a text link in your forum signature, or watermark on your video or a call to action on your free reports will attract the right people and get them to buy. Any newbie who is serious about learning internet marketing will jump on your offer right away… afterall you’ve offering 380+ training videos for peanuts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can you summarize what I’m getting?”

Sure! There are two main points you need to be aware of. Firstly you’re getting licensing rights to Newbie Lessons. You’ll receive your own reseller site similar to the official site This means you can sell it as your own product, collect $19.95 payments, or $37 upsell payments and sell as many membership access passes as you want and keep 100% of the profits.

Secondly, you’ll get access to the reseller’s member area where you can create your own unique Newbie Lessons membership access links. These access links will be embedded with your C|ickBank, JVZoo and Zaxaa IDs. This means any extra purchases your customer makes after they’ve bought from you will be credited to your account. This includes any product we launch to your customers in the future!

“What’s the difference between a Basic and Pro Reseller License?”

Both Basic and Pro Reseller licenses give you resell rights to Newbie Lessons. The difference is in the commissions you’ll make in the back-end through our sales funnel. With a Basic Reseller License, you’ll get credited on all C|ickBank product upgrades on products priced up to $97. With a Pro Reseller License, you’ll get credited on all C|ickBank, Zaxaa and JVZoo product upgrades on products priced up to $497. If you are on a tight budget and want to ‘test the waters‘ then we recommend you choose the Basic Reseller License. However if you want the maximum profit for both immediate and long term income, then choose the Pro Reseller License.

“I’m a complete newbie. I like the idea of this, but struggle with the techie side of things. Can you set this up for me?…”

Yes we sure can! For a small fee we’ll setup the entire system for you so everything is working correctly. This includes site setup, l-‘l’P upload, PayPal payment button creation, reseller link creation, autoresponder list creation, adding 50 emails to your autoresponder account, squeeze page setup and much more. A full break down of everything we do will be explained after checkout.

“What happens after I purchase?”

After checkout, you’ll be redirected to the reseller registration page. From there you’ll be asked to create your own unique account so you can log into our system at any time to access your purchases. An email will also be sent to you with your login details. We recommend that you do not close the window during the checkout process. If you have any issues please forward your transaction email receipt to us and we’ll provide you with your reseller access link.

“Is this for me?”

If you’ve visited the offical Newbie Lessons site, understand the product, and are convinced that it will sell… then YES this is for you. If you’re an existing customer of the Newbie Lessons and know from first hand experience what a brilliant package this is and want to become a reseller… then YES this is for you. If you’re simply looking for a turn—key system that you can start making money with and collect $19.95 and $37 payments right out of the box… then YES this is for you. If you want to add more passive revenue to your online business and let the professionals do all the back-end selling for you… then YES this is for you.

“Okay I’m ready, what do I do now?”

Great! Simply click the order button below, choose your reseller package and go through the simple checkout process. Once the payment you’ll be redirected to the reseller registration page which will take you through to the members area. From there you can create your reseller links and download your site and can start selling immediately.

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