Natural Skin Care PLR by Susan O’Dea Review : This ‘All New’ PLR Package Is Ready For You To Use As Your Own and Keep 100% of The Profits!

Natural Skin Care PLR by Susan O’Dea Review : This ‘All New’ PLR Package Is Ready For You To Use As Your Own and Keep 100% of The Profits!

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Natural Skin Care PLR is a brand new,Extraordinary, practicable and Recomended formula by Susan O’Dea, never used before, health and beauty PLR package on ‘Natural Skin Care’. This all new ‘private label rights’ content is ready for you to use and brand as your own!

People are looking everywhere for natural skin care and beauty products and natural remedies for skin health. This pack covers many natural skin care solutions and natural remedies for the skin.

This is an evergreen topic that has high monthly searches! You can brand it as your own and become an authority in your niche with this high quality content by Geoff and Susan O’Dea.

Some of the hottest health and beauty niches are those that focus on natural skin care. There are ebooks to provide you with income, reports to build your list, graphics to show yourself as an authority, and they’ll wow your readers and make them want to share on their favorite social media platforms! That means generated traffic for you! This PLR package is a highly profitable niche, so make sure you check it out!

“My customers always get quality PLR!”
I love when Geoff and Susie roll out new products to promote because I know my customers always get quality PLR.” – Kate Rieger – PLR Pump

“The content is of high quality and I’m amazed by the level of personal attention!”
“The content is of excellent quality, and can be used “straight-out-of-the-box” or shall I say unzip and publish …
I especially like how the content is written with a nice balance between authority/technical information and making the often not so obvious topics understandable to a broad audience.
This is my first experience as a customer with Master PLR, and I must say I’m beyond pleasantly surprised.
Not only is the content of high quality (which is a priority for me), but above all I’m amazed by the level of personal attention I got with helping me find solutions to a technical question.
In this industry it’s not very often that we find someone who is both knowledgeable and available with her time to answer questions and help find solutions to topics that go beyond what was offered in the package. Highly appreciated Susan. You ROCK! – Paul Ramon

“Your PLR goes beyond the mainstream health mumbo jumbo!”
“I love your plr! It goes beyond the mainstream health mumbo jumbo, to the real “facts”. It’s so nice to buy a package and not have to do major re-writing to get the facts straight.
Mostly, all I have to do is just a quick re-wording here and there to make it sound more like me, add my own intro/outro, and bang…done.
I look forward to seeing what new topics you’ll come out with, because I know they will be of great value. Thanks, Tasha” – Tasha Tymchuk

“More than just information!”
I love working with Susie and Geoff O’Dea at Master PLR. All their PLR content is well researched and high quality.
They only write about subjects they are passionate about. This means their content is written ‘to’ an audience and not written ‘for’ an audience.
It’s more than just information. It’s content that solves a problem which is why people search the Internet.
I also like that Susie and Geoff have run their own content marketing sites for over a decade. They know what content works and doesn’t work from their own experience. – Bruce Fleck – Author

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Natural Skin Care PLR Modules:

  • Module 1 – Professionally Written eBook
    ‘Beauty Obsessions – The Pleasure and The Pain’ – 5,710 words, 31 pages.
    This ebook has been professionally formatted and includes a disclaimer, an introduction, conclusion and table of contents. It is fully illustrated with royalty free, commercial use images. Brand as your own and keep 100% of the profits!
  • Module 2 – eBook Cover Graphics
    eCovers in four different styles.
    Royalty free, commercial use, no attribution required images! These eCovers are provided in both JPG and PNG formats. Plus you get the PSD file to edit the ebook and brand as your own! People do judge books by their covers…it’s a well known fact. First impressions do count, that’s why we provide you with high quality designs that make you look professional!
  • Module 3 – List Building Report
    ‘Skin Care – For All Skin Types’ – 3,430 words, 21 pages.
    Formatted, disclaimer, introduction and disclaimer added. Fully illustrated with commercial use royalty free images! You can build your list and be proud of the content you are providing for your website visitors! Giving away great information builds trust too, which is important for long term customer relationships!
  • Module 4 – Report eCover Graphics
    Again, you’ll receive beautiful eye-catching eCovers in four different styles, in JPG and PNG formats. You’ll also receive the PSD file to edit and brand as your own. Royalty free, commercial use images…safe to use!
  • Module 5 – High Quality Articles
    You’ll receive 10 well researched, well written and edited articles! The content is interesting, not all light and fluffy, so you’ll keep your readers reading, and coming back for more! It’s great to give your website visitors informative, interesting articles that provides answers to their questions…or solutions to their problems!
  • Module 6 – Social Posters
    Social posters are so popular! We’ve all shared one at some time or another…even in the health niche, it’s easy to share a good healthy tip! Plus, social posters can be used anywhere. Use them on your website, post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform…what an easy way to go viral!
  • Module 7 – Full-Size Authority Infographic
    You’ll also receive a full-size infographic! Everyone loves our infographics and you will too! Our infographics are not little images…you have to keep scrolling which keeps people on your site longer! This one measures 800px x 7,070px! We have also created 11 mini-infographics from the super-sized one for you! These become super handy extra images that you can share on your social media sites! Only the authority websites have infographics like these…now you can too!

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How Natural Skin Care PLR Can Help You!

  • Save Time
    We do all the work for you! You don’t have to create the content and sit down and write or design the graphics! How much time will that save you?
  • Starting Is Easy
    Instead of trying to be inspired to write or waiting to get things done, you can start uploading your content today!
  • Save Money
    The price you can buy this package for today, costs less than if you had just one article written for you! That’s a big saving…don’t you think!?
  • Sell Products
    All this content is ‘Private Label Rights’ content. That means you can rebrand, sell and keep 100% of the profits!
  • Show Authority
    Professional content and beautiful graphics claims your legitimacy as an expert! Your authority grows and you can dominate your niche!
  • Build Your List
    Use the reports as a free optin for building your list! These reports are beautifully formatted and ready to use!

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