Live Leap by Luke Maguire Review : FREE VIDEO This Lazy Secret Is making me a 5 figure per month income on autopilot & The EXACT Process Of How YOU can copy this exact process INSTANTLY…

Live Leap by Luke Maguire Review : FREE VIDEO This Lazy Secret Is making me a 5 figure per month income on autopilot & The EXACT Process Of How YOU can copy this exact process INSTANTLY…

Live Leap is the worlds first Facebook approved tool that takes advantage of Facebook LIVE by syndicating your live feed across your facebook profiles, groups and pages as well as your other key social networks such as twitter, linked in, your email list and even your cellular device. Live Leap is the all in 1, set & forget Facebook Live Tool the market has been waiting for. As social media marketers, we want to build dedicated followings in our niche, right? Create authority, become known as one of the “experts” in our field, and all that good stuff. So we spread the word everywhere we can. Wherever we think potential followers are online. It’s a tough job. Want to make it easier? It’s as simple as getting in front of YOUR audience, where it’s already hanging out. FB’s a start. But FB Live is where it’s REALLY at right now. Fastest growing video streaming service in the world. With engaged viewers, FB Live video streams are viewed THREE times as long as ANY other online video.

Live Leap is the world’s first and only FB Live syndication tool that takes the benefits of FB Live and puts them on steroids. It’s a social media revolution. You can now INSTANTLY syndicate your live streams to as many of your FB pages, groups and profiles as you want. Plus have the option to notify your email list, SMS subscribers AND both LinkedIn and Twitter followers any time you go live. We’re talking about getting your message in front of tens of thousands of viewers, and getting viral traffic and shares. Until now there was NO way at all to share your live feed across facebook to your business pages or groups, let alone external social networks, meaning you were only reaching a very small percentage of your market when doing your live calls. Not only that, but there is ZERO way to know how to track any live call analytics, from who attended your live call, what parts of your live stream where most engaging and where you lost viewers and most importantly no way to monetize your live calls. Live Leap removes all of these issues allowing you to syndicate your live feed across multiple social streams, track your analytics, follow up with your live viewers and most importantly monetize your calls.

The ultimate dream for any marketer is to get viral traffic. Send your message one time, then watch it literally explode all over the internet. This doesn’t happen overnight, unless you’re sharing cat memes or puppy pictures. Which don’t mean squat to most marketers. Want real viral traffic to your offers? You need to get your message in front of TARGETED visitors that will share your stuff. And FB has just made it 100 times easier, with the release of FB Live. FB Live has quickly become the fastest growing video streaming service in the world.

These videos are watched, on average, for THREE times as long as any other online video. Put your message here, and the word spreads. Fast. Tens of thousands of potential views from a SINGLE stream. With thousands of likes, comments and shares to further spread the word. Live Leap exploits the FULL potential of FB Live for you. In ways Mark Zuckerberg never could have imagined. You get all the benefits of basic FB traffic, but can know tap into your fan page and FB group page audiences.

PLUS Live Leap have the option to share on external social media platforms, email lists and even text subscribers. Set and forget technology that gets as many possible visitors to your offers, live and on demand. Recently FB opened up it’s LIVE video streaming service, and it’s the fastest growing platform of its kind on the planet. People are spending 3 TIMES as much time watching these live feeds as any other type of online video.

Which makes this the ultimate profit machine … if you know how to cash in. Got a smartphone or an internet connection? It’s all you’ll need. This software and training takes FB Live and turns it into a cash­spitting monster. The guys behind this product are the real deal. True list building and social marketing experts, and they created this to help real marketers get unreal results. Brought to you by 2 EXPERT software developers who’ve tested this thing from start to finish, and the proof is all over the page. Simply put, this is THE best way to cash in with FB starting RIGHT now.

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What Live Leap by Luke Maguire Can Do For You:

We’ve all heard it soooo many times, because it’s true: “The money is in the list”. So what’s stopping you? Confused by all the methods out there? Don’t blame you. Here’s the ONLY thing you need to know about list building. Get your offer in front of the most targeted audience you can. These are the people you want on your list, because they’re interested, engaged and will act on your offers. Where’s that audience? Good bet they’re on FB. And the hottest platform on FB right NOW? FB live: the world’s fastest growing video streaming service.

I’ll tell you right now ­ once you tap into FB Live, you can grow a targeted list faster than with ANY other method. Independent marketers and businesses all over the world are already building their lists using FB’s latest feature. With quick and simple live streaming, just sharing tips and tricks. You don’t even need to be on camera to take advantage. As great as FB Live is, it’s got some drawbacks. You can only be “live” in one place ­one FB page, group or profile at any one time. Meaning you’re missing out on potentially THOUSANDS of viewers and leads. Imagine taking the world’s top streaming service and turning into your personal list building machine. Literally tripling your audience for zero extra effort.

This brand new software Live Leap does just that. It INSTANTLY syndicates your live streams to as many of your FB groups or pages as you want. You ALSO have the option of announcing your streams to your email list and SMS subscriber base. We’re talking about the potential to reach TENS of thousands of people live. Consider how fast THAT will build your list. With Live Leap , you can include links in your streams and reach out directly to viewers. Possibilities with this are endless. Best part? The tech is SO new, there’s zero competition right now. This is YOUR chance to exploit FB and literally get it to build your list for you.

Live Leap by Luke Maguire Features:

  • Live Leap is the Worlds First FB Approved Tool to Syndicate Your Live Feed Across Facebook. The moment you go live. Live leap will post your live feed direct to you-chosen fan pages, facebook groups and profiles instantly to ensure you get the MOST viewers on live
  • Track Your Analytics and Performance. Just like webinars, people come and go. Live Leap is the first tool that shows you the most engaging parts of your live and what you can work on in future.
  • Syndicate Your Live Feed Across External Social Networks. Live Leap also integrates direct with Twitter. Linked in (snap) to ensure your external social networks can view you live.
  • 100% Set and Forget. Simply select your pages and social networks and close Live leaps, it’s as simple as that! Whenever you go live it will trigger Live Leap in the cloud and do all the work for you.
  • Worlds First Email and SMS FB LIVE Integration. The moment you go live you can have Live Leap email your entire email list letting them know you are live and the topic of conversation. They have also integrated with twillio so you can even text message your subscribers to let them know!
  • Monetize Your LIVE Calls Instantly. This software track the users who have engaged with your live calls so you can follow up with them POST steam and include strategies on how to monetize your live feed

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