LeadMagnets – 5 Affiliate Marketing Reports by Darren Ross Review : These 5 reports are not just run-of-the-mill low-quality reproduced “giveaway reports” with PLR attached

LeadMagnets – 5 Affiliate Marketing Reports by Darren Ross Review : These 5 reports are not just run-of-the-mill low-quality reproduced “giveaway reports” with PLR attached

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LeadMagnets – 5 Affiliate Marketing Reports is an Amazing product by Darren Ross. Grab These 5 affiliate marketing essentials PLR Lead magnets and Start building your list today. These 5 reports are not just run-of-the-mill low-quality reproduced “giveaway reports” with PLR attached. Each report is extremely well researched, perfectly written, and based on topics and methods that have worked for ages and will continue to work for many years to come. But that’s just the tip of the ice-berg: every single report comes with 10 modules (including the report and document for editing) that perfectly correspond to that particular report. This includes squeeze pages, download pages, high quality graphics, email swipes, social media posts, recommended affiliate products and more. All for making using these reports an absolute breeze in your business. Each one of these reports will provide the leads you distribute them to with the insight, tools, and knowledge to properly launch or improve their affiliate marketing efforts on a variety of the top platforms around.

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Product Creation Is a Headache:

  • You need to develop a fresh product or idea.
  • You need to understand HTML and other coding.
  • You need skills with graphic design (ie: Photoshop).
  • You need to research to make the product converts
  • You need to outsource a freelancer to write the book or training, create websites, design graphics, etc.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Lead Magnet #1: Facebook Marketing Launch Pad (VALUE: $397.00) – Facebook marketing itself has been around for ages now, and it’s not going anywhere. Every year they seem to push out new updates or features that change the way Facebook marketers operate. This course goes in depth to detail all of best methods for generating traffic using Facebook. The report itself is over 2,500 words and all of the tactics are fully evergreen. Meaning if Facebook changes, these methods will still be useful. This course is the best way to build a list of Facebook marketers and more.
  • Lead Magnet #2: Instagram Traffic Tyrant (VALUE: $397.00) – A lot of marketers assume that Instagram is just for pictures of food, cats, and selfies. Maybe a lot of people do use it for that, but the truth is, it’s useful for so much more. This comprehensive lead magnet course fully explores all of the best tactics and strategies for generating FREE traffic using the powerful Instagram platform. From the kind of photos you should and can post, to how to set up your captions and profile to attract the highest possible conversions with every post. Comes with over 2,500 words in length
  • Lead Magnet #3: LinkedIn Traffic Generation (VALUE: $397.00) – LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the most powerful platforms for generating professional traffic. This is the kind of traffic that listens, takes action, and can benefit your network and audience. The fact is that LinkedIn is extremely useful for not just establishing yourself as a professional but also for a brand to set up authority and build their audience. This course goes in depth to discuss all of the best, evergreen, and fully up-to-date tactics for drawing in traffic using LinkedIn.
  • Lead Magnet #4: Twitter Traffic Raceway (VALUE: $397.00) – This digital lead magnet course makes marketing on Twitter an absolute breeze for any marketer or business. It details all of the essentials for how to create attractive content to generate the most traffic, and all of the other ins and outs regarding Twitter. With this course in hand, anybody can start using Twitter to easily increase their audience, traffic, and conversions without having to stress out not knowing what to post or how to operate on the platform. This report is over 2,700 words in length.
  • Lead Magnet #5: YouTube Traffic Monster (VALUE: $397.00) – With all of the resources available nowadays for nearly anybody to create awesome videos and start video marketing for their products, brand, or business – there’s no surprise that YouTube is the ultimate weapon for video marketing. This extremely thorough lead magnet course reveals all of the best ways to attract hordes of traffic with any kind of video and for any product. It covers tips for creation, methods for marketing, and even a secret strategy to rank videos fast and high in the results.

You Can Use These Reports In So Many Ways:

  • Add your name or company name
  • Re-title to anything you want
  • Use as e-mail content for your list
  • Use as blog content for you website
  • Break apart and re-use however
  • Use each report’s info to benefit your business
  • Provide to your existing subscribers
  • Giveaway in exchange for lead
  • Re-distribute however you see fit
  • Modify the already powerful content or add to it
  • Combine with other content
  • Create a power point presentation out of them
  • Drip feed the content as e-mail series
  • Break apart and re-use however
  • Distribute as part of a Pay-Per-Lead program
  • Print out and distribute in person
  • Run ad campaigns & drive traffic to the squeeze
  • And so much more, just think about it…

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Whether you already have a list, blog or website, with subscribers or viewers, and you need new and fresh high quality content – OR – you don’t have a list or anything, and you’re just starting out. This package has what you need.

  • Top Quality Reports – Researched and written by experts that have experience in actually doing this stuff. You get a fully spell-checked grammatically proper set of 5 reports.
  • Evergreen Niche – These reports were geared to have longevity for usage. The niche is always expanding, and the content is focused on content that won’t expire.
  • Instant Authority – You don’t have to take the time to research and do any of the content creation. Slap your name on these reports & give them away like a boss.
  • In Demand Topic – Tons of people are searching for these topics daily. You can confidently use these reports 3 years down the road knowing they are still relevant.
  • Email List Builder – The focus of these reports is to build your e-mail list and establish authority and trust. Give these reports away using the provided squeeze pages.
  • Subscriber & Blog Content – Use the e-mail series provided per report to follow up with your subscribers. You can even strip the reports and use them as blog content.
  • Completely Done For You – All of the hard work is completely done for you. The research, the reports with source, high quality graphics, the squeeze & download pages, and more.
  • Full Control – You receive the document file for each report and it’s assets so that you can easily edit the contents, add your name, and do anything else you please.

LeadMagnets – 5 Affiliate Marketing Reports Bonus:

  • Bonus #1 Affiliate Marketing Coin Flip w/ Private Label Rights VALUE: $297.00
  • Bonus #2 30 Ways To Use Social Media w/ Private Label Rights VALUE: $297.00
  • Bonus #3 No Cost Online Marketing w/ Private Label Rights VALUE: $297.00
  • Bonus #4 5 Internet Marketing Myths w/ Private Label Rights VALUE: $297.00
  • Bonus #5 Affiliate Marketing Blueprint w/ Master Resell Rights VALUE: $17.00
  • Bonus #6 Ten Quote Posters w/ Editable PSD Source Files VALUE: $17.00
  • Bonus #7 32 Affiliate Programs and Products You Can Promote VALUE: $10.00
  • Bonus #8 100 Affiliate Marketing Stock Photos VALUE: $27.00
  • Bonus #9 35 Affiliate Marketing PLR Articles VALUE: $27.00
  • Bonus #10 Internet Marketing Bible w/ Master Resell Rights VALUE: $17.00

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