LeadGrab – Main License by Mark Thompson Review : Ethically “Hijack” the Traffic and Social Proof of ANY Website WITHOUT Paying $1,000’s in Advertising

LeadGrab – Main License by Mark Thompson Review : Ethically “Hijack” the Traffic and Social Proof of ANY Website WITHOUT Paying $1,000’s in Advertising

LeadGrab – Main License allows you to utilize powerfully engaging content that already exists in order to drive traffic and increase conversions of your related products/services. In other words – you get the sales without creating the content. You get the sales without spending years trying to build your brand. All You Do Is Copy – Paste – Create and Share. In less than five clicks you could be driving 10x the traffic to your sales and promotional pages while making 10x the conversions. By allowing you to take advantage of the endless sea of engaging, quality content already available on the Internet, you can spend less time agonizing over content creation, and instead concentrate on what matters – making money. How cool is this Being able to leverage a brand and trusted source like BBC and having YOUR Call-to-Action right there.

LeadGrab Add a call-to-action overlay on to anything: an authority blog or blog post, a trusted news article, a sales page, an Ecommerce or product page. You name it! By sending your visitors to a trusted piece of existing content of value. Adding your call to action front and center, you are boosting Conversions while simultaneously adding value! It’s a win, win. We all know that content is king. A recent survey also discovered that content has an influence on over 64%+ of a buyers decision on their buying decision. The problem Creating content is time consuming and costly! What I say Why does the content have to be created by you? What if you could leverage a high quality, valuable piece of content that could pre-sell your visitor to take action on YOUR offer? What if you could place a Lead Capture Form, Link or Buy Button on top of ANY content you want?

For example What if you sold an info-product on Natural Remedies to Reverse Aging? You could share an article you found about “5 rejuvenating face mask recipes” = VALUE. Add your call-to-action on this article to purchase your product = SOLUTION / SALE. This is the POWER of LeadGrab. This is the NEW form of selling. This is the NEW form of list building. This is the NEW form of online marketing.

LeadGrab allows you to leverage existing, targeting content across the web to build value, engagement and ACTION with your subscribers! Customizable Themes and Templates, Unlimited Text LeadGrabs, Exit Intent Technology, Autoresponder Email Integration, Unlimited Button LeadGrabs, GoToWebinar Integration, Detailed Campaign Performance Reports, Viral Sharing, A/B Split Testing, LeadGrab Customized Short Links, Retargeting Platform.

“Prove LeadGrab – Main License by Mark Thompson Review”



Choose from a variety of conversion-driven “LeadGrab” types.

  • Full Screen
  • Text
  • Opt-In Form
  • Button
  • Image

LeadGrab – Main License by Mark Thompson Feature

Design / Customization


Choose from a wide variety of LeadGrab themes and designs. Each design can be fully customized with your own color scheme and fonts to compliment or stand-out from the web page your visitors are on.

  • Custom Position
    Pick where you want your LeadGrab to display on the page.
  • Custom URLs
    Create a custom display URL that is branded for your domain.
  • Custom Shortlinks
    Add shortened, trackable links on your LeadGrab to make your links clean and professional.

Viral Sharing


Add social sharing options onto any of your LeadGrabs to encourage sharing and engagement on popular social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Create a pre-populated message, that can help to control what people are sharing about your LeadGrab.

(coming soon… Free Update for Charter Members)
Add each visitor who engages with your LeadGrab to retargeting platform like Facebook, Google, Fetchback, Adroll and more. Create hyper-targeted custom audiences and ads relevant to each LeadGrab created.

Exit Intent
(coming soon… Free Update for Charter Members) Capture existing traffic, by displaying a LeadGrab only when the Visitor is about to exit the page you promoted

Email Integration

Automatically add new optins/subscribers to your favorite email marketing platform.

Webinar Integration

Register visitors to an upcoming webinar.

“Prove LeadGrab – Main License by Mark Thompson Review”


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“Prove LeadGrab – Main License by Mark Thompson Review”