LeadFunnel [MAIN] by Jai Sharma & Madhav Dutta Review : Get 100% Real, Targeted Leads EFFORTLESSLY in Any Business… FOR FREE!

LeadFunnel [MAIN] by Jai Sharma & Madhav Dutta Review : Get 100% Real, Targeted Leads EFFORTLESSLY in Any Business… FOR FREE!

LeadFunnel is World’s BEST software to work on Twitter to find targeted leads, increase followers, build relationship and close sales in any niche on complete AUTOPILOT. It will search for all tweets and profiles which contain your keyword thus giving you hot targeted Leads which you can accept, add to workflow or reject. LeadFunnel will send out AUTO engaging tweets, re-tweets, follows, and message each & every prospect to push them deep inside your engagement & sales funnel. Whereas Like, Follow, Re-Tweet, Tweet will attract more followers for your tweet handle. Then Close better sales with a engaging workflow & make fan followers who click every time you share any link in tweet. Using LeadFunnel is as EASY AS 1-2-3. Step 1: Find New Leads. Step 2: Build Relationships On AUTOPILOT and Step 3: Closed Sales

You get 100% Real, Targeted Leads EFFORTLESSLY in Any Business… FOR FREE! Unlike fb where reach is limited, Your content can go viral on twitter with simple re-tweet from someone having more followers even if you are new. LeadFunnel works without you having Experience, Product, Investment or Tech Skills.

  • Save Time & Frustration
  • Stop Struggling In Paid Traffic
  • LeadFunnel Convert Lead To Client
  • 100% Real Targeted Leads
  • Drive Traffic 100% FREE
  • LeadFunnel Grow Thousands of Followers & Leads Everyday
  • Multiple Accounts Allowed
  • Set & Forget
  • Complete Hands Free Solution

I was at this marketing conference last month where Jai Sharma presented his upcoming soft LeadFunnel. I thought of you (my subscribers) and missed you all. This is wonderful software which you need to get more leads in business. Traffic is Core of any business… It is blood to anybody’s business. You don’t need just any type of traffic but Targeted Traffic which converts. Your all lead generation, profits depend on amount & type of traffic inflow. Everyone need quick, targeted traffic for their business growth. But getting traffic is not that easy as it sounds

8 out of 10 business fail due to traffic draught. People waste time, money & efforts on multiple platforms. Paid traffic require lot of experience to bring good results. It’s hard to get results from FREE traffic now days. Process of getting good traffic is brutal & full of struggle for newbies. My close friend Jai Sharma (Top Jvzoo Vendor) with Madhav (no 1 Elance Vendor) made system so strong that it will put full stop to your struggle. Smart software which search for all tweets and profiles contain your keyword on Twitter thus giving you hot targeted Leads which you can accept, add to sales auto workflow or reject.

  • LeadFunnel Search By Keyword, Hashtag or Prospect Profile
  • Filter Leads with a Single Click
  • LeadFunnel Auto Updation of leads record. i.e: email, phone no additions
  • Auto Workflow to engage with leads
  • More Exposure & Traffic
  • LeadFunnel Build Relations
  • Message Leads
  • Email Leads with SMTP integrations
  • LeadFunnel Make Unlimited Twitter List
  • Get Latest Trends
  • To Do List

This is last time you’ll see LeadFunnel at this price in market. LeadFunnel will close permanently at midnight with opening again but 5X price. This is final call. Apart from 15 days refund policy, If you don’t get results in 60 days Makers will pay you DOUBLE of your purchase. This makes it risk free for you to try LeadFunnel.

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LeadFunnel [MAIN] Features

  • Single Tweeter Account In Top Niche Can Make You 5-6 Figures Easily. Search for trendy keyword and let LeadFunnel do the rest to find targeted users who take action on every offer or promotion you send out and they will generate a good income on complete autopilot.
  • LeadFunnel Search By Keyword, Hashtag Or Prospect Profile. Use keywords, hashtags or professionals profile as per your criteria to search for targeted lead. Set it once and forget it.
  • Filter Leads With A Single Click. Sort through the leads to accept, add to automatic workflow or reject.
  • LeadFunnel will auto update leads with their direct phone numbers, email addresses, and several other key data points.
  • Workflow will send out auto tweets, follows, re-tweet, message to leads and more.
  • Get More Exposure & Traffic. More Followers, Like, Engagement & Re-tweets On Tweeting High Converting Viral Post Of Past
  • LeadFunnel Build Relations. Direct Message and start to build rapport with your client.
  • Close Sales. Close More Sales with a engaging workflow & make followers who become recurring buyer.

What Leadfunnel Can Do For You

  • LeadFunnel Membership. Best software in world to find targeted leads from twitter in any niche or business.
  • Complete Video Training. Although Lead Funnel is simple yet they have made step by step training to make you well versed with tool and all features inside it. Within 10-15 min, You’ll handle LeadFunnel like pro having full control.
  • 24/7 Support Staff. Got question to ask? For any query, problem, question, Get in touch with their friendly support staff who resolve all your problems instantly.
  • Work Flow Pipelines. It will help you track latest status of lead in your sales funnel and you can simple drag lead from one pipeline to other as lead move deep inside your funnel.
  • Intelligent Lead Tracker Bot. This is most advanced and easiest search functionality to find you targeted lead based on your keyword, tags and prospect profile criteria to match your requirement. LeadFunnel Tracker will analyze tweet of lead and it will only show you leads who’s tweet sound like requirement or emotional quotation which is positive. It will not add any negative or any random lead who by mistake used that particular keyword in tweet.
  • Full Detail About Targeted Lead. LeadFunnel will have full information about each prospect and client of yours to ensure you communicate with them in fastest & best way possible. Imagine they finding person who solve their issue immediately after the tweet about their issue/requirement or interest. To make sure they don’t miss your message, they’ll give you chance to connect, communicate with your lead through multiple channels.

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LeadFunnel [MAIN] Bonus



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