Lazy Girl Lifestyle by Sue Fleckenstein Review : How You Can Make Money Off This Niche That’s Attracting 1,000’s of Pinterest Users

Lazy Girl Lifestyle by Sue Fleckenstein Review : How You Can Make Money Off This Niche That’s Attracting 1,000’s of Pinterest Users

Lazy Girl Lifestyle is a very good product by Sue Fleckenstein. How You Can Make Money Off This Niche That’s Attracting 1,000’s of Pinterest Users. Get Your Hands on This Very Limited Brand NEW Special Private Label Rights Special Offer Why be an affiliate and give your buyers away to a non-grateful vendor when you can own an asset in an evergreen, never go out of style niche like Health & Beauty, customer’s will keep buying from you again and again. They are going to thank you when you show them this awesome twist on an evergreen product. Simply add your name to it and keep all the profits. One of the hidden gems to this niche is that the content is on Pinterest. Pinterest is a huge search engine that can help you find great content and can help you find customers for your products!

“Winding Up Work – Fit After 50 is the first PLR package of Sue’s that I’ve had a chance to review. I’m very impressed! The ebook, articles and reviews read well, and are structured so editing them to suit your needs is a snap. Add to this a complete package of graphics, videos, keywords, sales page, tweets and so much more, and you have everything you need to get off to a good start in this market. I’ll definitely be checking out for my future PLR needs. Nice work, Sue!” ~ Mitch

“I used to buy a lot of PLR. I thought all PLR contained the magic content I needed to get my Blog going. I also thought all PLR would provide that much-needed shortcut to e-mailing my lists. I was wrong. The first error I made was thinking all PLR was well written. I wasted a lot of money on junk PLR. My second error was thinking what I bought was ready to use. That’s not the right way to make the most of PLR, but I don’t want to have to struggle to put what I buy to use, either. Now, I only buy PLR from a few trusted sources, and is one of the very few sources I trust to deliver the kind of content I can put to use. What sets apart? Well, the quality of the writing is at the top of the list. I can take the information I get, put my own spin on it, and turn it into content that’s relevant to my audience. I don’t have to worry about wading though confusing words and phrases that scream POOR WRITING or UNRELIABLE INFORMATION. The variety of content provided by is also a plus. I can use the text, but there are also Power Point slides included, so I can switch things up really fast. With a few alterations to make the content my own, I can have a Webinar or video ready to go. If you’re looking for PLR that delivers quality content in ways that make real sense to you and your business, I recommend you give a try. You’ll be putting your money and the content to great use in no time at all! Thanks for the great work, Sue!” ~ Shawn Hansen

“Sue at BuyPLRToday provides quality PLR products for bloggers and writers of article and e-books. Unlike some PLRs in the market that are poorly written and lacking in substance the PLRs from BuyPLRToday provide a good starting point for writers creating products in a broad range of subjects. I have found the yoga and health articles particularly useful in preparing future blog posts, articles and e-book for my very new yoga site. Thanks Sue.” ~ Mitch

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Lazy Girl Lifestyle Here’s What You Get:

  • Main Report – Lazy Girl Lifestyle
    Report – 17 Pages, 4,700 words formatted ready to add your own links and name too!
  • Editable Ecovers Included!
  • 5 Blog Posts
    – 5 Ways to Save Time Putting on Your Makeup Each Day – Words 528
    – Easy Braids For Cute Hairstyles – Words 520
    -Ideas For How to Get in Your 10,000 Steps – Words 502
    – Motivational Fitness Challenges to do With Your Friends – Words 542
    – Multi-Task While Watching TV – Words 554
  • Product Reviews
    – EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers – Words 533
    – Fresh Fusions Water Infuser Bottle – Words 553
    – Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, Black, Large – Words 507
    – Spiralizer Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer – Words 513
  • Product Review Videos
    – Reviews turned into videos
    – Ready to Use MP4 Videos
    – Embed onto your site
    – Add a call to action using your affiliate links
    All Videos come with a suggested Optimized Listing for YouTube with Tag recommendations
  • Report Turned into Slides
    Use as webinar content, upload to slide sharing sites
  • Video to help Promote the Report
    Includes Editable Files & Music Track
    Animations & Transitions Are Set Up for You
  • Promotional Video Tips
    – 4 Short Videos
    – Each one includes quick tips
    – Two videos with health tips
    – Two videos with beauty tips
    – Use on social media or your blog
    – Comes in ready to use MP4 format only
  • Royalty Free Images
  • Pinterest Tip Sheet
    My tips for how to improve your Pinterest marketing and gain more followers for your more boards
    Bonus Plugins
    – Dupe Exam Plugin – helps you check your rewrite %
    – Easy Sales Pages – create your own sales pages inside WordPressBonus Keywords
    – 390 Related KeywordsSales Button Graphics
    – Use on your sales pages

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How You Can Enter the Lazy Girl Lifestyle Market:

  • Easily position yourself as an authority in this niche
  • Create a content rich blog – just use the contents of this package
  • Create newsletters/reports on this topic
  • Start a Lazy Girl Lifestyle Monthly Club and post tips, recipes, coupons & more
  • Set up a Facebook or Google+ group or Page
  • Create a Pinterest Board
  • Promote Lazy Girl Lifestyle related products

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