Kickstart Survey by marklyford Review : SaaS Based Survey software allowing you to build massive lists

Kickstart Survey by marklyford Review : SaaS Based Survey software allowing you to build massive lists

Kickstart Survey is a cloud based software that will overlay a survey on top of any link, whether from CNN, FOX, BBC, Economist, Oprah, or anywhere else online. No installation, no configuration, cloud based and ready to start working for you in seconds. Get Kickstart Survey Today. A Unique Way To Build Your List and Sell To Them. Kickstart Survey has levelled the playing field by letting you easily create, customize and overlay highly professional surveys on any website you choose.

This software is built and works in the cloud, so it works on any system mac and pc. Remember, 42% of businesses fail because they don’t carry out proper market research. Kickstart Survey allows you to: Quickly harvest the richest marketing data on the web, Build a highly segmented list of subscribers, Leverage the top media authorities and influencers marketing and branding campaigns to “piggyback” on.

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9 Kickstart Survey Features To Make Your Business Boom :

  • Fully Customizable Overlays: Create professional overlays to place on any site you want to pull authority, market data and leads from.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive: Kickstart Survey displays beautifully on mobile devices for maximum market penetration.
  • Video Features: Kickstart Survey gives you the ability to overlay video as well as regular text to encourage even greater participation, attention and lead acquisition.
  • Smart Segmentation: Automatically segment your leads based on survey answers.
  • Retargeting: Drop a retargeting pixel into your survey and build a powerful retargeting list of all your survey users.
  • Backend CRM: Manage your new leads and contacts based on actions, social data and more with Kickstart Survey’s built in CRM.
  • Viral Sharing: All overlays are built to go viral by encouraging users to share your link once the survey is completed.
  • API integration: Kickstart Survey has seamless API integration with most autoresponders to make lead management, segmentation and list building easy.
  • Web-Based Platform: Kickstart Survey is an entirely web-based system. The whole platform can be accessed from a single dashboard and you won’t need to be updating plugins every 2 days.

Kickstart Survey allows you to:

  • Quickly harvest the richest marketing data on the web.
  • Build a highly segmented list of subscribers.
  • Leverage the top media authorities and influencers marketing and branding campaigns to “piggyback” on…
  • Retarget anyone that sees your survey, allowing you to remarket to them over and over again!
  • Create a storehouse of key social data on every one of your future customers…
  • And So Much More…

You’re Not Guessing At Any Stage!

  • You’ve leveraged the FREE TRAFFIC of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with an article you know will get shared
  • You’ve leveraged the trust and reputation of global brands like the Economist and Entrepreneur.
  • You’ve leveraged the attention and borrowed the authority of global celebrities like Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins
  • You’ve turned it all into valuable market data, which tells you precisely what your market desires most.
  • You’ve got a list of subscribers (and future customers) by using your survey as a lead capture tool.
  • Plus, because you’re only using content that is “already viral” people will feel better about sharing it (People love to share articles that have already been shared by hundreds and even thousands of people)
  • And that’s not all

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Kickstart Survey helps you:

  • Harness the massive FREE traffic pulled in by the world’s biggest social networks to share your surveys.
  • Easily build and segment a list of pre-qualified super-targeted subscribers.
  • Profit from the huge trust and authority of global brands, celebrities and leading authorities in your niche.
  • Remove all the reckless guesswork from your marketing and build your business on solid foundations, by truly understanding your customers needs, desires and biggest obstacles.
  • Use “already viral” articles to spread your surveys like wildfire (instead of slaving away on your own content for days with no idea if they’ll get shared or not).
  • Acquire essential market data from a highly trusting, highly targeted and highly responsive market segment…and turn them into new subscribers on the spot.
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Kickstart Survey Is Fast, Easy And Is 100% Legal To Use!

Here’s how it works:

  • Find a hugely popular article or website you want to share.
  • Share your special link via email, Facebook, twitter, forums etc.
  • Customize your survey overlay using the simple editor.
  • Watch as each new lead brings with it a wealth of valuable market data.

The Combined Power Of The Survey Overlays, The Backend CRM And Kickstart Survey Viral Sharing Features Are Truly Staggering.

  • Share On Other Sites
    – You can share your survey on other people’s site. That includes major media and influencer in any industry.
    – Just add the sites link into our unique sharing technology and our software will create a special sharing link.
    – That link will show the other site BUT you now have the survey you created right there on the site.
    – Imagine how powerful that is, sharing your survey on some of the worlds biggest sites and use their authority.
  • Your Own Unique Url
    – Kickstart Survey also has its own sharing URL, add your survey and Kickstart Survey gives you your own unique URL for the survey.
    – This can be shared on social media sites, as traffic links and much more.
    – That means all of you links visitors and user stats are tracked.
    – You can track all results from every link you create!
  • Embed On WordPress
    – You can embed your survey directly inside your WordPress site, all you need to do is grab the code and embed it on to the WordPress page.
    – You don’t need to send your visitors anywhere else, the survey is right there on your WordPress page and they never leave your site while filling in the information.
    – Surveys are a very simple and easy way to segment your audience for tighter marketing messages and promotions!

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