KD PP to BBQK to FM by Kyriiahn Review : There’s an Easy NEW (No Cost) Way to Make YOUR Book a PAPERBACK! (and Make More MONEY….)

KD PP to BBQK to FM by Kyriiahn Review : There’s an Easy NEW (No Cost) Way to Make YOUR Book a PAPERBACK! (and Make More MONEY….)

KD Paperback Profits s a deep dive guide into Amazon’s newest publishing platform, which lets anyone with a KDP account expand their business into paperback – all from inside their KDP dashboard.

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With this guide you can:

  • Easily create paperback versions of your existing Kindle books – No more confusing systems on multiple websites – one simple process.
  • Make more profits from your existing content – no extra writing required – Twice the profit potential from the same books!
  • Not have to create any extra accounts, or fill in any extra confusing paperwork – You won’t need to open other accounts, on multiple websites, or fill in that horrible tax paperwork all over the place – it all simple.
  • Manage all of your books in the one convenient place – One dashboard, one set of paperwork, one account – all of your books.
  • Get your paperback books in front of new markets – which are not accessible any other way! – Sell your paperbacks to people all over the world – including some countries you can’t sell to any other way but this!
  • Look more professional to your readers (and get more sales…) – Readers buy from authors they respect – and you look more professional and important when your book is available in paperback as well as on Kindle!

Look at What YOU Have to Gain!

If the thought of doing paperbacks has been confusing, frustrating, downright scary – all too hard……That changes now…

  • Easier Paperback Publishing – Easier than any other way – quick and simple upload process.
  • More Money – Another version of your book – to earn you more, without you having to write more…
  • Easier Management of Your Books – All in the one place – easy to see exactly what you have, and where its selling.
  • More Marketplaces to Sell In – Multiple Amazon sites will sell your paperback book – including sites where that has never before been possible!
  • Enhanced Authority as an Author – Your book being available in paperback as well as for Kindle will enhance your professional appearance, and give buyers more confidence in the quality of your books.
  • Less Accounts and Paperwork – No need for separate accounts on multiple sites, and all the paperwork that

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What’s in KD Paperback Profits? Here’s an overview of what this training covers:

  • Not Just the “What to do….” but a FULL Walk-through of How to do It! – Unlike all those training products you’ve bought…. that you couldn’t work out how to implement…… this training takes you through EXACTLY how to use this publishing patform – step by step – in detail, with screen shots at each step….Everything you need to act today – and open up your account to more book royalties, without having to create another book…
  • NO LOCATION RESTRICTIONS! – It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you’ve got an
  • This is the simplest way to take your book to paperback – and get paid easily! – If you’ve tried to expand your publishing before, and you’re outside the USA, you’ve probably run into a few challenges – like not being able to open an account at all, or only being able to get paid by check – after a long delay. This new platform avoids all that – if you’ve got a KDP account, you can use this, and get paid the same way you do for your Kindle book sales! Simple, easy – more money in your bank account, faster, with less fees.mazon account, you can use this platform!

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