Internet Marketing Clinic by Omar & Melinda Martin Review : This special training replay will be taken down when the timer hits zero

Internet Marketing Clinic by Omar & Melinda Martin Review : This special training replay will be taken down when the timer hits zero

Hello and thank you for stopping my Review ! Here you will find Powerful tools, Marketing courses, plugins and many Internet Marketing Softwares tested by me, Tim Walker, creator of this product review blog.

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Internet Marketing Clinic is Best Internet Marketing Training To Take Your Internet Marketing From Flatline To Fortune. These are actionable lessons that include both practical demonstrations and didactic training on the fastest and most reliable methods that we use today in our own business. The session recordings are available in the members area along with verbatim PDF transcripts and other accompanying material within 24 hours of each live class. Each module includes additional study material including slides and checklists. We include a 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation and there are also several bonus “mini-classes” on topics relevant to the clinics in case the student wants extra help. No Techy Skills Or Experience, Required These 4 Critical Things Changed My Life And They Can Work For You Too. Read On To Learn How This Hisband & Wife Cracked The Code To Earn Over $6.5 Million Online!. It All Came Down To These 4 Vital Things: TRAFFIC, A constant stream of targeted action takers to all of your websites. LIST BUILDING, A large, responsive database of highly engaged subscribers.

Now listen, you may THINK you’re doing these right but if you aren’t getting the results you want, if you are not making the money you want then I PROMISE you that you’re doing these wrong in one way or another. Melinda and I started focussing in these key areas and things turned around. We got better and better. NOT INSTANTLY. It took time, after a year and a half I was able to quit my sales manager job at the Pest Control company and shortly after that Melinda quit her job too. As the months passed we got better and better. We focused on the RIGHT WAYS to drive TRAFFIC which finally brought in targeted buyers. We created repeatable systems and checklists that helped us grow a responsive SUBSCRIBER LIST. We mastered the sneaky techniques of CONVERTING people into action takers on all sorts of web pages. And once we got this all down pat, we duplicated it over and over again to SCALE UP the business. Fast forward to now and we have a 7 figure online business.

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Internet Marketing Clinic Features:

  • Traffic Driving Clinic
    *The 3 most effective ways you can get traffic that will WANT to buy. (This will practically guarantee that you always have a stream of targeted buyers.)
    *The fastest way to get clicks and start seeing measurable results. (You’ll save precious time and countless headaches with this one method.)
    *The “poor mans guide” to paid traffic (You’ll finally learn some easy and cost effective ways to tap into PPC)
    *Tactful ways to get other marketers to send you their buyers (This one has been staring you in the face and you won’t believe how easy it is. )
  • List Building Clinic
    *A fool-proof viral strategy that builds your lists on autopilot (You’re finally going to leverage the REAL power of attraction to get new leads.)
    *Social media list tactics that’ll make you wanna slap the person next to you. (These are so easy to do that you can get your whole family involved.)
    *The 7 guaranteed ways to increase your opt-in rates and delivery rates (These are PURE GOLD and we can probably make a whole course on them.)
    *Emailing tricks and strategies that actually GROW your list (You’ve probably been scared shitless of this one and I’m gonna show you how EASY and profitable it is.)
  • Conversion Clinic
    *The four hypnotic factors that practically FORCE people to buy. (Now you’ll be able to get people to take action FAST and create repeat loyal customers.)
    *High performance AFFILIATE conversion tactics that bank over $700 daily. (You’ve been leaving so many commissions on the table and we’re gonna show you how to snatch’em up.)
    *Our 5 secret backend methods for converting low ticket buyers into $10k, $18k, and even $32k customers (Now you’ll be tapping into the BIG ticket sales that are made behind the scenes.)
    *And many more conversion tips used by experts to create repeat business!
  • Scaling Clinic
    *Time saving way to grow the sales side of your business with a FREE app. (This is our secreat weapon for quickly repeating succesful campaigns over and over!)
    *The keys to managing big projects without losing your mind (When you learn this method you’ll be able to build multiple products and launches at one time!)
    *The exact tools that can automate your income on a shoestring budget. (Take a look behind the curtain and see the time saving and duplication tools and plugins we use ourselves!)
    *The trick to winning bigger and bigger launch contests and making evergreen commissions (This one will OPEN YOUR EYES and make you re-think your whole affiliate game!)

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See Testimonials:

  • “I am Gary Watson from the UK and have now been a member of My Unfair Advantage since 24 January 2014. I have this saying “A weekly dose of Omar keeps procrastination away!” Hence why I log in religiously on a weekly basis from the UK at 2am to see what he has to share this week. To me MUA Webinars has become a weekly family event I hate to miss. I love Omar’s presentation, and his NO BS way in geeing us all up, keeping us on track. MUA is definitely a membership that I will NEVER NOT have in my toolbox. Get on board you will NEVER regret it!” – Gary Watson
  • “My take on My Unfair Advantage… MUA simply rocks! This is one of the most robust membership sites & full-blown marketing resources out there. It provides you with every tool you’ll possibly need, plus a chance to interact with Omar personally in his weekly webinars. Until you attend one of Omar’s weekly webinars, you haven’t experienced anything as of yet. Omar is an incredible marketer & master motivator. His wife Melinda Martin is always on the calls as well, adding in her expertise & charm. MUA is such an incredible, feature & benefit-rich membership site. MUA receives my highest recommendations.” – George Nieves
  • “I’m long time MUA member Zora Blume, coming at you from the lone star state of Texas. My Unfair Advantage is ‘the place to be’, my friend! It’s like having a library, a college, and a university of higher learning at your beck and call. MUA was my island in the sea of undetermined directions. I find the training very valuable, but some of the best ‘ah ha ‘ moments are before the webinar training in the ‘house keeping’ session and the Q&A session after the webinar training is done. I highly recommend Omar and Melinda’s MUA. It is truly everything you’ve been searching for in ‘internet marketing know how’. Your search is done! Come join the MUA family!” – Zora Blume

Internet Marketing Clinic Bonus:

  • New IM Clinic Members Will Also Get Unlimited VIP Access To My Unfair Advantage – You are an action taker and that’s why I want to LITERALLY give you My Unfair Advantage. My most successful customers are taking action on this page and being accelerated right to the profits!
  • LIVE WEEKLY COACHING – The most unique, engaging and informative training webinars on the web take place LIVE every Thursday at 9:00 PM Est. These PRIVATE episodes are between 2-4 hours of PURE CONTENT with new topics and questions answered weekly!
  • LIVE PRIVATE SIMULCAST – You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the room next to us as we broadcast our weekly webinar LIVE to our member audience. This is where you get the behind the scenes learning as we cover weekly housekeeping and trending topics.
  • THE MUA COACHING ARCHIVES – You’ll never miss a minute of the weekly coaching because each episode is immediately stored in our training vault for easy access later. You can attend live or watch the replay at any time. These archives go way back to April of 2010!
  • PEER TO PEER SUPPORT SYSTEM – You’ll NEVER build your business alone again with access to our private group because MUA is a tightly knit family of successful marketers and online entrepreneurs just like YOU. Our group is AWESOME and we love to help each other!

Plus, You Will Get Instant Access To ALL Of These Additional BONUS Training Courses:

  • STEP BY STEP PRODUCT CREATION – This course will teach you how to create a digital information product from scratch. Look over Omar’s shoulder as he creates a product and sales process right on your screen in a matter of hours!
  • KICK ASS SALES PAGES – “Marketing” just isn’t enough, you MUST learn how to sell and thats done online with SALES PAGES. In this course Omar teaches you the exact ways to sell different types of products to various types of audiences. You” love his sales templates!
  • LAUNCH SUPERSTAR & AFFILIATE SUPERSTAR – Join Omar, Melinda and the OWNERS OF JVZOO in a series of 6 videos that will uncover the secret tips and tricks used by millionaire marketers to make BANK on JVZoo through both Product Launching AND Affiliate Marketing!
  • LIST BOLT – Learn the techniques Omar uses to create audiences and build subscriber lists. Just ONE tactic revealed in this video can add hundreds of subscribers to your list THIS WEEK. Watch the video and download all the resources from this training course,
  • MEMBERSHIP SITE MINI COURSE – You’ll be blown away when you see how easy it is to create a recurring income with membership sites. These step by step videos will make you an expert at creating password protected membership sites with WordPress!

Here’s What You Get When You Join Today:

  • VIP Access To All Four (4) Internet Marketing Clinics
  • Downloadable PDF Transcription Of Each IM Clinic
  • Downloadable Video Version Of Each IM Clinic
  • World Class VIP Support Via The HLS HelpDesk

Plus These Awesome Limited Time Bonuses:

  • MyUnfairAdvantage LIVE Weekly Training Webinars
  • MyUnfairAdvantage Webinar Archive Unlimited Access

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