InstaViral 2 by Cyril Gupta Review : You Need The Tool That Will BOOST Your Traffic

InstaViral 2 by Cyril Gupta Review : You Need The Tool That Will BOOST Your Traffic

InstaViral 2 by Cyril Gupta is Powerful Viral Traffic Software, Automated Social Media Tool To Unleash Viral Traffic On Complete Autopilot And Also Get You Building Very High Quality, High Domain Authority Backlinks That Will Help You Rank Higher And Higher Over Time. In fact, Viral Images have made millionaires out of a lot o website owner, such as: Buzzefeed ($1,5 Billion), Upworthy ($200 Million), Viralnova ($100 Million), Zergnet ($100 Million) And many more. These are just the top few broad niche viral image sites! Apart from these there are thousands of smaller, more targeted sites that are pulling in anything between thousands to tens of thousands of dollars every month from the free traffic they get from viral images. That’s how successful Viral Images can be to drive traffic. This new & Improved software gets you all the free traffic from Google & 14 other social media, web 2 and web 3 properties in just a few clicks. With this formula you never stress about traffic again. NO MORE need to spend all your savings on Facebook and Google ads. NO MORE spending weeks building backlinks and still not ranking. NO MORE staying up late in the nights posting on social media accounts in the hopes of getting some traffic. NO MORE useless and expensive consultations with SEO companies that deliver nothing. NO MORE worrying about all the money that you’ve pumped in your site and got no result. NO MORE needing to invest all your free time trying to learn tech mumbo-jumbo. NO MORE spending all your money on VAs and team members to get things done. Now traffic will always be on 100% autopilot. All the images are original, and there’s no violation of copyright or any other rule. If you want you can set it up to work 100% on the auto, or you can choose to schedule posts, or even post images manually by one click to all social media sites. Because it gets you traffic and backlinks from very high quality, high domain authority sites. It’ll help you rank faster.

InstaViral will help you create highly viral images and share them on top social networks automatically. InstaViral is aimed to minimize the online marketing costs and maximise the results with the help of creative marketing combined with automation. IMAGINE getting FREE TRAFFIC from not one but 15 high-traffic social, blogging and image sharing sites. IMAGINE getting a big pile of high domain authority backlinks to your site. IMAGINE getting unlimited and 100% automated fresh content every day for your accounts. IMAGINE never having to log into any website to post content manually. IMAGINE getting 1000s of fresh visitors every day. IMAGINE not having to buy or learn expensive tools like Photoshop to create high quality viral images. IMAGINE getting your message spread all over the web with in less than a minute instead of many hours. InstaViral absolutely give you all of these. With just few clicks and less than 5 minutes! That’s all it will take to drive traffic to your site forever. It is Viral Images. Images are the most shared content on every social media site. Images go viral easily as people just spend one moment looking and click that share button. A single image may end up getting hundreds or thousands or even millions of shares. 80% OF SHARED CONTENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES ARE IMAGES.

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InstaViral 2 by Cyril Gupta Benefit:

  • Fully cloud based software. No installation or setup needed.
  • Drive FREE traffic from 15 social media networks
  • Get 1000s of High PR backlinks to any website.
  • 1-CLICK Syndicates your content to all 15 social sites.
  • Creates Viral images on 100% Autopilot & Syndicates them, also on auto.
  • Newbie Friendly. Fully Tested – No tech skills required.
  • Every Online Marketer on the planet needs this.

Here are the features that make InstaViral the Top Traffic Tool of 2016:

#100% Automated ViralImage Creation


  • Just set up InstaViral once and enter all your social media accounts.
  • InstaViral will then work forever in the background, posting with unfailing regularity to your social media and making sure you get traffic every single day.

#Unlimited ViralImages, forever


  • You can set up InstaViral as many fresh images as you want and post at the regularity you specify.
  • Now your social media accounts will never run out of content, or force you to create content manually ever again.

#Powerful Integrated Quotes Database


  • InstaViral has a powerful and huge in-built database of quotes.
  • You will find quotes on every topic and subject. Just type in a keyword and get hundreds of quotes on anything.
  • Coupled with automation, InstaViral makes sure your content is always fresh and appealing.

#Share Across 15 sites with 1-click


  • Support for the 15 top traffic sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Mobypic and so many more.
  • We wanted to make sharing as simple and easy as possible so we reducted it to 1-click.
  • Share across multiple networks or all networks, even across multiple account. All with just one click.

#100s of ready templates to modify


  • Get started quickly with 100s of readymade templates, image components and effects that you can use from right within InstaViral.
  • Create powerful looking images without wasting time trawling the internet for resources.

#Powerful Image Editing & filters


  • Instaviral’s online image editor is ultra-powerful with advanced features like text-styling, rotation and skewing,
  • image modification and 10 Instagram-style image filters
  • that you can use on your images to make them look amazing

#100% Automated image creating & posting


  • How much time would it take if you needed to post on over 50 social media accounts spread over 15 websites manually? with InstaViral it’s 100% Automated.
  • Just set it up once and then Instaviral will not only created the images on the auto,
  • it will use valid API programming to securely post all images to social media accounts on full autopilot.

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#Perpectly Optimized for SEO


  • All the images posted to social media networks are 100% SEO Optimized for InstaViral
  • to get you the best possible ranking on Google and also on many search engines including Google Image Search.
  • get tons of new visitors to your website through SEO,
  • plus organic increase in your social media likes and fans without doing the impossible work of optimizing every image

#Create 1000s of images in one go


  • You can create thousands of images in one go by using a CSV file containing the data you want to use.
  • Upload the CSV file using the import feature of InstaViral and get 1000s of Viral Images in a matter of seconds.
  • You will never need to create images manually.

#Support for Scheduling


  • Want your viral images to appear only at specific times? No problems.
  • InstaViral can handle that.
  • Just scheduled the images according to your preferred times and InstaViral will post the images at those hours only.
  • InstaViral will keep working like clockwork even while you’re at vacation, out in the bar with your friends or spending time with your kids.

Simple Step Inside InstaViral:

  • Step 1 – Create a viral image using this software (100s of templates to select from)
  • Step 2 – Share viral images on over 15 high traffic websites with one click
  • Step 3 – Boom. Now just watch the traffic pour in like a tidal wave

InstaViral 2 by Cyril Gupta Bonuses:



  • Create A Profitable E-Commerce Business ($47 Value) – Mega e-commerce marketing cource with 82 video lessons teaches you everything about creating a super e-commerce dropshipping business.
  • WP Imagery ($27 Value) – Edit any image right inside WordPress. Add effects, composite images, and create jazzy images for your blog.
  • Tube Chimp Jeet ($17 Value) – Get the best keywords for any video that you put online on YouTube. The real keyword market intelligence tool.

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