Instant PLR Tutorials by David Perdew Review : How to Effortlessly Create Your Own Info Products You Can Sell

Instant PLR Tutorials by David Perdew Review : How to Effortlessly Create Your Own Info Products You Can Sell

Instant PLR Tutorials is Sell These 41 In Demand Internet Marketing Tutorials Even If You Never Created Any Info Product Before. Here’s How to Effortlessly Create Your Own Info Products You Can Sell. It is To People Who Want To Create Content But Can’t Get Started. There are three steps you need to take if you want to master your online business. These three steps include: 1. Build your email list, 2. Create information products, 3. Establish joint venture and affiliate relationships. Today we are offering you access to 41 video tutorials in the very niche that we have made millions of dollars in sales from! This is the power of Private Label Rights (PLR) content! This is content that you have the rights to modify and sell as your own for 100% profits, use in your membership sites, use as bonuses to paid products, or use as bonuses for affiliate promotions to increase your profits!

Paul has a confession to make. He is addicted to finding quality PLR material that he can rebrand, and use in his own products or marketing materials!If you are anything like him, then you should always be on the lookout for new quality PLR content you can leverage, and ways to shortcut your product creation process. When we put this offer together for you we wanted it to be a package that we would all jump at ourselves. On this very offer you are getting access to 4 complete tutorial sets that you can sell as your own, use as bonuses to your other products, or use in your membership sites and more!

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Introducing Instant PLR Tutorials or What We Like To Call Them “Lessons In Under 3 Minutes”

Today you are about to gain access to 41 video tutorials that are all under 3 minutes each so they are easy to digest for your customers! You are getting 4 complete products here.

  • Introducing PLR Tutorial Set #1: Make The Most of YouTube (14 Videos)
    As you know full well video is a hot topic online, especially YouTube training. People want to know how to use YouTube to grow their business.
    -Discover how to setup your channel the right way!
    -See video 6 to discover YouTube’s Creator Studio and how to use it!
    -At last! Learn how to edit videos from your YouTube account!
    -Uncover the exact process to increase engagement with your videos through annotation in video 11!
    -You’ll find out how YouTube monetization works so you can profit from your videos!
    -Plus much more is covered including effective YouTube analytics!
  • Introducing PLR Tutorial Set #2: Discover Camtasia (9 Videos)
    Learning how to create screen capture videos is a trait almost any online marketer should know! With Camtasia you can create info products, videos for YouTube, videos that allow you to build your list, and much more!
    You will uncover how to save time and create professional videos with screen capture video software!
    -Learn how to start recording your first video with Camtasia!
    -Uncover editing basics of Camtasia!
    -Use these tips in video #4 to create attention grabbing callouts!
    -You can’t afford to miss the effectiveness of video 6!
    -Video 7 uncovers how to adjust the audio in Camtasia so you can boost the professional quality of your screen capture videos!
    -Plus much more including how to produce and share your video like a pro!
  • Introducing PLR Tutorial Set #3: Exposing Freemind (11 Videos)
    Mindmapping is such an important part of an effective online business strategy. David Perdew actualy mind mapped the entire seven figure business model for Nams, Inc. using this amazing free tool! You need to learn how to use it as it will help you mindmap your info products, key articles, books, and more.
    -Video 1 gives you an in depth overview of Freemind so you can start effectively using it in your online business.
    -Inside videos 2 and 3 you will learn how to use the menu bar feature!
    -Once you master the power of inserting a tab (videos 4 and 5) you will be an unstoppable force!
    -Uncover how to format in Freemind so you can have it work just for you!
    -Plus everything else you need to be a Freemind expert!
  • Introducing PLR Tutorial Set #4: Using LastPass (7 Videos)
    One of the biggest frustrations many people face online is not being able to remember their login details for all their profiles online including social media, blogs, article sites, membership sites, and more. We all know as Internet marketers we need an effective solution to remember our logins. That tool is LastPass! Make sure you never forget a password again with this tool!
    -Uncover the magnificent time-saving features of LastPass!
    -Learn what “The Vault” is inside of LastPass!
    -Videos 3 and 4 will show you all the settings you need!
    -Use LastPass with your business partnerships or with your VA with what you learn inside of video #6!
    -Plus much more!

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6 Creative Ways To Monetize This PLR Content

  • Sell each product for $10 to $27 and use others as an upsell!
  • Use these products as a bonus to your current offers.
  • Boost your affiliate commissions by using these products as bonuses.
  • Package on a CD and sell on eBay!
  • Take screencaptures of the videos to create corresponding PDFs to sell!
  • Add to your membership sites to increase your stick rate!

Act Now To Claim These 2 Fast Mover Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Video Spash Images
    For each video you get a special splash page image you can use with the video to encourage engagement with your videos, and to give your videos a consistent, clean feel.
  • Bonus #2: Mystery PLR Bundle
    You will receive 2 additional PLR products as a bonus for taking fast action today! These are going to be Internet marketing related ebooks with PLR! With these bonuses you can use them as bonuses with your tutorials packages to take them to the next level!

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