Instant Agency Theme by Robert Dickson Review : Killer New WP Agency Theme gives Your Business a Stunning, Professional Presence in just a few clicks

Instant Agency Theme by Robert Dickson Review : Killer New WP Agency Theme gives Your Business a Stunning, Professional Presence in just a few clicks

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Instant Agency Theme is stunning and will give you the “big agency look” that you need even if your just a one man show or small team. The best part is with the Instant Agency theme you can have a complete site set up in just minutes with the one click install feature! Plus it comes loaded with everything a local agency needs including a slick home page, services and portfolio page. It even has customizable pricing packages built in!

This theme will give your business a big agency look with just a few clicks and it’s super easy to customize to mathc the look and feel of your agency. It’s loaded with all the features you would need even including pre-written professional sales copy and built in lead generation. Normally a theme like this would cost you triple what you can get it for right now during the early bird pricing and you get developer rights inlcuded! Not only do comparable themes cost way more but that’s just the start of the costs. Once you get a theme you have to pay for content, images, videos and all kinds of stuff.

With this theme you get a complete agency website with just a few clicks and complete developer rights to use it on as many sites as you like! With all the features a local marketer would need built in you can’t find a better value on the the Instant Agency theme. Plus you get live training about landing clients on autopilot and a lead gen course with multiple methods for getting clients coming to you ready to buy. You also get a really cool explainer video, lead gen flyers and TEN local super slick local business video ads!

Do I get Developer Rights?
Yes! The Instant Agency theme comes with Full Developer rights meaning you can use the site on as many domains as you choose. You can even use it to create websites that you sell to clients! The only thing you cannot do is sell the theme itself to a 3rd party. Feel free to use it over and over on your own sites though!

Can I get Support if Needed?
Yes absoutely! We have a world class support team here to help with any questions you may have. In addition we have a private members area with in depth training on how to use the theme (it’s really easy though) so you should have no issues getting setup. If you do need anything however we are always here to help!

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Instant Agency Theme Features:

  • Built in Lead Capture
    The #1 goal of your agency website is to convert visitors into prospects by getting them to ‘raise their hand’ and send you their contact information.
    The Instant Agency theme has multiple points for your prospects to optin including built in pop up lead forms! You can create multiple lead gen forms, control the destination links and more!
  • High Converting Home Page
    It would take a designer hours to create such an in depth and beautiful home page like you get with our theme! Plus you can easily edit or simply remove any section you don’t need!
    We designed this home page to give you that big brand look even if you’re just a small agency still getting started. What’s great is with our one click install you can have this exact home page with your branding in just minutes!
  • Services with Pricing Tables
    It’s no secret that one of the best ways to convert clients is the use of packages designed to drive them to your most profitable “package”.
    Normally you would need an additional plugin (costing you more money) to create pricing tables like this one but with our theme you get that functionality right out of the box!
    Plus with our easy to use dashboard it’s super simple to change the content of the pricing packages to match your services!
  • Super Slick Portfolio Section
    The portfolio section is one of the most viewed sections on any agency website so we created a beautiful section for you to display your past work to clients.
    With super slick animation your designs, videos or case studies will shine when clients check them out, giving you a leg up on competitors with weak portfolios and poorly designed sites.
  • Pre-loaded Professional Copy
    One of the most time consuming parts of setting up your agency site is writing the actual content that goes in it. We’ve taken care of that for you with pre-loaded content from a world class copywriter!
    You are free to use/edit the content as you see fit and of course if you don’t want to use the pre-written copy you can always add your own content to match your business.
  • Change the Layout & Colors
    You also get four different layout options to choose from including boxed or full with and video or image sliders. The best part is you can install any layout with just one click!
    It’s also super easy to add your logo and simply update the color scheme to match your companies look and feel!

Instant Agency Theme Benefits:

  • One Click Install
  • Built in Lead Capture
  • Instant Professional Presence
  • Easy to Customize

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Instant Agency Theme Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 – Live Training on Client Automation Strategies ($197 Value)
    During this live webinar training you’ll learn a proven strategy for landing clients on near autopilot without doing any “selling”.
    This system gets prospects coming to you ready to buy high ticket recurring services in a way that you’ve never seen before! In fact this system was generating $10k/mo in recurring revenue within weeks of implementation!
    Plus it works for any service you sell including Video, SEO, Facebook marketing and more.
  • Bonus #2 -Lead Gen Lighting ($97 Value)
    In this quick start course you’ll learn some of our best strategies for landing clients in ways that gets them coming to you, ready to buy. We cover two of our best lead gen strategies that you can use to get clients calling/emailing you without ever leaving your computer!
    For those of you who don’t mind getting out there and talking to people, we also share some of our best networking strategies in this never before released training.u00a0 This course is worth the price of our Instant Agency theme alone and theme some!
  • Bonus #3 – Marketing Explainer Video ($97 Value)
    To help you sell your internet market services we created a super cool explainer video that you are free to use as you choose!
    The best part is this video works perfectly on the home page of our theme where there is a spot already in place for a video to help you convert leads even better!
  • Bonus #4 – Lead Gen Flyers ($97 Value)
    To give you as much ammunition as possible to promote your business both online and offline we added an entire lead gen flyer kit that you can customize and use as you like!
    Normally just getting one good flyer would cost you more than this whole package but today you get all of them for free when you pick up the instant agency theme!
  • Bonus #5 – 10 Local Business Video Ads ($97 Value)
    Least but not least you also get 10 premium video ads for local businesses that you can sell or giveaway as you like!
    These 15 second teaser videos have a sharp design and flow that catches the users eye and gets them clicking over to your clients offers and websites. These videos are the perfect ‘foot in the door’ offer to get local clients interested!
  • Bonus #6 – Adwords for Video – Local Edition ($197 Value)
    Once you get leads you are going to want to sell them high end monthly marketing services and YouTube Ads is the HOTTEST SERVICE you can offer right now.
    To show you the ropes of offering Adwords for Video as a service to local businesses we brought in one of the leading industry experts to show you how it’s done.
    You learn everything from prospecting, setting up the campaigns with Geo-targeting, pricing and delivering the service to the client.

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