Insta Video Agency by Dr. Amit Pareek (Saglus Limited) Review : Start Your OWN VIDEO AGENCY In Next 10 Minutes Using This Amazing WP Theme, Stunning Portfolio and Set of Customizable Pro Videos and…

Insta Video Agency by Dr. Amit Pareek (Saglus Limited) Review : Start Your OWN VIDEO AGENCY In Next 10 Minutes Using This Amazing WP Theme, Stunning Portfolio and Set of Customizable Pro Videos and…

Insta Video Agency is a creation of Dr. Amit Pareek and Dr. Nimisha Vijay. They have maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few years by creating a wide range of innovative desktop applications for the marketers. Insta Video Agency is a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. The effectiveness of this application is guaranteed and they offer a 30-day hassle free money back guarantee as well. step-by-step training.

Insta Video Agency can simply be defined as a desktop application that will assist marketers to create video scripts for all their promotional videos. This tool can be used to create marketing scripts for all the top niches. Insta Video Agency is powered by a fully flexible word editor as well. In addition, you can find an excellent range of templates that can easily be used when creating video scripts. The video scripts that you create can be exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF templates as well. Then you record these templates into a promotional, training, review, explainer or VSL video.

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It’s Completely Hands-Free System that you can follow.  All You Need To Do Is

1. Install Insta Video Agency WordPress theme with Demo Videos

2. Sell the Videos for $1000 or more

3. Deliver Pro-Grade Videos Without Even Creating or Editing them



Selling Videos can be a GOLDEN EGG LAYING HEN!

Videos are proven engaging and 64% of the consumers are more likely to make purchase after watching its video so every marketer and business need a video on their website.

They need attractive videos for marketing their offers, but don’t know where to begin or who to hire in order to create them.

They are desperate to pay anywhere from $500-2000 for 1 minute of simple video commercial BUT…
PAINFUL PROBLEM #1: With our experience of serving 100s of clients around the globe, we learnt that businesses only want to pay that much amount to an agency that have a great portfolio, demo videos and a professional agency website.

No matter how good you are at videos, how many video tools you have. If you don’t have positive online presence, No one is going to notice your talent.
PAINFUL PROBLEM #2: Creating a custom agency website and portfolio need months of time and thousands of dollars.

Alternatively, you can go here and there, buy poorly coded themes, unsafe HTML templates and mess around with confusing codes & designs.

Not just poor quality, they also charge whooping amounts ranging from $50 to $150 for just one template.
PAINFUL PROBLEM #3: Learn it first and Do It yourself – it’s not a surprise that it takes years of time & thousands of dollars from your pocket to learn- what works and what simply doesn’t for businesses when you create a video for them.

It requires a lot of knowledge to create RESULT oriented videos to businesses OR
PAINFUL PROBLEM #4: Hire a freelancer or Go to Fiverr.

Whenever you get an order, you can hire a freelancer or a fiverr guy. They charge anywhere from $15-30 per hour, suck your time in guidance and what you get is a horrible FINAL outcome. At the end of it all, thousands of dollars are wasted.

Not only it is painful, but it is also the reason WHY 99% of the video sellers NEVER made a penny online.

We were in the same boat when we started.

With time we discovered that it’s 10 times easy to sell at high price with a strong online presence – a professional website and a stunning portfolio, and we need a system to deliver pro grade videos to customers easily.

That’s exactly why we have created a Set of POWERFUL TOOLS with cutting edge features that’s missing from the video marketplace and built a team & trained them to create pro grade videos hands-free so we don’t have to go through all this over and over and that’s what we’re going to offer you today.

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Insta Video Agency Includes

Tool #1
Insta Video Agency WP theme: Ready to Use Premium Sales Website
This is fully loaded with content, stunning demo videos and multiple call to action to showcase your strong online presence.

Tool #2
6 Different Style and Stunning Demo videos
Use them as a Portfolio on Agency Website to showcase your pro-grade video creation services.

Tool #3
10 Ready-to-Sell Video commercials in 10 HOT Niches
These awesome whiteboard video commercials are fully customizable and comes with all the raw files.

Tool #4
Step-by-Step Training




Insta Video Agency Bonuses

Bonus 1
A High Converting Prospecting Video for your Agency

We have created 2-3 minutes of professional video, ready-to-upload on your agency website or send to your prospects.

A professional sales video script written by our expert copywriters to convert your prospects into paying customers for your high ticket services so after watching this video, business owners can’t refuse your offer and BEG you to pay you for your professional services.

Video Comes in MP4 format so works great on all the devices. It also comes with all the raw footage files so you can edit them however you want.

Bonus 2
10 * 3 – Ready-to-use Auto-responder Series

We are also giving you 3 ready-to-use email swipes for all the 10 niches. Just set these emails in your favourite autoresponder service provider to deliver on DAY 1, DAY 3 & Day 7.

These will warm up your prospects for your High Ticket services and motivate them to set a meeting for final discussion about pricing and method of delivery.

Bonus 3
10* 3 – Hypnotizing Telemarketing Scripts

We are also giving you 3 Hypnotizing Telemarketing script for every niche. So total 30 scripts with having different scenarios in mind.

Use these Step-by-step scripts to talk on phone or on meeting so prospects only say YES for your services and FINALLY let business owners beg you to pay $1000 a POP for your Professional services.

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