Humalytics by IMW Enterprises Review : Injects Your Online Business w/ ‘Psychic Abilities’ & Predicts The Success of Your Marketing w/ 100% Accuracy…

Humalytics by IMW Enterprises Review : Injects Your Online Business w/ ‘Psychic Abilities’ & Predicts The Success of Your Marketing w/ 100% Accuracy…

Humalytics is the all-NEW Innovative “Human Metrics” technology that measures the emotional response, facial expressions and reactions from REAL people who watch your videos to help you PREDICT and CONVERT more viewers into paying customers and save TONS of cash wasted in unproductive video marketing. Humalytics by Peter Beattie Review is So Accurate And So Scarily Powerful, You’ll Think It’s Come Out Of A Science-Fiction Movie. Injects Your Online Business with ‘Psychic Abilities’ & Predicts The Success of Your Marketing w/ 100% Accuracy. By Looking Into Your Prospect’s Eyes & Telling You EXACTLY What They’re Thinking AND What They Want You To Sell Them Next. Imagine if YOU had the “Psychic Powers” to predict : If your next video idea has what it takes to create HUGE buzz and go viral, What your prospects and customers REALLY want to buy and when, What type of content & products your audience is truly starving for, What video style is keeping your viewer’s attention, or causing them to close the page faster than you can say “WAIT!”, What features of your product your users find most complicated, What’s stopping people from pulling out their wallets and buying from you and What’s making your prospects feel bored, excited, happy or sad?

How much MORE MONEY would you make if you knew the answers? People have changed. Technology should too. The Evolution of Marketing Analytics. The “Web Analytics” era has existed for decades now, But people buy for emotional reasons, never logical. It’s EMOTIONS That Make People Buy, Period. That is why we believe statistics should measure the way you FEEL. In 2017, it’s all about gathering and analyzing the Real Data: “Human Metrics” with Facial Analysis Intelligence. Give Your Business Emotional Intelligence With Just a Few Clicks. In The Past, Understanding Human Behavior Was Difficult And Required Psychic Powers.

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Humalytics Features:

  • Facebook Video Ads
    Gather actionable, real-time insights about your audience’s reactions to your campaigns and slash video advertising expenses by knowing your return on investment (ROI) – in advance!
  • Vlogs & YouTube Videos
    Create the exact video content your audience is hungry for before you even spend the time and money creating them.
  • Webinar Content
    Craft the perfect webinar presentation and keep attendees on the edge of their seats based on what they WANT to hear and not what you “think” they want to hear.
  • Sales Videos & VSLs
    Keep their attention and plug the holes in your sales message and stop profit leaks by knowing exactly what buyer obstacles or concerns you need to overcome … and ultimately increase sales!
  • Coaching Calls
    Uncover your customer’s pain points and emotional needs and understand the reasons behind behavior. Whether you’re on 1-on-1 or a group coaching calls, we’ve got you covered so you can provide better care & better service!
  • Sales Calls
    Pinpoint your buyer’s hottest burning concerns and overcome their objections so you can convert more prospects into paying customers.
  • New Product Ideas
    Validate and know exactly how well your next product idea will go down with the market before you even develop it. Build a better product by measuring how your prospects feel about it.
  • And More
    With the Humalytics intelligent facial analysis algorithm you can measure the behavior and emotional triggers of any marketing campaign in real time.

Humalytics More Features:

  • Video Call Analysis Module
    Upload recordings of your 1-on-1 calls, group coaching, interviews and even sales calls and analyze their emotional reactions!
  • Video Analysis Module
    Learn how your audience reacted to every frame of your video. You can download the raw data or print off a report. It’s yours to use however you want.
  • Survey Incentives
    Reward your prospects & customers for participating in your video surveys.
  • Play Video with Emotional Data Overlay
    See exactly how your audience is responding to your video, right down to the exact second.
  • Works with ANY Video
    Simply upload a video from your computer, or paste a link from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Facebook Retargeting
    Boost profits by setting up FB pixels so you can sell more stuff to those participants.
  • Follow Up Questions
    After your customer completes the video analysis, ask additional questions that require a more direct answer. (Ex: “What industry are you in?”)
  • Export Responses as CSV
    All information regarding data analysis is exported easily in CSV format so you can analyze the patterns and behaviors at your pace!
  • Customizable Survey Pages & Branding
    It’s your software, so it should have your branding on it. Your customers will look at you in a new light when they see your branding all over this amazing technology!

Now With True, Push-Button Ease, You Can:

  • Craft perfect video ads, content, and sales pitches every time, and make better decisions that drive sales by tweaking your marketing to perfection (all thanks to Humalytics handing you the intel you need.)
  • Run automatic facial expression analysis that accurately pinpoints how people FEEL and respond when viewing your videos or attend your coaching calls and webinars.
  • Guarantee in advance that every marketing video or product you launch is a winner — before you waste time and money driving traffic to it!
  • Avoid the guesswork and increase video ad effectiveness by up to 2000% by knowing your return on investment (ROI) – in advance!
  • See in real-time how people really THINK and FEEL about your video ads, sales presentations, video content or new product ideas – without assumptions!
  • Uncover buyers objections or concerns. See why people are buying, or not. Identify hot trends and remove roadblocks to increase conversions — faster and easier than ever!
  • Use your marketing budget way more effectively – Never again waste your precious time and hard-earned advertising dollars

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Humalytics More Modules:

  • Module #1 – Humalytics for Video Analysis
  • Module #2 – Video Call Analysis


These original universal emotions are:

  • Joy (Sometimes referred to as ‘Happiness’) – symbolized by raising of the mouth corners (an obvious smile) and tightening of the eyelids
  • Surprise – symbolized by eyebrows arching, eyes opening wide and exposing more white, with the jaw dropping slightly
  • Sadness – symbolized by lowering of the mouth corners, the eyebrows descending to the inner corners and the eyelids drooping
  • Anger – symbolized by eyebrows lowering, lips pressing firmly and eyes bulging
  • Disgust – symbolized by the upper lip raising, nose bridge wrinkling and cheeks raising


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