GraphPlayer Business by Andrew Darius – Explaindio LLC Review : Discover How You Can Leverage Facebook As Your Own Personal Video Player! Simply by Copying and Pasting one line of code

GraphPlayer Business by Andrew Darius – Explaindio LLC Review : Discover How You Can Leverage Facebook As Your Own Personal Video Player! Simply by Copying and Pasting one line of code

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GraphPlayer Business is an AMAZING Product by Andrew Darius – Explaindio LLC. The Most Powerful & Flexible Video Marketing Platform That Taps Directly Into Facebook Social Graph And Can Play Completely Different Videos On Mobile To Skyrocket Video Virality, Traffic, Leads, and Sales.

In order to be successful, your video must play at the same time both horizontally on desktop and vertically on mobile while using the very same video player. Since horizontal and vertical videos are not the same it means that modern video player must support not one but two links to video sources. To skyrocket your mobile video watch through rates GraphPlayer allows you to add two video sources and plays videos horizontally for desktop visitors and vertical for mobile visitors. I am sure you already see the marketing super power GraphPlayer gives you, but that’s not all.

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  • Social Reach – Skyrockets your social reach buy playing Facebook videos on your website.
  • Multiply Completion Rate On Mobile – Drastically increases both video content completion rate and viral factor on mobile devices.
  • Get Results – Boosts your leads generation and ultimately makes more sales.

Video Marketing Platform That Blows Away The Competition

  • Revolutionary new software GraphPlayer, allows you to play both video cinemagraphs and regular videos on your own website, automatically play GIF cinemagraphs and vertical videos when page is viewed on mobile, play Facebook videos directly on your website, and much more.
  • Currently, like most marketers, you are probably facing problems, which are costing you lost traffic, leads, reach, and sales.
  • All this results from you using on your website outdated video player, which cannot play videos directly from facebook, neglects mobile web browser, and ignores habit of 98% of mobile phone users.


Skyrockets Viral Potential

  • Did you know that it is possible to play videos you upload to Facebook directly on your own website?
  • Did you know that it is the only way to directly leverage Facebook social graph of every visitor who watches a video on your website?
  • The average Facebook user now has about 338 friends.
  • It means that every visitor who watches a video on your website, potentially can virally spread your video to all those facebook friends by single like or share.

Shares Videos Full Size & Autoplay on Facebook News Feed

  • Also only Facebook videos are shared as full size video post with autoplay on Facebook news feed.
  • If your current video player can only play videos from mp4 files, youtube etc you are loosing all that viral traffic potential.


Gives You Full control:

  • GraphPlayer allows you to fully control, customize the look and feel of any Facebook video, and add it to your website with all the cool features that big companies usually charge for without any video hosting fees.
  • You can choose exact start and end time for any facebook video, easily set video to autoplay, and take advantage of the looping feature, which is very important for both cinemagraphs and short viral video memes.
  • You can set custom height and width of your facebook videos or set them to display in full responsive mode, so they automatically look great on any device. You can also disable controls and full screen playback. All this can be done with the click of the button.

Takes Advantage Of Video Watching Habit Shift On Mobile

  • This new habit is the rise of vertical video watching on mobile.
  • Industry research says that mobile phones are kept in portrait mode 98% of the time.


Enables 9 Times Higher Video Completion Rate On Mobile.

  • Snapchat reported that vertical content receive completion rates 9 times higher than its horizontal counterparts.
  • It means that people actually finish watching your video on mobile phone 9 times more often if it plays vertically.
  • With majority of video views happening now on mobile devices you can immediately see how important vertical video is.
  • But this is not just about the player ability to play vertical videos.

Plays Viral Content Without Any User Interaction On Mobile Too.

  • Did you know that videos cannot autoplay in mobile web browser?
  • Yes, that autoplay setting works only when website with video is viewed on desktop.
  • While it does not affect much longer videos, it is a critical problem for viral content like cinemagraphs and short looped videos.
  • In order to be effective viral content must play without any user interaction.
  • To solve that problem GraphPlayer can play GIF images instead of short videos when a webpage is viewed on a mobile device to skyrocket viral content potential.
  • It is the only video player that does it.

Works With Videos Streamed from Amazon S3, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo & Private Servers

  • On top of all that, it has all the great features that top commercial video players have.
  • GraphPlayer Startup can also play videos from youtube in addition to facebook with all the same cutting edge features.
  • While playing a video from facebook, youtube, and vimeo is great and free, some marketers prefer independence and want to fully control their videos by hosting MP4 video files on their own web host or cloud service like Amazon S3.
  • If you are one of them, GraphPlayer Startup got you covered too, so you can use those revolutionary mobile features like playing horizontal and vertical videos with the same player, playing GIFs instead of short videos on mobile, and others as well.

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Brings Advanced Premium Features

  • GraphPlayer Business adds premium features, which pro video marketers use to boost viral traffic, lead generation, conversion, and sales even more.
  • Those include advanced social sharing options, timed content below a video, timed clickable call to action, watermark and custom video thumbnail.
  • While videos played from Facebook already include their social sharing options, you still want to give a viewer a chance to share on other major social networks, and share on Facebook videos not played from it.
  • GraphPlayer Business social sharing options allow viewers to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkendIn, Google+ and post comments for YouTube video to maximize viral potential.

Gives Timed Action Conversion Boosters

  • The timed content below a video allows you to show any content under the video at the specific time. This can be used to add buy button, link, or any additional information which can appear below video at the right time.
  • That option is very useful for stand alone sales videos, ever green webinars, webinar replays, and any marketing video where you want to delay extra info reveal.
  • GraphPlayer Business allows to add clickable call to action images to increase sales, boost opt-ins, and send viewers to any affiliate promotion. It is very powerful conversion booster for any kind of informational and review video.


Attracts Viewers With Custom Video Preview

  • Did you notice that some of youtube videos attract you to click and watch, but you ignore others?
  • The main difference between those you start watching and those you ignore is the custom video preview image.
  • Using custom preview normally is not possible at all for videos played from facebook, and for a youtube video it is available only for established channels.
  • GraphPlayer Business allows you to have custom video preview image for any supported video source.

Brands Your Videos

  • The one of most important business goals is establishing the brand, which is what sets you apart from others.
  • With GraphPlayer Business you can instantly boost your personal or business brand with a custom watermark that sits over the video during playback.

Works With Websites, Blogs, Ecommerce Stores And Website Builders

  • GraphPlayer is a cloud based service so there is nothing to install or configure.
  • All you have to do is to copy paste single line of code to your website where you want the video to show, and you are done.
  • The software is super easy to use and there is no any technical knowledge required.
  • You can use GraphPlayer on any website, blog, ecommerce store, and it also works with almost every existing web site builder software there is.

Also Ads Facebook Live Video To Your Website & Solves Those 3 Huge P


To solve those problems GraphPlayer allows you to add Facebook live video to your blog or website. This grants you ability to actively bring people in with email and push notifications to watch your live video in the distraction free online environment you control.

Sets a new bar for leveraging video in marketing quickly and easily

  • You already know that in order to succeed online you need to use videos.
  • With GraphPlayer in your corner you not only avoid steep costs of major video services but you have access to the latest technology nobody else has access to yet.
  • It is truly setting a new bar for leveraging video in marketing quickly and easily like it was never possible before.
  • GraphPlayer software will change the way videos are served and you can get your hands on this software at a very special discounted price today, so go ahead, upgrade your order, and we will see you inside the member area.


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