FXScalping Academy by Jeffrey Glenellis Review : Have You Ever Placed a Forex Trade and Watched It Immediately Move the Wrong Direction and Take Out Your Stop Loss in Just a Few Moments (Or Even Faster)

FXScalping Academy by Jeffrey Glenellis Review : Have You Ever Placed a Forex Trade and Watched It Immediately Move the Wrong Direction and Take Out Your Stop Loss in Just a Few Moments (Or Even Faster)

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I passed on taking this class the first time Jeff offered it, but something he said in his email stuck in my mind: “The next time you end up in a losing trade, you’re going to wonder if you might have learned something in this class that would have helped you avoid taking that trade in the first place.” My next losing trade was about 2 days later and yes, I was wondering. So incredibly happy I took the class the second time it was offered. I went back to that losing trade and looked where the “lines” were when I got in and sure enough, I bought while price was moving into a classic “bounce” point and had I known that then I would NEVER have taken that trade. Don’t risk another penny until you’ve gone through Jeff’s videos and put the lines up on your own charts. You’ll never want to take another trade without having this knowledge to help you.
– Marguerite L.

I’ve literally blown thousands of dollars on “systems” and EAs and all that other stuff and had nothing to show for it. This class is the absolute best thing I ever found in Forex training. The “lines” absolutely rule where price will go next, and it has turned my trading around completely. If you pass on taking this class when it’s offered next, you have no one else to blame but yourself if you continue to lose trading Forex.
– Jack Devoe

If you are trading real money in Forex, stop what you are doing, buy this class and watch the videos. I guarantee he covers things you do not know already about Support and Resistance lines (yes, there are well more than 60 of them to consider) and once you see them set up on your charts, you’ll know automatically if you should take a trade or pass. I’ve already saved a ton of cash by passing on trades I normally would have taken. I’m serious. Take this class!
– Milton J.

This is the third class I’ve taken from Jeff and it is by far the best and has led to the most profitable trading of my life. If you aren’t consistently making 20-30 pips a day trading just 1-2 hours, you need to take this course.
– Robert L.

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As a student of the FX Scalping Academy, you’ll quickly and easily learn:

  • How to easily set up a series of charts that allows you to see all the lines at a glance;
  • How to use free software (included) to automate the drawing of these lines so you don’t have to continually redraw them yourself;
  • What the most profitable trade setups look like using these lines and how to spot them instantly;
  • How to anticipate market reaction and use pending orders to guarantee you get filled at the price you want, when you want;
  • Why trading just one pair (the GBP/JPY) will give you all the price action you’ll need to easily make 20-40 pips per day, typically in under one hour;
  • How trading for a goal of 20 pips a day can quickly have you earning three or even four figures a day on a small starting account;
  • How to scale in additional trades so that a single price move of 15 pips can result in you earning 35-40 pips in just minutes;

In short, what you’re getting as a student in the FX Scalping Academy is a Masterclass in how to trade Forex using the same data relied upon by the big traders in order to follow their moves and ride their momentum into profit.

But unlike so many other Masterclasses on so many other topics, which turn out to be long on theory and short on practical application, in the FX Scalping Academy you are going to learn real world tricks and tactics you can begin applying immediately so you can start banking profitable trades from Day One.

And for those of you who act decisively, you will get a bonus worth many times the cost of this course.

Bonus For the First 100 Buyers Only!!!

For the first 100 of you who enroll in the FX Scalping Academy, you’ll get a free pass into my trade room for one week of live trading using these very same methods you’ll learn in the course. I will be there personally to talk about the current price action and to look for trade setups. I will also be able to answer any questions you might have live and in person.

It’s one thing to watch videos and read pdf’s. It’s another level entirely when you can work hand in hand with someone who can guide you and answer your questions along the way, so if this sort of hands-on mentorship appeals to you I recommend you act fast.

The limit of 100 spots is not some fake scarcity thing I’m inventing to try and persuade you to buy. My trade room software is configured to allow exactly 100 people to join my room, and if you try to enter as student #101 you’re going to be shut out.

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