FunnelStak Review & Bonus – Discover the “Rare” Rinse & Repeat Ability to Construct 6 – 7 FIGURE Sales Funnels at Will…THAT TURN CASUAL VISITOR, INTO BUYER, INTO A RAVING FAN!

FunnelStak By Mark Thompson Review – Discover the “Rare” Rinse & Repeat Ability to Construct 6 – 7 FIGURE Sales Funnels at Will…THAT TURN CASUAL VISITOR, INTO BUYER, INTO A RAVING FAN!

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FunnelStak is step-by-step funnel blueprint that 8-figure marketer and CEO of Digital Kickstart, Mark Thompson have used on dozens of launches, consistently bringing in 6 and 7 figure paydays. FunnelStak works for all different types of offers, including SaaS, Mid-High Ticket, Product Launch/Low Ticket Offers, Physical Goods, Coaching/Consulting.

It’s a proven system for creating high-converting sales funnels in any niche, that will build a massive audience of raving fans and buyers, giving you a virtual license to print money on-demand. With FunnelStak you have the RARE ability to craft sales that turns someone from stranger, to follower, to loyal customer, to raving fan… It’s an amazing skill to build a sales funnel, KNOWING its going to convert before anyone has even seen it.

FunnelStak is a product of investing literally $25,000+ on the top funnel experts in the industry to help master the art of :

  • Building Profitable Sales Funnels
  • Minimizing Customer Support
  • Reducing Refunds, Disputes and Chargebacks
  • As a result, adding another “0” to our bottom line, taking us from a 7 to 8-FIGURE business.

Best of all this formula can easily be cloned for ANY niche!


8-figure marketer and CEO of Digital Kickstart, Mark Thompson is practically given away his formula for how he cranks out profitable sales funnel at will !

Regardless of what niche, industry or product/service you are selling – there are a set of sales “triggers” that remain constant. Master these triggers. Master how to generate revenue online. This is the FOUNDATION for any online business. Mark not only shows you how to generate leads/sales, but how to keep them happy, how to minimize refunds, and how to maximize the lifetime value of each customer. All done through automated sales funnels!

His “FunnelStak” program shows you…

  • How he constructs his sales funnels…
  • How he minimizes refunds and customer complaints…
  • How he automates it…
  • It’s how he added another “0” to his bottom line.

Best of all – this system can be copied and replicated for any niche or industry. Low, Mid, High Ticket Offerings
Digital, Physical Products/Services, Coaching/Consulting

Right now, his program FunnelStak is at a 80% discount for a short time



  • Funnel Triggers: All human beings essentially have the same mental triggers that drive actions. The secret is knowing WHEN to use them. Learn about these triggersin with FunnelStak and how to apply them in actual sequences you will use in your marketing.
  • Finding Qualified Contractors: Finding qualified, trustworthy contractors is a painful process. Learn where to find contractors, what to ask, and what to look for when trying to scale your production teams.
  • Trigger Map: Access an actual trigger map (a series of trigger sequences) they use in almost all of our product promotions.
  • Pre-Built Funnel Templates: with FunnelStak you can Gain Access to REAL funnel templates they have created for numerous types of products. Tweak them to fit your business and start putting them to work for you.
  • Funnel Implementation: Automation of your Sales Funnel is crucial. FunnelStak will take you step-by-step on how to automate your funnels and follow up sequences using one of the most powerful automation tools on the market today.
  • Launch Case Study Roundup: In this module, FunnelStak open up the doors to 9 of our most successful product launches and show you exactly how and why they built their funnels to maximize our sales.
  • Retention Hacks: Learn the secret of converting potential refunds into happy customers and save up to 70% of revenue that would have otherwise gone out the door!
  • Fill in the Blank Swipe Files: Use the ACTUAL email swipe files they use in their own marketing. These ‘fill-in-the-blank’ templates are designed for you to simply add your product information, while utilizing the market tested copy that they’ve had massive success with.




MODULE #1: Rock-Solid Foundation.

This module is going to help you get in the right mindset of how you should be thinking about building out a profitable sales funnel. Master this mindset and this is what DOUBLES or TRIPLES your earning per customer! This mindset can be applied to any product or service. FunnelStak have identified various business models / product offerings, of which they breakdown, giving examples of which triggers to use and when to use them. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Mid – High Ticket Offerings ($497+) Product Launch Model Physical Products Coaching/Consulting


MODULE #2: Funnel Triggers.

One thing they learned after building dozens of profitable sales funnels, are that the same “triggers” were used to craft each funnel. The “triggers” always remained the same. No matter if you are Onboarding a New Customer, Maintaining/Retaining Customers, Activating Leads to New Customers, it doesn’t matter… Inside of FunnelStak, they breakdown each “trigger” and discuss… The concept behind each trigger. When are the most effective times to use each. How each trigger is used as it relates to a sales funnel. Examples of each trigger.

These triggers cover literally any type of business – so it’s just a matter of building out your custom funnel utilizing a combination of these triggers.

FunnelStak also step one step back and look at triggers in terms of actual sequences that you would use in your marketing.

  • Free Trial Sequences
  • Webinar Sequences
  • Pre-Launch Sequences
  • Launch Sequences
  • Engagement Sequences

Of which you can piece these sequences into an overall, fully automated sales funnel.


MODULE #3: Implementation & Automation.

I’m guessing that you’ve heard about some of these triggers, but what I bet the majority of you don’t know is actually HOW to implement them. That is exactly what this section was mention to show you. FunnelStak show you step-by-step how to actually implement these funnels into your businesses.

Using a service called ActiveCampaign, they’ll show you how to setup each of your funnels so they are 100% funnel automated. Don’t worry if you have another service in mind, FunnelStak will provide you with a checklist of functionality you want to ensure your service provides to maximize your sales funnels.

Depending on your business, you may need some technical help. Which is why we teach you how to find qualified developers to assist you with any technical implementation that is necessary to accomplish your overall goals.


MODULE #4: Retention Hacks.

Most people think you need to acquire more customers to grow your business. That is simply not true. By keeping the customers you currently have, happy and engaged, it can lead to a higher lifetime value per customer and repeat sales. Learn the secrets and exact process for saving up to 70% of potential refund customers.






FunnelStak is very very professional product. FunnelStak is more about explaining than it is about showing and this carefully organized training course was clearly built with all audiences taken into consideration (i.e. it is very newbie friendly). Get FunnelStak Now!


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