Fresh Store Builder v7 Review & Bonus – Discover How One Man’s Worst Nightmare Led To The Development Of A 6-Figure Online Business And How You Can Use The Same Technology To Create Hands-Free Traffic-Generating Affiliate Sites In 30 Minutes Or Less

Fresh Store Builder v7 By Carey Baird Review – Discover How One Man’s Worst Nightmare Led To The Development Of A 6-Figure Online Business And How You Can Use The Same Technology To Create Hands-Free Traffic-Generating Affiliate Sites In 30 Minutes Or Less

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Fresh Store Builder v7 is a web app that’s been built from the ground up to be the ultimate Amazon selling platform. It is not just another WordPress plugin where the support desk probably isn’t even manned a month after launch. They’ve been doing this for 7 years. They’re constantly adding features no other Amazon store can even dream about having. Which is why Fresh Store Builder v7 over 14,000 happy customers are some of the most successful Amazon sellers out there

What’s the biggest problem you have with your Amazon stores? For some people, it’s keeping all the products updated. For some people, it’s being able to keep people on the site. For some people, it’s just driving traffic. I’ve had problems with all of them in the past. But tomorrow, that could change. Let me ask you a question…

Ever heard of Fresh Store Builder v7 ?

It’s one of the best Amazon store builders available, and it’s a solid business that’s been around for years. Why is it the best? Because Fresh Store Builder v7 fixes all those problems. It keeps all your products updated automatically – it’ll even auto-populate if you like. The remote shopping cart with 90-day cookie keeps people on the site until they’re ready to buy. Fresh Store Builder v7 attracts more traffic than any other store builder – you get a better rank in Google because Fresh Store Builder v7 lets you edit ALL the content, so you don’t have any duplicate content penalties. And on top of that, you can wire up a Facebook page to automatically update every time you add a new product.


The best Amazon store builder ever just went live:

Yeah, I know, ‘best’ is a big claim. But it’s true. Because Fresh Store Builder v7 is not just the most customisable store in the business, letting you build exactly the website you want… It also attracts more traffic than any other Amazon store. Complete customisation of site content means no Google penalties. Facebook page integration pulls in traffic automatically every time you post a product. Automatic pinboards let you pull in Pinterest’s buyer traffic without ever needing to manually update.

It’s the store you get when it’s built by someone who actually understands being an Amazon Affiliate. This is Fresh Store Builder v7. Yeah, you read that right. Version SEVEN. This isn’t some fly-by-night plugin. This store-builder has been growing for years. Over 14,000 people use it in their Amazon businesses. And in that time, it’s picked up some HOT features:

  • Auto-populate: don’t want to find your products manually? No problem – just pick a category and let Fresh Store Builder v7 fill your shelves for you
  • 90-day cookie shopping cart: guaranteed to maximise your commissions… and because the cart is built in to your store site, your customers are kept on your site until they’ve really filled their boots
  • Customisable related products: pick and choose which products to cross-sell to make sure your commission cheques are fatter than ever
  • Extended smart search: the search feature automatically shows products from Amazon that match your search term, even if you haven’t added them to your store. You’ll never miss out on commissions
  • Facebook and Pinterest integration: tap into the biggest traffic sources out there with unique content and offers posted automatically
  • Mobile responsive templates: every template is responsive, so your stores will look amazing on every device

And the best part?

You can have Fresh Store Builder v7 up and running in a matter of minutes. Even if you don’t have any tech skills. After serving 14,000 customers, these guys have ‘ease of use’ down to a fine art. Go take a look right now – I guarantee you’ll be impressed.


When this launch is over, Fresh Store Builder v7 will be made available to the public. And this time, it’ll be a recurring fee… and the number of sites you can build will be limited. But right now, you can get in for a SINGLE investment and you get UNLIMITED access for LIFE. And for that single investment, you’ll get:

  • The Fresh Store Builder v7 script to let you set up an Amazon business in minutes
  • Unlimited site licences, so you can own as many stores – as many income streams – as you like
  • Developer licence, so you can build stores and sell them for even more profit
  • 10 Second Stores: 50 ready-made stores to get you up and running in ten seconds flat
  • Niche research guide: Completely redone for 2015, you’ll find the best niches to profit from
  • Full rights: use your Fresh Store Builder v7 sites yourself, or flip them to the highest bidder
  • Exclusive customer forum: Join other Fresh Store Builder v7 users in the hottest Amazon discussion group around. EVERYONE here is using Fresh Store Builder v7 to make a profit as an Amazon affiliate. The tips and tricks shared here are second to none, and you ONLY get in if you’re an Fresh Store Builder v7 user.



  • Complete customisation: No other Amazon store gives you this level of customisation with your products, categories and descriptions… which is why an Fresh Store Builder v7 store will outrank them all
  • Six different templates: Choose your design from one of our proven high converting templates. Want a new look? No problem – just pick a new one, hit submit’ and your site updates in seconds.
  • Widgetised home page: Change your front page as easily as you would any WordPress site.
  • Template framework: Fresh Store Builder v7 Build your own custom templates and designs to give you a truly unique brand
  • Visual design editor: Change your template to meet your exact requirements… without needing to know any code
  • Multiple traffic sources enabled right out of the box: No other store lets you reach such a diverse range of traffic so easily
  • Silo structure: With Fresh Store Builder v7 Your store automatically buildssilo-structure internal links – exactly what Google wants to see in a value-rich site
  • Spin Rewriter integration: Hook up your Spin Rewriter account and let it rewrite all your descriptions for you, giving you unique content Google loves.
  • Rich pins enabled: Let your pins show up as products and automatically sync prices, titles and images – so they update every time Amazon does
  • Smart caching: Your Fresh Store Builder v7 store will load extra-fast, giving you better conversions AND better search-engine rankings
  • Customer reviews: Let your customers leave reviews directly on your site, not on Amazon – giving you more social proof, more conversions, and more completely unique content
  • Remote shopping cart with 90-day cookies: So Fresh Store Builder v7 remembers what your users have added. This gives higher conversions for higher amounts, meaning more commissions for you.
  • Customisable related products: Fresh Store Builder v7 is the ONLY Amazon store that lets you pick and choose what related products you show, rather than having Amazon dictate things to you
  • Custom product images: Fresh Store Builder v7 use your own images for any product on your store, giving your customers a unique perspective and making you stand out from the crowd
  • Extended smart search: The store search automatically shows products from Amazon that match the search term, even if you haven’t added them to your store – so you never miss out on commissions
  • Ajax cart: Your customers can add items to the cart without the page needing to refresh, giving them a smoother experience and encouraging them to buy even more
  • Mobile-ready templates: Every template has been updated to look great on mobile devices, letting you benefit from Google’s favouritism for mobile-ready websites
  • Detailed analytics: See how many clicks and sales you’ve driven straight from your dashboard
  • Automatic or manual product populating: Pick a category, add a keyword, and let Fresh Store Builder v7 find the best products to fill your store straight from Amazon. But if you want a bit more control, you can add products yourself just by entering their ASI number.
  • Custom buy buttons: Can you get more commission outside of Amazon Associates? Customise the buy button to point to any affiliate program you like
  • 3-minute install: The installation process has been stripped back to the bare essentials, so you can be up and running as fast as possible
  • Store health check: Make sure your business is always firing on all cylinders. The health check highlights any issues and tells you how to fix them


  • Get more traffic than with any other Amazon store: Because Fresh Store Builder v7 gives you more control over your categories and descriptions, you’ll get higher in the search rankings, leading to more traffic and more sales.
  • Run unlimited stores: With unlimited licences, you can own a profit-pulling Amazon store in EVERY niche you want… with no upgrade fees.
  • Mobile friendly: Fresh Store Builder v7 use the new responsive template to access the millions of mobile browsers
  • Set up your stores in minutes: I asked my 73-year-old technophobic grandma to try and set up her own Amazon store. She managed it in 15 minutes. And if she can manage, you won’t have any problems.
  • Get Amazon Commissions immediately: You do nothing – you don’t own the products, you don’t ship them, you don’t support them. You just bank up to 15% commissions every time you make a sale.
  • Create a hands-free autopilot business: Every site you build will automatically attract traffic, and pull in products, images, reviews and content without you lifting a finger.
  • Pinterest Integration: Pinterest is the world’s BEST social network for buyers, and Fresh Store Builder v7 lets you tap right into it.
  • Ajax Cart: Your customers can add products to their basket and keep browsing without being interrupted by a page refresh. It sounds small, but it creates a far better experience and leads to far higher conversions.
  • 10 Second Stores: this is being given away as an EXCLUSIVE bonus with Fresh Store Builder v7. You can choose a researched and pre-built niche store from 50 available, and get up and running right away.


With Fresh Store Builder v7, there are no limits… you’ve got unlimited customisation and unlimited stores. How many niches can you name? Let me get you started: cameras, phones, ice-makers, organic food, kitchenware… the list goes on. And just ONE store can account for thousands in revenue every month.

You can have as many stores as you like… every one of them adding to your commissions. Every one of them making those Amazon payouts bigger and more frequent. Your investment today gives you an UNLIMITED licence. You’ll never need to upgrade to add to your collection. More and more stores. More and more commissions.

And You Can Sell Your Stores For Even More Profit With Fresh Store Builder v7. When you’re building a business, you want as many ways to profit as possible. That’s why when you get Fresh Store Builder v7, you’ve got full rights to build stores for clients, or flip them to the highest bidder. Check out this sale:


$2500 for an established store. Even basic Amazon stores with only one or two sales sell for $250 on Flippa. How much do you think you could get when you’re offering all the features of Fresh Store Builder v7 ? $400? Maybe $500? Compare it to what it’d take to build a site like this from scratch, even $750 is a fantastic deal. And when you’re only spending half an hour building the store, you can afford to be give the no-brainer deals that’ll have people biting your hand off.

Ready to get started? Hit the button below to try Fresh Store Builder v7





Fresh Store Builder v7 is very very professional product. Fresh Store Builder v7 is more about explaining than it is about showing and this carefully organized training course was clearly built with all audiences taken into consideration (i.e. it is very newbie friendly). Get Fresh Store Builder v7 Now!


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