Footwear Empire by phuketbinarytrading Review : Become Profitable with Shopify + Drop Shipping + Print on Demand = $$$$!

Footwear Empire by phuketbinarytrading Review : Become Profitable with Shopify + Drop Shipping + Print on Demand = $$$$!

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Awesome Shopify + Drop Shipping + Print On Demand course. Learn how to use Shopify + Drop Shipping + Print On Demand step by step and start your own Footwear Empire.

Perfect for people looking to learn about Shopify + Drop Shipping or more advanced people who want to learn a new profitable strategy to become successful with Shopify.

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This course has the following modules:

#1 Introduction: Are you new to drop shipping & print on demand? We get you right on track with the right mindset and will make sure you understand all the things you need to get started.

#2 Getting started: In this part of the course we will setup a store together, design your store, get the right applications installed, explain everything about shipping, how to connect your own domain to your shop, how to setup your payment methods and much more!

#3 Getting a Facebook presence: This will be the first exposure of your empire to the world. In this part we will setup your Facebook business page where you will interact and connect with your customers and where you will promote your products as well.

#4 Research & Designs: In this part we will cover niche research, selecting the right niche, how to find out which niches you can and can not use, how to find out if a niche is suitable to create a product for, how to spy on other stores to see which products and designs are currently selling, how to find countless design ideas and much much more.

#5 Advertising: In this part we take your design and we will create laser targeted ads for it. You will learn how to find the right audiences on Facebook, Instagram and Google who will not only like your product but who are also ready to buy your product! We teach you all about setting up your ads, creatives, Facebook Pixel, Re-targeting and so much more!

#6 Taking it to the next level: This part will be constantly updated with lessons where we will be showing you how to keep growing your empire. We teach you about up-sells, the powers of e-mail marketing, how to deal with abandoned carts, how to deal with customer inquiries, how to get started with other print on demand products, how to fully benefit from other sales channels like getting your products on Amazon and the list just goes on and on!

We will update this course every week with new content to make sure you advance and stay up to date with the latest trends. You also get access to our private Facebook group where we answer all your questions and where our members can learn from each other as well.

And the best of all? We will show you also how to completely outsource your business so all you have to do is watching the sales roll in..!

We take you by the hand and make sure you will be able to live the lifestyle that you want, where you want and how you want it! Are you ready to change your life?


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