Explaindio Personal by Andrew Darius – Explaindio LLC Review : How To Create Attention-Grabbing Professional-Looking 2D & 3D Marketing, Explainer & Training Videos in Just Minutes

Explaindio Personal by Andrew Darius – Explaindio LLC Review : How To Create Attention-Grabbing Professional-Looking 2D & 3D Marketing, Explainer & Training Videos in Just Minutes

Explaindio Personal is a new revolutionary technology which creates fascinating videos by combining 2D and 3D animations, whiteboard sketch elements, and full motion video, all into one powerful, attention grabbing video. Explaindio Personal is the world’s most powerful, easiest to use, animated marketing and sales video creator with the highest engaging scene templates. There are two ways to make videos in new Explaindio 3 : easy and advanced modes. In easy mode all it take is 3 steps to make incredible animated marketing and sales videos. Explaindio Personal is the only video content creation software that allows you to combine 2D & 3D animations, whiteboard sketch elements, and full motion video. This is the only video content creation software that does all this, and it can literally send your conversion soaring sky high.

You get 200 stunning animated scene templates along with Explaindio Personal software so you can start making marketing and sales animated videos in minutes. Explaindio Personal proprietary, highly advanced 2D & 3D animation technology, allows you to make truly customized animations from templates. With just a few clicks, you can tweak a scene template by changing text, images and/or videos, change positions of elements, add background video or image, customize shapes size, and selecting any color for each of them. After you are done your videos will both look amazing and convert …. and if you sell videos it gets even better. Businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs, all could pay $10,000 for 5 minute of the same type of video which you can make with Explaindio 3 very fast.

“Explaindio truly fills a very needed gap in the video marketing industry by removing the tedious need to bounce between video scribing programs and other programs. The ability to take care of everything within one intuitive program is not only super valuable, it also means making marketing videos is now outright fun!” ~ Scott Hamlin, Creator of Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle

“I’m professional whiteboard video maker and make them for the living. I wanted to make whiteboard videos faster, easier and with better quality without spending much money. Explaindio Video Creator was the exact solution I needed. Great selection of drawn images and animations is really helpful too. I highly recommend Explaindio Video Creator to everybody.” ~ MR Sandegi, iMarketingKit.com

“I’ve been using Explaindio since it first launched with great results because it’s so versatile and easy to use. It added a greater dimension to my book promotion service; “video book reviews!” My clients love the quality of the Explaindio videos so much that they use them to promote on their social networks, websites and other promotion endeavors. I also use Explaindio video creation to promote my own books, services and courses. It’s the best tool I’ve had in the 15 years I’ve been on the Internet.” ~ Margaret Lukasik, Lifepurposebooks.com

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Explaindio Personal Features:

  • Multiple animations at the same time
  • Full multi-timeline editing
  • Full 3D animations
  • Import of external 3D elements
  • 3D models and animation customization
  • 180+ pre-made text animation
  • 140+ pre-made video, image, doodle objects animations
  • easy video creation wizard
  • Keyframe animation
  • New built-in transitions
  • import videos in most popular format like AVI,WMV,FLV,MOV, and MP4 (before MP4 only)
  • Youzign integraton
  • pixabay integration

Explaindio Personal Here What You Get:

  • Explaindio Video Creator Software
    The #1 Animation, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Video Creation Software. Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Access to Explaindio Closed Facebook Group
    It allows you to join vibrant community of thousands video creators, bring your video creation skills to the next level, and get feedback for your videos.
  • 200 Pre-Done Animated Scenes
    All scenes are customizable with your content like text, image, videos, colors, and more
  • 800 Doodle Sketch Images
    Library includes both black line and color images
  • 100 Full HD Background Videos
    Animated motions background video to make your videos richer.
  • Background Audio Tracks
    Background music audio tracks to get you started.
  • 300 Stock images
    Images you can use as featured or as background.
  • 300+ Font
    Those fonts are to get you started. You can import any font.
  • 6 Animated Characters
    Each character comes with a set of animations
  • Video Tutorials
    Easy to follow tutorials how to use the software more effective way.

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Explaindio Personal Benefits:

  • Not cloud-based = Freedom
    Explaindio is about freedom.
    It is not cloud-based, so you have all you need right at your computer without the need of persistent internet connection.
  • With Explaindio even complete beginners can create professional quality
    You do not need any video production experience to use Explaindio.
    Creating high quality, stand out video has never been this simple.
    Explaindio allows anyone, no matter what their experience level to create professional appealing videos.
    You will never have to worry about slow server rendering times and your project sitting in a long processing queue, or being affected by slow internet connection or its complete lack.
  • Tweak video ads for better conversions
    Looking to quickly change your video ads to tweak them for better conversions?
    Explaindio gives you that flexibility and freedom to do changes very quickly as well.
    There is currently no more affordable video content creator with this much flexibility.
  • More Profits In A Shorter Amount Of Time
    Explaindio makes it possible to create attention-grabbing, professional-looking, marketing, advertising, and explainer videos in just minutes.
    That translates to more profits, in a shorter amount of time, without production cost, which could run up to ten of thousands of dollars, and without waiting for weeks or months to have the video produced.
  • Explaindio Ends Outrageous Costs And Long Production Times
    Historically those outrageous costs and long production times have lead entrepreneurs or even bigger businesses to either abandon or significantly limit their video promotions.
    It all changes with Explaindio.
    Now marketers, advertisers, trainers, and communicators from businesses both small and large can use more videos to pass on their message, without the previous restraints.

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